Re: More Yanks in tropical band...
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Re: More Yanks in tropical band...

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< > The FCC has authorized WWCR Nashville to start testing on 3315 kHz.
< > 
< > (Where will those Yanks stop?)
<   I would suggest you write a Letter of Protest to our beloved FCC. It 
< has worked before over a matter concerning Australia, but I'm sure they 
< will just get moved somewhere else.

I'm also planning to write a letter to my Senator on the issue. My 
main points will be that  a.) This is in direct violation of 
international agreements regarding these frequencies,  b.) WWCR is 
one of the stations that the FCC has been looking into in regards to 
violating the Federal law against broadcasting to a domestic audience 
on shortwave, and  c.) a portion of their programming consists of 
"right-wing hate" radio which does little for the image of the US 
abroad and therefore WWCR is not the kind of station that the FCC 
should be breaking the rules for. 

If those of you outside the US would like to write join in writing my 
senator, drop a line to:

Senator Tom Harkin; U.S. Capitol Building; Washington, D.C.; USA. 

Don Moore
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