90 mb DX/SWL
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90 mb DX/SWL

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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Today I have made a line  of loggings  in the 90mb as folows with  
always ATU  inits best position 

3315 @1715 unIDed  with SINPO 13121 the only heaerd here was some 
hilife songs .MY lists do not help me , neither the quality of the 

3345 @~1730 unIDed  SINFO 1x121, heared  something in English,
reasons are same as before

If someone knows abt these statons please advise me  !

3305 @1720 ZBC Zimbabue  with SINFO 23121 heared in english with speaks in 

and two counter DX iin the band :
3915 BBC  WS from Singapore xters @1743  with ID at 1745* at 24121 

3985 IRRS (new freq) with UNESCO prog in EG till 1745  then msx until 
RFI on GG QRMs it in 1759 . signal : 34444.Modulation ion USB 

Eqpt :
HF 150 LOWE 
ATU homebrewn 
11 m hor antenna 
QTH : Thesaloniki 23E 40.4 N 
All noise comes from  the city's electrical nose fields ........

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