UNID BBC on 1521 is in Slovakia
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UNID BBC on 1521 is in Slovakia

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1. Long time, no see!!

2. I've just checked with Bush House and they tell me that the transmissions 
on 1521 kHz are from two transmitters in Slovakia, carrying BBCWS in English 
and Slovak at various times. It's part of a big deal the BBC has done with 
Slovak Radio.

3. In the same part of the world, look out for a new station - Czech Radio 6 
- which will start programming on 1st November on 1233 and/or 1287 kHz (1233 
being the old Radio Echo freq, 1287 now used by RFE). CR6 is a joint CR-RFE 
venture - I expect it'll replace the current RFE Czech service.

Cheers, Chris
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