SINPFEMO questions
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SINPFEMO questions

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  Dear friends  of this list .

  This mesage has been  sent originally to swl-l list as well as  for estimating the opinions of the 'experts'
however  I think that this  can be also  to interest to you 
  YOU have ony to notice that  most of these questions have been  made
after experimenting and analyzing the behaviour of the radio signals
over the bands 
   Looking to hear your answers

   Zacharias Liangas

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                        A QUESTIONNARE FOR RATING SINPOS
                      provided in the sequence of sinpfemo

1.  In  a  case  such as a station called 'Sawt Ruhran min Eishel'
(only in  arabic)  in  15555 I have rated it as 24434 that means under
antenna tuning  signal  was  so good to be easily listened. What is
your opinion providing that ATU will clearly stated?
   PS Sawt Ruhran min Eishel is the arabic Xsion of FEBA R and heared
last summer (94) 
2.  There  were  some  cases  of  signals  just  receivable  with ATU
and preamplifier  with  a  signal  just  1  -2 dB above the noise
floor .The ATU  in  this  case  had  a  20  dB of 'gain' .How could
you rate it ? I used  the  term  SINPO  031X1  as  the 1 in this case
inder ATU could be such as SO 2-3/2

3.  What  is  your  opinion  on  temporary  QRMers  ?  I used a case
with SINPO  232232  with  underlined  and  determined  as 3 and 2 in
case the temp station does not operate or operates ( respectively)

4.  In  which  parameter  can yo put TV QRM ? Thew most times I put it
in QRN parameter

5.  A  basic  question  :  It  is  defined  that  a  moderate
propagation stands  for  P3  .However  how  this  propagation  can  be
defined ? For example  if  we  can  find  a  station having a fade of
2 S units on 2 secs how you can rate it ? moderate or strong ?

6.  As  in  the  above  it  is  also  known  that  SINPFEMO  can
provide possibly  complete  info  about  any  signal  .IN  this case
could it be possible  that  P  can  describe  the  depth of the fading
so that F can dscribe the speed of fading ? This is exactly the way I
use it

7.  Based  on  the  above  what  is your opinion in the case of
selective fading?  In  such  a  case  as  for  RRI  9680  I have used
it as SINPFO 233222with  a  fade  of  2  cps  ( cycles per second )
and depth down to zero ( I think this can be a selective fade isnt

8.  Here  we  can  receive  subharmonic  splatrers  oflocal  FM
stations transmitting  near  to  us  >In  which  parameter  can  you
place it ? I again  place  it  in  QRN  because it seems as noise
rather than a usual signal

9.  AS  we  can  find  in  SW  there  aresome SWBC stations received
with very  strong  signal  but with very low audio (undermodualted) as
in the case  of  arabic  stations  .  In  this case we can rate it in
case they are  well  modulated  as  eg  54554 but in this case how we
can estimate them  ?  There  is  possibly  one  case  to rate them by
this way SINPMO 545522  with  M  stanfing  as Modulation so defining
the QRM in its real base  but  low  mod  is the real reason as they
are heared with +strong+
 QRM .What is your opinion?

10.  IN  the  other  case we can also find stations transmiting with
very high  modualtion  as  eg  China  R Int , R Pakistan or some
clandestines who  finally  wirth  their  so  strong mod introduce
audio distortion so they  cannot  heared  clearly  .  Again  mod
parameter can clarify it as SINPMO  444412  but  posiblythe O needs to
be low as in this case . YOUr opinion please

11.  So  many  times  stations transmitted in a so low audio quality
that I  cannot  clearly  understand  them.  IN this case , though the
problem can  be  mainly  from  the  audio  reel  itself or from other
reason , I could describe it as SINPEO ( E as 'tone') 444422

12.  Instead  of  the  above  there are some well known stats as R
Moskow BBC  which  are  transmited as real HIFI which of course can be
rated as SIEMO  55555.At  the  oter  hand  there  are  some stations
as R Iraq or IRRS  (  here  arelaying  UN radio) transmiting with
enhanced trebles ie add  audio  gain  of  more  than  4  db in audio
bands over 2.5 kHZ ( so changing audio equalization ) giving for ex a
SIEMO 12552 (IRRS)

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Zakaria Liang!
(namanya untuk kawan sahaja!)

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