AM DX NewsFlash 9-7-95
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AM DX NewsFlash 9-7-95

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Selected items from AM-DX Newsflash, September 7, 1995:


Geomagnetic Summary September 1 1995 through September 6 1995
 Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly

   GEO - Geomagnetic activity     mis - minor storm
   mas - major storm              SA  - Solar Activity
   maf - major flare

Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

 9/ 1    74     1    0    very low    quiet               -
    2    73     3    2    very low    quiet               -
    3    74     3    0    very low    quiet               -
    4    74     4    2    low         quiet               -
    5    75    18    6    very low    unsettled-mas       -
 9/ 6    72    27    5    very low    quiet-mis           -

1. Anyone have any experience/advise regarding AM DXing with a loop inside a
    house with aluminum siding... good, bad, whatever.  We're looking at a
    house with aluminum siding and I want to know if this is a "show stopper"

2. KNWX-1090 and KRPM-770 (both in Seattle) will be swapping frequencies soon.
    I can't get an exact date at this time (no one seems to know)... but ya
    better log both soon if you can.

phil Bytheway - Seattle WA:  phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx


I am now the verie signer for WDJL-1000 here in Huntsville. I will be glad to
verify all correct reports which include return postage directed to:

J.D. Stephens                   JSteph6711@xxxxxxx
c/o WDJL-AM Radio
6420 Stringfield Road
Huntsville, AL 35806

Also, I will verify an unanswered reports for WTAK-1000 (The stations former
call letters).


From: radio <radio@xxxxxxxxx>

Tourist Radio Australia has a new station starting shortly at 1620Khz AM
called Radio 2AM Sydney.  It will transmit from the 2KY Site at Homebush Bay.
This organization is now on air with 2ZW Wollongong 1314 and 2 Double H
Newcastle at 1341 and is seeking DX Reports.

Tourist Radio also has a Buuuussssy Web Site at with an excellent media Page including the
ABA File of all Oz Radio TV Sites.

>From Keith Ashton


From: ecmcmike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Mike Ramaccia)
Subject: First station on expanded band

The September 6th issue of Radio World magazine reports that the first station
to broadcast in the expanded AM band will be WJDM.  WJDM currently transmits
on 1530khz from Elizabeth NJ with 500w daytime only.  This station was chosen
first because it is the largest city in the US without nighttime service.
Transmissions should start in October on 1660khz.  The article did not mention
the power.  It will be interesting to see what kind of DX reports will result.



Loggings by Bruce Portzer, DXing at Twin Harbors State Park, WA, approx 1/2
mile from the Pacific Ocean, 8/26&27, with Yaesu FRG-7 and 100' longwire

 594  JAPAN, Tokyo, JOAK, good with Japanese talk 1306 8/26, not noted during
       several earlier checks

 693  JAPAN, Tokyo, JOAB, good w/Japanese talk 77828 et al 1308 8/26

 774  JAPAN, Akita, JOUB good //828 1149 8/26, strong 1234 8/27

 783  RUSSIA, bland instrumental music, then woman in Russian 1148 8/26

 828  JAPAN, Osaka, JOBB loud w/man in Japanese 1146 8/26

 837  UNID, Korean talk 1230 8/2, probably HLKY

 864  S KOREA, Kangnung, HLKR, probably the Korean talk 1237 8/26, not
       strident enough for N Korea

 864  JAPAN, man interviewing woman in Japanese 1314 8/26, several 1-5kw
       commercial stations listed, unid march music in background

 936  CHINA, man in Chinese 1315 8/27 fair

 954  JAPAN, Tokyo, JOKR, 1145 8/27 fair with excited Japanese man

 963  RUSSIA, woman in Russian 1313 8/27

 972  S KOREA, Seoul, HLCA presumed the loud carrier, weak audio sounding like
       2-3 stations 1311 8/27, usually comes in much better than this

1053  S KOREA, Jammer in well 1205 8/26

1134  JAPAN, Tokyo, JOQR, Japanese talk briefly in domestic splatter 1304 8/27

1206  CHINA, Yanbian good w/man & woman in Korean 1136 8/26

1287  JAPAN,  Sapporo, JOHR, fair w/ads in Japanese 1209 8/26, better at 1225
       w/pop music & YL DJ

1323  UNID, woman in Russian or similar sounding language 1138 8/27, poor-fair
       in heavy 1320 splat, nothing but a noisy carrier at 1200,then faded up
       1201 with woman at weak level; I wish we knew where this one is located

1386  JAPAN, NHK2 outlets fair w/man in Japanese 1134 8/27

1431  JAPAN, unid fast Japanese talk faded up briefly 1254 8/26, several 1-5
       kw stations listed

1475  MALAYSIA, Kota Kinabalu, good w/telephone interview in Tagalog 1228
       8/26, not noted 8/27

1503  JAPAN, Akita, JOUK, good w/Japanese folk music 1250 8/27

1557  UNID, English pop tunes  fair-nil in  domestic splatter 1125 8/26,
       nothing noted 8/27.  A bit late for Marshall Islands.  Possibly
       Philippines,  as reception pattern was similar to Malaysia 1475

1566  S KOREA, Cheju, HLAZ, strong with woman in Japanese 1301 8/26, loud
       w/what sounded like rosary in Korean 1235 8/27

1575  THAILAND, woman in unid language 1211 8/26

1593  JAPAN, JOQB/JOTB, Japanese talk briefly , then lost in 1590 splat 1203

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