More Loggings from SW Missouri, USA
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More Loggings from SW Missouri, USA

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 Greetings from the Ozarks,
 The following stations were logged from Southwestern Missouri.

 Equipment used was a Collins R-391 and Drake R-4B receivers, Antennas are
a 80 Meter Sloper, Verticals for 40 & 20 Meters, a 150' longwire, Homebrew
Antenna Tuner and Preselector, a Radio Shack DSP, Sony CFS-1030 Amp & Spkrs,
Sony TC-WR535 Dual Cassette Deck and a very nice pair of Headphones. Oh yes,
almost forgot the MOST important piece of gear, Coffee by Mr. Coffee!

HARMONIC - 3600 - 0900 - 3x 1300 kHz, YL Ancr w/ C&W tunes, Not // to
            anything audible on 1300 kHz, too much QRN to get more details,
            Sep29 (Trummel-MO)
KIRIBATI - Radio Kiribati - 9825 - 0800 T/In - YL Ancr in Local Language,
            C&Wish US Pop Tunes, still noting the odd "Xmitter Cut-Out"
            problem, Native "Choir" Music @ 0808, ment of Tarawa & Kiribati
            and into more Choir music, Island Music @ 0818, back to US Pops
            @ 0825, hard to believe this is only 500 Watts, VERY GOOD Signal!
            Sep27 (Trummel-MO) BTW, This is AM and NOT USB.
           Radio Kiribati - 9825 - 0759 - YL Ancr in Local Language, Native
            Island music, OM Ancr @ 0800 & continued w/ song, signal much
            better than SIBC on 9545! & seems pretty regular, almost Arm Chair
            copy by 0830, Fair>Good Sep29 (Trummel-MO)
KUWAIT - Radio Kuwait - 15505 - Audible every day from before 1700 to 2000+
          in Arabic, very good signal today playing some WONDERFUL Me style
          music, Sep29 (Trummel-MO)
LIBYA - R Jamahiriya - 15415 // 15235 - 1805 - Playing Me Music, 15415 Strong
         15235 Weak but audible, OM Ancr in AA w/ quick Ancmnt & back to the
         music, Sep29 (Trummel-MO)
MEDIUM WAVE - DBC, Dominica - 595 - 0910 - Audible from time to time with
               US Pops and Island tunes, OM Ancr, MY FIRST MW DX! Looks like
               I'll be building a loop for this Winter, Cuba BLASTING in on
               600 kHz as well, this MW DX stuff is kinda neat. Poor Sep29
MOROCCO - RTV Marocaine - 15345 - 1755 - Discussion on Iraq by OM & YL in
           Arabic, Me Style Piano music @ 1759, OM Ancr w/ ID @ 1759, SIngle
           TX Pip @ top of the hour & into World News by YL Ancr, Good
           Signal Sep29 (Trummel-MO)
SOLOMON ISLANDS - Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp. - 9545 - At 0720 Tune In
                   was weak but audible mixing w/ DW via Malta in German, 
                   in Greyline at this time, 0731 ID by OM ancr in EE "You're
                   listening to the SIBC..." & into long talk (News?), F/Out
                   @ 0736, weakly audible @ 0745 w/ OM Ancr hosting music
                   program. Poor Sep29 (Trummel-MO)
UK - Radio Free Europe via Woofferton - 7180 - 0720 - Polish talk by OM &
      YL Ancrs, // 9660 Breich, Morocco (Poor), heard Radio Denmark IS @ 
      0730 also here at this time, Good Signal Sep27 (Trummel-MO)
ZAIRE? - 9829.0 - 0805 - Was calibrating my dial to measure Kiribati on 9825
          when I stumbled on this, very weak most of the time and it isn't
          coming from my computer/monitor, I thought it might be 2x 4914.5
          but there wasn't anything there, a verrry long shot is 3x 3276
          Bukavu, Zaire operating at this time but way past their Sunrise
          to verify the fundamental, the 2nd Harmonic of this frequency was 
          reported back in Jihad#15, gone by 0823 when I got done messing
          about in the tropical bands. Sep29 (Trummel-MO)

 Famous Moments in Radio History:  "Eeeeeeeeagh!" Mr. Farady discovers
   that Capacitors store electrical energy.


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