Some items from AM DX NewsFlash 8-10-95
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Some items from AM DX NewsFlash 8-10-95

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 620    WXLX Newark NJ now with these calls, ex-WSKQ. Still has same Spanish
format, "Super Ka-Coo" IDs; call ID can be heard around 8-10 minutes before the

 940    WINE Brookfield CT format switch to country; heard "The new 940, Wine
Country" ID 7/29 0853.

1360    WWLG Baltimore MD has sports talk weeknights 1800-0100 ELT; it's locally
produced and is simulcast on WASA-1330 Havre de Grace MD with the slogan "WLG
Sports Talk" or "The Legend Radio Network." Joint WWLG/WASA ID heard 8/9 2200.

1540    WNWR Bala Cynwyd PA is on the air with a variety of religious and ethnic
programs; heard call ID and "New World Radio" slogan 7/28 1058. Ex-WPGR.

1590    WMIM Mount Carmel PA is back on the air; heard with NOS music and "The
station for great memories, WMIM" ID into CNN news 8/9 2100. Call to station
revealed they've been on since early April with Westwood One satellite feed;
correct address is Box 100, Mount Carmel PA 17851. 17 watts at night puts in
good signal here at 175 miles or so.


 - Pan American

 580    R. Rebelde, synchros (Cuba) - 8/10 0424 with instrumental music, SS talk
by man // 590, 600. Not even a carrier on 582 kHz, so this one may be back on

 790    R. Minuto, Barquisimieto (Venezuela) - 8/10 0033 with shouted
announcements including a "Radio Minuto!" ID, short music bursts in between,
fair but mostly under WLKW; CIGM faded in later.

 - Trans-Atlantic

1314    NRK Kvitsoy, Norway - 8/7 0052 with US pop music, male DJ in NN,
excellent level, almost equal to 1310/1320 domestics on peaks, first TA of the

1521    BSKSA Duba, Saudi Arabia - 8/10 0304 with AA chanting, fair with WWKB
slop. Other strong carriers tonight on 1422, 1467, and 1548, but no audio.

David Yocis - Norwalk CT - R71A, Kiwa loop

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