Loggings from the Ozarks
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Loggings from the Ozarks

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 Greetings from the Ozarks,
 The following stations were logged from Southwestern Missouri.

 Equipment used was a Collins R-391 and Drake R-4B receivers, Antennas are
a 80 Meter Sloper, Verticals for 40 & 20 Meters, a 150' longwire, 2 Foot
Box Loop for MW, Homebrew Antenna Tuner and Preselector, a Radio Shack DSP,
Sony CFS-1030 Amp & Spkrs, Sony TC-WR535 Dual Cassette Deck, Radio Shack
Pro 60 Headphones, Acros 386/33 Computer (Software: GeoClock v7.0, 
HamComm v3.0 w/ Heavily Modified Interface, MaxFind v3.3 & Edit) and
Coffee by Mr. Coffee!

CANADA - CFVP (t) - 6030 - 0720 - US Rock & Alternative music, QRM from Cuban
          Jammer even though Marti isn't here, faded back into oblivion,
          Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
         CFRB - 6070 - 0737 - Call-In show, Very Good signal (As Always),
          ODXA Spot @ 0738 for QSLs, Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
         CKFX (Non) - 6080 - Anybody know if this station has ever gotten
          back on the air yet? Last I read, they were "estimating" a return
          around Feb/Mar94 with possibly 100 Watts. It's the final Canadian
          Regional I've yet to log.
LATVIA - Latvian Radio (t) - 5935 - 0423 - Audible weakly under WWCR, Pop/EZL
          music, greyline for Riga and WWCR in my skipzone, News read by OM @
          0430, back to music pgm hosted by OM Ancr @ 0435, News again @ 0500, 
          signal pretty much gone by 0510, Poor Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
LEBANON - Vo Lebanon - 6549.6 - 0335 - Open Carrier, test tone @ 0349 for 
           1 minute, Piano IS rptd @ 0351, River Kwai March @ 0357 Whistling
           & Orchestra, National Anthem @ 0359, OM Ancr @ 0402 in Arabic,
           Fair>Poor Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
MALI - 4772.4 - 2333-0000* - Non-stop US Rock tunes, 50s Do Wop to Madonna's
        "Express Yourself", played a cut from Prince's Batman Soundtrack
        album, only Ancmnt came @ 2357 during Madonna tune w/ YL in French,
        finished song & played National Anthem @ 2358. Thanks to Zacharias
        Liangas & Hard Core DX List for ID, Good Signal Oct01 (Trummel-MO)
MEDIUM WAVE - RCN - HJJX, Bogota, Colombia - 770 - 0520 - OM Ancr, LAm Pops,
               Excellent Signal with WABC Nulled, Good Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
              Radio Montserrat ZJB - 885 - 0548 - Nice carrier and quick F/In
               w/ talk by YL. Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
              KLZ (Non) - 560 - 0600 - Nulled-out my local KWTO 4kW as much as
               possible, nothing heard. Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
MYANMAR - Defense Forces Broadcasting Station, Taunggyi - 6570 - 1205 - 
           Very weak but audible from time to time w/ OM Ancr in Burmese and
           some very pretty local music, hope this one becomes a "Regular"
           this Winter! North Korea POUNDING in on 6576! Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
PERU - Radio Satelite OAX2L - 6726.5 - 0040 - OM Ancr w/ talk, echo jingle
        "La Radio", local time checks, "Muy Buenos Noches", plenty of local
        music, Very Nice signal! Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
       Ondas del Mayo (t) - 6803.0 - 0112 - OM Ancr w/ talk, many mentions of
        Nueva Cajamarca but never a definate ID, variety of Pop & Local music,
        Good Signal, Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
       La Voz de San Antonio (t) - 6627.6 - 0136 - OM Ancr, music was Pops &
        Ballads, some heavy ute QRM @ times but otherwise fair signal for
        listed 500 Watts, Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
       Radio Lajas (t) - 5498.0 - 0213 - OM Ancr w/ talk, Local Music, can
        someone PLEASE supply an Address, some UTE QRM but pretty good sigs,
        Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
       Radio Frequencia - 5699.8 - 0239-0320* - Music Pgm of Ballads hosted
        by YL Ancr, OM Ancr @ 0253 w/ ID & into Huaynos, ID & Ad @ 0301 &
        into News, music @ 0308, Poor>Fair which is pretty good considering
        listed 100 Watts! Oct02 (Trummel-MO)
       Radio San Ignacio (t) - 6747.2 - 1143 - YL Ancr w/ lotsa Ancmnts during
        and between songs w/ lotsa flutes in them, could someone PLEASE
        supply an address?, Poor/Fair Oct02 (Trummel-MO)

 "Shhhh, Be bewey qwuiet... 
                            I'm hunting Pewuvians." - E. Fudd 


 P.S. [Secret message for Al Quaglieri] "Push the Button, Frank."
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