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Pirate news

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Kevin sended to the list his "Black Book" update. It was too long
so I have to cut a lot of it and send only some parts to the list.
If you are interested in to receive whole list, contact Kevin. I am
sure he will send it to you.

You can find the list from ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/dx/text/lists/BlackBook.txt


Risto Kotalampi

> From: "Kevin K. Trummel" <ktrummel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Final Black Book Update
>  []======================================================================[]
>  []     A Pirate and Clandestine radio listeners little "Black Book"     []
>  []                                                                      []
>  []     Final Update: 0530 August 1, 1995 GMT    671 Station Entries     []
>  []======================================================================[]
>    Black Book was a free, public domain publication that strove to be the 
>  most complete, accurate and up-to-date address book availible for contacting
>  Pirate and Clandestine radio stations. While this list was NEVER 100%
>  accurate at all times, I did try and solicited your help. The problem in
>  maintaining Black Book are frequent, rapid changes with these types of
>  stations. Black Book got updated almost every day so if you have this list
>  and it's more than a month old, I hope you found it useful.    
> * Thanks to the outstanding support of the European DX community, the
> * European pirate information is now of the highest standard!
>    A new feature has been added, "Davey Jones' Locker". This list of inactive
>  and planned stations is maintained as a reference tool and tribute to former
>  operations. 5 years was chosen as one of the criterion for determining
>  if a station should remain on "Active Status". Also, new stations that have
>  yet to broadcast are also listed here. Always make sure to check both lists!
>    The Clandestine station listings have been placed apart from the 
>  Pirate station listings. This was done to make stations easier to find and
>  if you don't have an interest in either, they can be easily edited out of
>  the list.
>                                                               - Kirk -
>  []================[ The Maildrop Report - August, 1995 ]==================[]
>    PO Box 923, Saratoga, CA 95071 is no longer active. A recent letter of
>    inquiry sent there was returned "Addressee Unknown". Affected stations
>    were Voice of the Smooth.
>    PO Box 19751, Indianapolis, IN 46219 is no longer active. There were
>    no stations using this maildrop before it closed.
>    Postbus 19074, NL-3501 DB Utrecht, Holland is no longer active. This
>    maildrop closed down in 1991 [!]. Affected stations have either went
>    QRT or changed maildrops.
>    32 Victoria Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3NG UK will have closed down
>    by now. Most stations that used this address have picked up new drops.
>    The following stations have yet to obtain a new address and have been
>    placed in "The Locker": Experimental Radio, Laser Rock, Radio Submarine,
>    Renegade Sound & United Kingdom Good Music.
>    PO Box 314, Clakamas, OR 97015 is no longer active. A recent letter of
>    inquiry sent there was returned "Return to Sender, Not at this adddress".
>    Affected stations were Voice of To-Morrow.
>    PO Box 2024, Faribault, MN 55021 for all intents is no longer active.
>    All stations that used this drop have either went QRT or obtained new
>    drops.
>    PL 82, FIN-40101 Jyvaskyla, Finland was closed down last year due to a
>    raid by Finnish Authorities who take a very active stance against pirate
>    stations there. All letters to the Free Radio Campaign Finland or to any
>    Finnish Pirate station should be forwarded via Wuppertal. [Black Book
>    comments: There is currently only 1 active "Finnish" station, Northern
>    Music Radio already served via Ytterby & Providence. Source: Direct]
>    Bel-El, D N Mizrach Binjamin 90801, Israel for all intents is no longer
>    active. Reports say that the Israeli government seized the Transmitting
>    equipment of Radio Arutz 7 putting the worlds LAST Off Shore Pirate
>    station out of buisness.

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