recent logs, part 2
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recent logs, part 2

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770  COLOMBIA, RCN, HJJX, Bogota, NOV 3 0155 - excited SS talk
// 760; atop WABC at times.  Other SS Latin Americans under.
+ NOV 3 0225 - SS RCN program // 1000; excellent.  [MC/TB-MA]

789.8  BARBADOS, Bridgetown, NOV 3 0202 - definite calypso/soca 
music & fragments of apparent Carib-EE talk barely separable from 
hard-to-null WLKW-790.  Regeneration was needed to cut audio away 
from 790 and there was too much slop to get a firm ID.  This had been 
logged on the October NF DXpedition.  There was a weak growl of 
about 60 Hz against this (maybe the Argentinian).  [MC/TB-MA]
885  MONTSERRAT, R. Montserrat, ZJB, Plymouth, NOV 3 0102 -
thickly-accented Carib-EE teletalk about politics; good.
895  ST. KITTS & NEVIS, VON, Bath Village, NOV 3 0100 -  
excellent w/ ID "V-O-N in the Federation of St. Kitts and
Nevis".  [MC/TB-MA]
960  CUBA, R.Reloj, NOV 3 0055 - usual format w/ "RR" code beeps, 
ticker, SS news.  [MC/TB-MA]
1000  COLOMBIA, HJAQ, Cartagena, OCT 28 0339 - used slogan "RCN
Bogota".  [Connelly-MA] + NOV 3 0225 - RCN // 770; excellent.

1000  VENEZUELA (t), likely YVNM, Moron, OCT 28 0342 - Venezuelan
ads, briefly o/ Colombian.  [Connelly-MA] 

1090  VENEZUELA, YVSZ, Caracas, NOV 3 0032 - SS talk, clear
Union Radio ID; loud, dominating the channel.  [MC/TB-MA]

1100.28  COLOMBIA, HJAT, Barranquilla, NOV 3 0030 - SS teletalk 
w/ woman in Cartagena, jingle w/ CARACOL mention, then CARACOL 
ID.  Stronger than 1100.0 stations.  Het growl from this is 
often noted, even on non-auroral nights.  [MC/TB-MA]

1129.6  unID, NOV 3 0317 - het.  [MC/TB-MA] 

1130.45  unID (likely COLOMBIA), NOV 2 0400 - het on WBBR, bits of
SS talk.  Believed to be Rio-Mar in Barranquilla.  [Connelly-MA]  
+ NOV 3 0210 - het, bits of talk.  [MC/TB-MA]

1160  BERMUDA, VSB3, Hamilton, NOV 3 0224 - excellent (// 5975) w/
BBC discussion of a meeting with Russian officials.  [MC/TB-MA] 
1170  COLOMBIA, HJNW, Cartagena, NOV 3 0227 - SS talk, ID by 
callsign; loud, dominating channel.  [MC/TB-MA] 
1200  BRAZIL, Ceara Clube, ZYH585, Fortaleza, NOV 3 0253 - PP talk
w/ mention of Fortaleza and "igrejas" (churches).  This briefly
topped a generally-stronger SS station (likely YVOZ); the phasing
unit was adjusted for best aggregate null of a domestic cluster that 
was already much reduced from normal strength by aurora.  [MC/TB-MA]
1205  CAYMAN ISLANDS (t), R. Cayman, George Town, NOV 3 0252 -
carrier / het.  [MC/TB-MA]

1228.8  unID, OCT 31 0540 - het. [Connelly-MA]

1375  ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON, OCT 29 0446 - upbeat instrumental music,
then FF talk by 2 men; excellent.  [Connelly-MA]
1410.5  unID, NOV 3 0239 - het.  [MC/TB-MA]

1498.2  unID, NOV 3 0003 - het.  [MC/TB-MA]

1500  VENEZUELA, R. Dos Mil, YVRZ, Cumana, NOV 3 0008 - festive music,
R. Dos Mil ID; to good peaks w/ WTOP phased.  [MC/TB-MA]
1505  ANGUILLA, The Valley - NOV 2 2345 - woman in EE; poor to fair
w/ WNRB phased.  [MC/TB-MA]
1520.08  unID, NOV 3 0015 - strong het against 1520.  On 1520 there
were two Latin Americans (likely YVIC/WRAI) battling WWKB. [MC/TB-MA]
1540  BAHAMAS, ZNS1, Nassau, NOV 2 2335 - Bahamas weather, Jolly
Roger Carpet ad, Wendy's ad, then "ZNS Network News"; very good 
w/ WDCD (ex-WPTR) phased.  [MC/TB-MA]
Comments: The DX session at Tom's house barely scratched the surface 
on the Latin American DX rolling in at the time.  Most channels had
multiple-station piles that had Caribbean / South American signals 
too close in strength to allow easy ID extraction.  Tom's site has 
at least 20 dB of gain to the south versus the Billerica QTH.

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