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                A FEW THOUGHTS FROM HAWAII DXers.       

>My wife and I are heading to Hawaii next fall.
>I understand that it is one of the best locations for
>listening--  Are there any Hawaii based enthusiasts
>that can give some feedback on this issue ??

Hawaii is a great place as long as you stay out of the Honolulu area.  The RF 
Pollution kills most DX.  The Big Island is good, I've lived here some time 
and have really good luck DXing.  Mediumwave is fantastic, I've heard stuff 
like India, the Canary Islands, Brazil and so on.  Just like on the mainland 
we do get interference from TV sets, powerlines, and other such things.  
Location is very important for DXing.  If you have a good portable, such as a 
Sony 7600G or something like that you can get away from the noise and hear all 
sorts of things.  I can sit here in my house in the evening and listen to 
Japanese mediumwave stations on a good night quite clearly.  You will enjoy 
DXing here I'm sure.  But, try to bring as good a radio as you can.
Aloha, Chuck    ---Puna DX Club---


Charles Boehnke (cb@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

Here here. I unfortuanately live in Honolulu and agree you will do okay
but be fighting RFI like any other city. The conditions should be
much better on the other islands and even the north shore of Oahu.

I do pretty well though because I live towards the mountains, a 
fair distance from downtown Honolulu. I've tried AM DXing (MW) a few
times but didn't find anything - just used the builtin ferrite
antenna in my SONY 7600G. I wish I had ten million dollars
so I could buy a couple acres on one of the other islands. Then I'd
be wearing out the tuning knob on my R8.

enjoy the trip,
Scott Gennari

University of Hawaii			  voice	(808) 956 5392
Dept. of Information & Computer Sciences  fax	(808) 956 9399 
2565 The Mall, Keller 304A		 
Honolulu, HI 96822			  email gennari@xxxxxxxxxx

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