Re: RCPT's by Don Moore
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Re: RCPT's by Don Moore

This message is sent by Zacharias Liangas <zliangas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

On  3 Oct 95 /10:30,  Don Moore wrote:

> This message is sent by "Don Moore" <MOORE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> to
> hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> < I am sorry about these messages Don is flooding to the list. <
> Don, please, please take your RCPT-notify's away.
> My apologies for this problem, but please note that the RCPTs seem
> to only be in response to postings by one individual, who must have
> a compatible system with mine. The RCPT function is automatic and
> can not be turned off here - a RCPT will be issued *if the sender
> has asked for one*. Please check your e-mail systems and be sure 
> are not asking for a RCPT for your messages! 
> Don Moore MOORE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh ! Sorry for the problem caused these  last days 

I have just checked  that my mail program which had in default this 
operation caused these RCPTS with trouble here 

I hd to read the helpfile of my mailing prog which helped e for 
this problem 

soory for the inconveniece !

Zacharias Liangas
DXer  sejak  1972 
anggota World DX Club #2104

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