AM DX NewsFlash 11-16-95 (fwd)
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AM DX NewsFlash 11-16-95 (fwd)

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                WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH - November 16 1995

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CPC DX tests summary


For anyone interested, here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests from IRCA and
NRC.  If anyone has any additions or corrections, please contact me.

Please note:  Also, the QSL addresses for these stations are posted in

Monday, November 20, 1995 - WDCS-1190, Cobleskill, NY 12:00-12:30 am EST. (NRC)
  (NOTE: This HAD been listed as WKBO - disregard these calls, please)

Monday, November 20, 1995 - WOON-1240, Woonsocket, RI 1:00-2:00 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, November 20, 1995 - KLCL-1470, Westlake, LA 3:30-4:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, November 27, 1995 - WJYM-730, Perrysburg, OH 12:00-12:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Sunday, December 3, 1995 - HCJB-690, Quito, Ecuador 1:00-1:15 am EST.

Monday, December 4, 1995 - WIXN-1460, Dixon, IL 1:30-2:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, December 11, 1995 - WPWA-1590, Aston, PA 12:00-12:30 am EST. (IRCA)

Sunday, December 17, 1995 - WGDN-1350, Gladwin, MI 12:30-1:00 am EST. (IRCA)

Monday, December 18, 1995 - WCGW-770, Versailles, KY 1:00-1:30 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, December 18, 1995 - WVLK-590, Lexington, KY 2:30-3:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Monday, December 30, 1995 - CKGY-1170, Red Deer, AB 2:00-4:00 am EST.  (IRCA)

Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday "may" be what you
consider Sunday night!

If you try for (or hear) any of these tests, PLEASE post a message letting me
know!  Also, for brevity's sake, I didn't post the QSL addresses; if you need
these, let me know!

Lynn Hollerman - Huntsville AL - Ircacpc@xxxxxxx




Bill Hale, N5SZC - billhale@xxxxxxxxxx

I received this message from Tom Bryant in Nashville.  Give it a try.  If they
are running day power (10 kw) and pattern (U1), most should be able to hear
them, unless we're another 1550.

"A call to KQFN 1550 West Fargo, ND revealed that they have been remaining on
power and pattern due to 'trouble at the transmitter'.  The non-technical
person I spoke to said it might be a couple of weeks before they were able to
revert to normal nighttime operation.  In the meanwhile, an excellent chance
for many to log a some-what rare state."

Good hunting,


J.D. Stephens - JSteph6711@xxxxxxx

Saw info on Fidonet saying that starting 11-12-95, and lasting "for a few
days" that CBL-740 and CJBC-860 will be operating at 15 kw rather than full
power of 50 kw. The reason is that work is being done on the common antenna
system the message said they shared.

Another message from a different person said that he heard on CBL that they
would be off "late nights" from 11-18 to 11-24 due to transmitter work being
done. Although the message didn;t say, I am wondering if this is actually due
to the same reason in the previous paragraph, and if this would affect CJBC as
Definitely 2 frequencies to keep a watch on during the next 10 days or so for
some DX possibilities!


Bruce Reynolds--San Jose, CA - ereynold@xxxxxxxxxxxx

    The new station in San Martin, CA on 1120 is now on regular schedule with
a Spanish language music format.  First noted on November 14.  IDs as "KSJI,
San Martin, Santa Clara, San Jose."


Geomagnetic Summary November 9 1995 through November 15 1995
 Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly

   GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
   maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
   mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
   mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

11/ 9    77     4    2    low         quiet               -
   10    77     5e   1    very low    quiet               -
   11    77     5    2    very low    quiet               -
   12    76     9    1    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
   13    73     2    1    very low    quiet               -
   14    75     2    3    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
11/15    77     3    1    very low    quiet-unsettled     -

phil Bytheway - Seattle WA:  phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx




Jorma Mantyla - jmantyla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Icom IC-R71E
Kangasala: 210 meter Beverage towards Asia
Posio: 900 meter Beverage towards Asia

Here I have some loggings of Asian stations on split frequencies.  Most stns
heard in Lapland during my DXpedition but some also heard in my normal QTH in
Souther Finland/Kangasala.

Freq     Date      Time

 580     26.10.   -1500*   National Radio of Laos w s/off.
1124,9   24.10.    1310    DZWN Dagupan City w catholic mass.
1161,3   22.10.   -1500*   DWCM Dagupan City w fine local ID & s/off.
1377,5   14.10.    1400    DYVR Roxas City w local ads & id.
 990     22.10.    1558    DY.. Manila Broadcasting Co. w relay of DZRH & id
          of main stn, no local id. Often phone-in.  Anyone knowing QTH&call?
1044     24.10.    1400    Bombo Radyo was clear id, fq perhaps a little bit
          below 1044, eg. 1043,9.  Who is Bombo Radyo here?



Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA  ICF-2010  KIWA Loop   MSNL77A@xxxxxxxxxxx

Loggings from Chula Vista, California (all times EST):

 640   CUBA  11/10 0450  UNID location, was running Radio Reloj feed tonight
        instead of Rebelde or Progreso.
 690  KRGS  CO, Rifle  11/13 0505  "The widest variety of your favorite
        country is right here on 6-90 KRGS."  New, CO #50.
 690  MEXICO, Tijuana XETRA  Running tests about 2 nights 11/13 0356 C&W
       station under WGN during KDWN SP.  Lost to UNID beautiful music station
       at top of the hour.
 810  BAHAMAS, Freeport ZNS3  11/10 0510 Presumed with religious program, man
       talking about the Bahamas (logged here several times in the past).
 820  COLOMBIA, Cali HJED 11/10 0517 Presumed with man reading news, mentions
       of CARACOL and Cali.
 828  JAPAN, 11/10 0621 Tentative with light music, man/woman talking in
       Japanese.  Lots of hets this week, but very few readable signals.
 920  MEXICO, Culiacan XECQ  11/15 0658 Noted part of XEVQ's s/on announcement
       here, //830.  Then XECQ did its own "sign on" at 0705.
 960  CFAC  AB, Calgary 11/15 0817 Fair thru KOOL/KABL/XEIQ w/ads, ID.  Rare
1080  MEXICO, Cd. Morelos XEDY.  11/13 0653  Was already on the air with light
       instrumental music prior to "sign on" with anthem at 0657.  Announced
       power was 1000w days, 150w nights; correct your logs.
1330 KLBO  TX, Monahans  11/14 0653 Star Spangled Banner then s/on by man into
       news from Texas State Network.  Slogan "West Texas Country".  Not heard
       in a long time.

Conditions have seemed very good recently; old clear-channel stations like
WLW, WWL, WHAS, WWWE, CBU, CBR, CBK, CBW have been in regularly.  Too bad
there are so many NSP pests in this part of the country!


The following columns appear courtesy the IRCA, PO Box 1831, Perris CA
92572-1831 and are the regular logging columns that appear each week in "DX
Monitor".  This is the last issue of the AM DX NewsFlash that these colums
will appear.


[As appearing in the November 18, 1995 issue of "DX Monitor."]
EDITOR: Nancy Hardy
        979 Neptune Boulevard
        Billings, Montana 59105-2129

Electronic Mail:  Internet:  WDXR@xxxxxxx   America On Line:  WDXR
                  Compuserve:  74444,3075   Prodigy:  MPNN49B

WDXR DEADLINES:  Each Saturday,  Please use Eastern Time.

(FA)    Frank Aden-4096 Marcia Place-Boise, ID  83704
        Modified FRG-7, modified Radio Shack TRF, Sony SRF-42 AM
        stereo Walkman, 45' N-S longwire, 180' L-longwire, 4' box loop
(pb)    Phil Bytheway-9705 Mary Ave. NW-Seattle, WA  98117-3927
        ICF-7600D, Sanserino Shotgun antenna
(LBG)   Larry Godwin-2390 Clydes Dale Lane-Missoula, MT  59801
        Hammarlund HQ-150, Sanserino air-core box loop & KIWA loop
((GJ)   Gary Jackson-7735 Center Parkway-Sacramento, CA  95823
        FRG 8800, KIWA loop
(CK)    Chris Knight-111303 Melody Drive #208-Northglenn, CO 80234-3017
        GE Superadio (no external antenna), Kenwood R-1000 & Sanserino loop
(PM)    Patrick Martin-P.O. Box 843-Seaside, OR  97138-0843
        Drake R8, 2000' NNW Beverage, 1500' E Beverage, terminated
        200' SW wire
(MEM)   Mark McMillan-985 NE 23rd St.-Gresham, OR  97030-2903
        Kenwood TS-440S dipole @ 35'
(BN)    Bill Nittler-Box 824-Mancos, CO  81328
        HQ-180, longwire
(MS)    Mike Sanburn-P.O. Box 1256-Bellflower, CA  90707
        GE Superadio II
(DS)    Dan Sys-27423-32nd Avenue-Aldergrove, BC V4W 3J3
        GE Superadio II
(RW)    Robert Wien-1309 Dentwood Dr.-San Jose, CA  95118
        GE Superadio II, GE long-range portable, SM-2
(DX-CA) DXpedition at Long Beach, CA
        Attending:  Stephen Jarvis, Curtis McMenamin, Mike Sanburn
        and Robert Wien
        Sony 2010, KIWA loop, and various Superadios


1130   KCIB   NM, Milan ex-KOFK first heard 10/11 0930 back on air with oldies
              and "The all new KCIB" slogans.  (BN-CO)
1330   KKPZ   OR, Portland 11/1 with prayer and other Christian programming at
              0845+.  Quick "KKPZ, Portland" ID at 0847.  No legal ID at 0900
              that I could hear.  11/1 may have been their first day on the
              air.  (pb-WA)


 540   KNNZ   CA, Costa Mesa logged 10/26 0915 "News when you want it,
              K-News," over KNMX.  (BN-CO)
             +10/28 2058 fair with news, "K-News" slogans, legal ID in English
              & Spanish, current temperature in Riverside (73 degrees) given.
      WPD1548 CO, Denver (Airport) 10/28 1104 good with loop tape of airport
              information, ID.  Denver's latest new station.  We now have 35
              transmitters on the air on AM!  (CK)
 560   KLZ    CO, Denver 10/23 0310 heard on regular schedule coming out of
              weather with call letters. Good in KSFO null.  (DX-CA)
 590   KSSK   HI, Honolulu 10/31 0211 good with "KSSK 59" IDs and pop music,
              over all.  (PM)
       KAQQ   WA, Spokane 10/14 heard under KID 0200-0300 with big band/pop
              format.  "Great music and great memories (?) KAQQ Spokane-Coeur
              d'Alene."  Running CNN news on hour.  Good signal, would have
              been better if antenna was pointed to north instead of east.
 650   KMTI   UT, Manti 10/29 1918 very good peaks with ad for "Better Built
              Homes" in Richfield, ID, country countdown program.  (CK-CO)
 670   KPUA   HI, Hilo 10/28 0859 poor, sports-talk format all the way up to
              the top of the hour.  At the top of the hour ID as "Sportstalk
              KPUA."  Much KNBR-680 slop.  HI #3 for me from Colorado.
 720   KFIR   OR, Sweet Home 10/21 1010 good signal over KDWN with C&W, local
              ads including one for the "KFIR Country Store."  (DS-BC)
 730   XE??   BCN, Ensenada 10/23 0300 new (?) station over XEX with mentions
              of Ensenada and Mexican national anthem.  Does anybody know call
              letters?  (DX-CA)
 740  ?KIDR?  AZ, Phoenix 10/27 2328 probably the one looping that direction
              with "Radio Ahs" jingle through KCBS.  (LBG-MT)
       KBRT   CA, Avalon 10/28 2059 very good over KIDR, etc with legal ID,
              "K-Bright" slogan, into Bible study program.  (CK-CO)
       KRMG   OK, Tulsa 10/29 0744 excellent with interview of Tulsa's Police
              Chief on local talk show, jingle ID.  (CK-CO)
 790   KCOR   CA, Richmond 10/29 1313 TIS giving ID, Pumpkin Party, phone
              (510) 620-6512.  NOA weather report followed.  S-7 here.
 830   CKKY   AB, Wainwright 10/26 0245 good with "83 Key" slogan and call ID
              in suffix of phone number, PSA.  (CK-CO)
 840   KDBS   OR, Eugene 10/15 0915 with country music and Eugene area ads, no
              ID but heard regularly since.  (BN-CO)
       KSWB   OR, Seaside 10/28 1000 popped through KVEG with legal ID by
              woman.  New for me.  (LBG-MT)
 900   CHML   ON, Hamilton 10/29 2220 fair on top of jumble with many promos,
              "900 CHML" IDs, information on plays coming to Toronto.  Haven't
              hear this for years!  (PM-OR)
 910   KALL   UT, Salt Lake City 10/28 2043 fair in local KPOF null with ID
              "Your station for news, talk, sports, Call 9-10, KALL."  (CK-CO)
 920   KKLS   SD, Rapid City 10/28 2037 good with oldies, ID "Your good times
              oldies station, KKLS."  (CK-CO)
 960   KNDN   NM, Farmington 10/28 2012 fair-good in local KKFN-950 slop/null
              with Navajo programming, ID, into country music.  (CK-CO)
 980   CKRM   SK, Regina 10/26 0234 very good with country music, ID "Thank
              your for being a part of Saskatchewan's best country music on
              9-80 CKRM."  (CK-CO)
 990   KNIN   TX, Wichita Falls 10/21 0145 loud over local KRKS with southern
              Gospel music, ID, mentioned "AM stereo."  (CK-CO)
1030   KFAY   AR, Fayetteville 10/28 1924 break from sports on "Arkansas
              Razorback's Network," ID.  Heard now on regular schedule, so I
              didn't try for it on the DX test 10/30!  (CK)
1110   KBND   OR, Bend 10/26 0925 in clear with "Your news station."  (BN-CO)
1130   KRDU   CA, Dinuba 10/28 0259 fair with station info, including address,
              IDs during presumed s/off.  Over CKWX.  (CK-CO)
       KBMR   ND, Bismarck 10/28 0930 good on top with "America's Country
              Music, KNMR" IDs, on top of CKWX.  (PM-OR)
       WISN   WI, Milwaukee 10/29 0659 powered up to 50kw just in time for
              legal ID "Newstalk 11-30 WISN, Milwaukee."  This one will
              definitely make it further west.  (CK-CO)
1140   KHTK   CA, Sacramento 10/28 2200 equal strength with local KGEM nulled.
              Bill Frahn, CE at KBOI said they were running only 3.5kw instead
              of 10kw due to financial situation.  Bill Hale was told by KBOI
              that they ate now running only 2.5kw!  (FA-ID)
      (KHTK) +10/16 0605 off on rare silent period.  KGEM in strong, alone.
1150   KSAL   KS, Salina 10/31 2057 gave call ID during football game, on top.
       KIMM   SD, Rapid City strong 10/31 2229 with ID as "Newstalk 1150,
              KIMM" then "Your Black Hills source for newstalk at 2232.
       CKX    MB, Brandon 10/30 2259 in with C&W and ID as "1150 Kicks."
       CJRC   PQ, Gatineau dominated much of 10/30 from 2257-2400 with talk
              program in French about referendum.  I didn't hear an ID, but
              phoned station and played tape for on air announcer Alan Dexter
              to verify reception.  Some QRM from CKX, amazing signal for
              listed 5kw.  My first PQ.  (LBG-MT)  (Great catch, Larry! --NH)
1180   KOFI   MT, Kalispell 10/28 1014 good with regional news, ID, local ads.
1210   KONY   UT, Washington 10/27 1038 poor-fair with local ad, ID, "Coney"
              slogans into C&W music.  (CK-CO)
1230   KEXO   CO, Grand Junction 10/29 0003 good peaks with rock music, ID
              "Today's hits on KEXO."  (CK-CO)
       KDIX   ND, Dickinson 10/31 2058 ID as "KDIX, southwest North Dakota's
              sports leader.  (LBG-MT)
       KWYZ   WA, Everett 10/14 1200 it appears as if KWYZ, KBLV, KNEU et al
              have dumped the Country Gold Network and are now simulcasting
              KJUN 104.9 Eatonville, WA.  ID's as "Country 104.9."  (DS-BC)
1240   KLTZ   MT, Glasgow 10/31 2100 gave jingle legal ID.  (LBG-MT)
1280   KFRN   CA, Long Beach 10/30-31 2355-0005 on top of KJAX with Family
              Radio, ID as "KFRN Long Beach-Los Angeles" and "12-80 AM."
1300   KGLO   IA, Mason City 10/29 1945 poor with weather forecast, "current
              temperature is ... degrees here at the KGLO studios."  (CK-CO)
       KBRL   NE, McCook 10/27 1029 good peaks with phone-in classifieds, CDT
              time checks, legal ID for KICX (FM) and KBRL.  (CK-CO)
1310   KXAM   AZ, Mesa 10/29 2234 ID "The voice of the valley K-X-A-M."
              Dominant with financial news you can use and promo for show
              weekdays at 3pm.  Over KDIA & XEC. (MS)
1320   KSDT   CA, Hemet 10/31 fair to good mixing with KXRO on groundwave (no
              skip from the north).  ID at 0059:50 as "Unforgettable music,
              KSDT Hemet," with adult standards.  (PM-OR)
       KCNR   UT, Salt Lake City 10/23 0300-0400 most dominant station on
              frequency, with news/talk, "Super Talk."  (FA-ID)
1330   KOVE   WY, Lander 10/28 0945 classified program "... on KOVE."  (PM-OR)
1340   KTIK   ID, Nampa 10/9 2200 fair signal in KLKI null with legal ID,
              newscast, into "Sports Byline USA."  New.  (DS-BC)
       KRLV   NV, Las Vegas 10/16 0630 good well on top of frequency with ID
              "This is Newstalk 1340, KRLV, Las Vegas," into Bloomsburg
              network news.  Another ID "1340, Las Vegas" at 0632.   Ex-KMTW
              for me.  (RW-CA)
             +10/30 0449 double ID "Talkradio 1340 KRLV Las Vegas," dominant.
              Ex-KMTW. (MS-CA)
   KTCR   WA, Kennewick 10/21 1105 poor signal under KWWX in KLKI null with
              end of newscast.  "Talkradio 1340 KTCR" ID heard.  New.  (DS-BC)
1350   CKCI   BC, Parksville 10/30 1045 ex-CKPQ, ex-1370.  Heard new calls,
              pop music, spots and promos.  (PM-OR)
1360   KPOP   CA, San Diego 10/28 0345 "There is good music on the radio in
              San Diego, KPOP." ID atop, with KUIK off.  (MEM-OR)
1370   KXTL   MT, Butte 10/17 2329 break from Jim Bohannon Show, ID, ad for
              Radio Shack, jingle.  KSOP nulled.  (CK-CO)
1380   KMJI   CA, Sacramento 10/18 0059 good with "America's Sports Bi-Line"
              program, legal ID, "The Score" slogans.  (CK-CO)
1390   KCDR   CA, Turlock 10/21 0200 good signal all alone with English legal
              ID, into Spanish request & dedication show with female DJ.
              Ex-KMIX.  (DS-BC)
1420   KMOG   AZ, Payson 10/28 0952 poor with ID and weather forecast, ABC
              news at the top of the hour, country music afterwards.  (CK-CO)
             +10/30 0022 call letters and song by the Bellamy Brothers.
       KTOE   MN, Mankato 10/28 2259 good with "Fall back to standard time"
              reminder, legal ID, ABC news.  (CK-CO)
1450   KVEN   CA, Ventura 10/28 0403 "KVEN reminds you to turn back your clock
              at 2:00 o'clock."  (MEM-OR)
1460   KMWX   WA, Yakima 10/27 0004 Pasco Bulldogs vs Yakima football.
       KLTC   ND, Dickinson 10/28 0957 very good with country music, happy
              birthday/ anniversary greetings, ID.  (CK-CO)
       WACO   TX, Waco 10/21 0058 high school sports, ID "You've been
              listening to a high school sports primier on station WACO," into
              ads.  (CK-CO)  ("primier"?--NH)
1480   KRXR   ID, Gooding 10/28 1049 good with song "Love Potion Number 9," ID
              "Stereo 14-80 KRXR."  (CK-CO)
1490   KKND   AZ, Tucson 10/29 2150 ID "The End, Tucson's new alternative."
              Modern rock music fair above mess.  Ex-KAIR for me.  (MS-CA)
       KKAN   KS, Phillipsburg 10/27 1000 fair-good with country music, legal
              ID, mention of FM //, into call-in classifieds, CDT time check.
1530   WSAI   OH, Cincinnati 10/29 2030 good on top of KFBK even before dark.
              Adult standards format, ID "1530 WSAI."  (PM-OR)
1550   KXEX   CA, Fresno 10/28 2119 Spanish, very good with ad for Coor's
              Light, "La doble-X" slogan, call ID, mentions of Fresno.
1560   WQEW   NY, New York 10/29 2215 fair, mixing with jumble with adult
              standards.  (PM-OR)

 590   KID    ID, Idaho Falls 10/14 0200-0300 good signal.  Heard code and
              voice IDs between pop and big band music.  Also mention of
              sending reports by FAX.  (FA-ID)
1000   WDJL   AL, Huntsville 10/23 0219-0224 almost slept through this one!
              Woke up in time to hear voice ID, steel guitar instrumental and
              Morse code (undiscernable due to fading).  QRM from nulled XEFV.
              Alabama #1!  (CK-CO)
      (WJDL) +10/23 0200-0230+ DX test not heard.  (DX-CA)
             +10/23 0200-0230 nothing heard under KOMO.  (FA-ID)
1030  (KFAY)  AR, Fayetteville 10/30 0300-0400 nothing heard.  KTWO dominant.
             +10/30 0300-0400 DX test not heard.  (MS-CA)
1210   KREW   WA, Sunnyside 10/28 0330-0348 fair under KGYN with voice IDs,
              various code IDs, details of the test.  Mentioned NRC and a
              phone call from San Jose, CA!  (CK-CO)
             +10/28 0330-0400 DX test heard through KPRZ & KGYN with code IDs
              at 0346 and 0406.  Report sent.  Previously logged on 1993 DX
              test.  (MS-CA)
1320  (WAMR)  FL, Venice 10/23 0300-0400 nothing heard, KCNR & CHMB mixing.
             +10/23 0300-0400 DX test not heard.  (DX-CA)

1590   KXSP?? 10/30 2200 unID Spanish playing older ballads with few
              announcements.  CA or Mexico?  KLIV QRM.  Heard all night.

Hope that everyone is having fun DXing for the contests!  73--Nancy


 [As appearing in the November 18, 1995 issue of "DX Monitor"]
   Editor: John C. Johnson
   Address your reports to:
   E-Mail:  CDXR@xxxxxxx          Snail-Mail:  979 Neptune Blvd.
                                               Billings, MT 59105-2129

America On Line: JohnJ53816       CompuServe: = 74444,3075
Prodigy:  MPNN49A
Report All Times As Eastern.

Deadline:  Saturdays.

[SA-MB]  Shawn Axelrod, 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9
         Icom IC-R70 w/PLAM board & 4kHz filter, 4-foot box loop,
         Quantum loop, 100' wire.
[EB-MO]  Eric Bueneman, N0UIH, 631 Coachway Lane, Hazelwood, MO 63042-1347
         Realistic DX-200, Realistic TM-152 with Worcester Space
[KDF-IL] Karl D. Forth, 2444 West Belle Plaine, Chicago, Illinois 60618
         Drake R8, Icom IC-R70, Hammarlund HQ-160, spiral loop, longwire.

 840 ?KTIC? NE, West Point. EX-KWPN. 10/21 good. 0745 with country music and
            spot for National Bank Of West Point. Weather, "KWPN FM" IDs. No
            AM call heard so not sure of the call change to KTIC yet. [SA-MB]
1330 WMNN   MN, Minneapolis. EX-KNOW. 10/17 good. 2200 with "WMNN Minneapolis,
            Saint Paul" ID into AP Network News then "13-30 Weather." Heard
            mention of WMNN coverage of the Minnesota Moose IHL games. New for
            me. [SA-MB]

 600 KTBB   TX, Tyler. 10/28 good to poor mixing w/Cuban. No KFNS-590 splash.
            0355 with "Texas Overnight," local spots, legal ID into ABC news.
            Promo for G. Gordon Liddy program at 0405 going back into "Texas
            Overnight" at 0406. [EB-MO]
 630 WAVU   AL, Albertville. 10/20 good. 2205 with Scottsboro vs Albertville
            high school football. ID, spots. Not needed. [KDF-IL]
 730 KKDA   TX, Grande Prairie. 11/4 good to fair through XEX. 0330 with local
            spots and promos. 0331 "Soul 73 is KKDA Grande Prairie, Fort
            Worth, Dallas" legal ID into Urban AC. [EB-MO]
 770 KKOB   NM, Albuquerque. 11/4 fair to poor in WABC null. 0344 with "Coast
            To Coast AM" with Art Bell ||WJR-760, KRAM-1380, etc. Note two
            stations now carry Art Bell in the Albuquerque market! [EB-MO]
 870 WNEN760 IL, Chicago. 9/15 2042 on test tape from home, also heard from
            the airport a few days later. [KDF-IL]
 880 WINU   IL, Highland. 11/4 fair to poor through WCBS. 0345 with Bloomberg
            Business News, spot for the Holiday Inn in Evanston, IL with
            mention of "...the special Win-U rate." 0358 back into BBN.
            Apparently now running 24 hours. [EB-MO]
 910 WSUI   IA, Iowa City. 11/4 good to fair with KVIS, some splash from
            WGNU-920. 1735 with talk on assassination of Israeli Prime
            Minister Yitzhak Rabin this date. [EB-MO]
1130 CKWX   BC, Vancouver. 9/28 fair to good, mostly o/WBBR. 0045 with
            country, female announcer. Spots. [KDF-IL]
1210 KGYN   OK, Guymon. 10/30 good to poor through WGMP. 0156 with country
            music, legal ID at 0200 into ABC News. [EB-MO]
1360 WKYO   MI, Caro. 10/27 good. 1957 with high school football, spot, ID.
1490 KEZO   NE, Omaha. TENTATIVE. 10/30 good to poor in mess at times battling
            WESL. 0209 with rock music, possible mentions of "Z-92." [EB-MO]
1530 KGBT   TX, Harlingen. 10/30 weak, but at times alone on 1530 with WSAI
            off. Airing Tejano music, WSAI cut on OC at 0248, possible KFBK
            underneath with talk. [EB-MO]
1590 KLFE   WA, Seattle. 10/21 good. 0755 with Gospel-Country type of music
            and "Positive Country" slogans. New for me. [SA-MB]
1600 WAAM   MI, Ann Arbor. 9/29. 2043 with spots, high school game of week.

1000(WDJL)  AL, Huntsville. 10/23 DX Test 0200 not heard. Only WMVP and
            possibly KTOK underneath. [SA-MB] 
           +10/23 DX Test not heard. WMVP has not observed MM SP recently.
1320(WOBL)  OH, Oberlin. 10/5 DX Test 0000 not heard. Only KELO and KOZY.
           +10/5 DX Test not heard 0000-0015. [KDF-IL]

1550 unID   10/16 fairly strong. 0030 with tester with pulsing tone. Looping
            south. [KDF-IL]
1660 unID   10/23. 1956 heard with TT, but sounded like a utility rather than
            a broadcast station, but at 2006 heard various Neil Diamond tunes 
            including "Sweet Caroline" before abrupt cut-off at 2013:30.
            [KDF-IL] {Karl, one could assume you heard WJDM-NJ testing. Not
            heard here yet. John.}

November 21, 1970 issue of IRCA's "DX Monitor"... Rick Evans of Gary, IN told
about his visit with Russ Brown and Don Eggert... Frank E. Aden, Jr. of Boise,
ID said since he was only 60 miles from the OR border he should be able to
report to the West Coast DXR & DXF.  Editor Lynn D. Brooks of Ponca City, OK
said standards are set and time zones determine who reports where... Bill
Nittler of Englewood, CO received veries from TGN-730 and WIGM-1490.

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!  73, John.


 [Appearing in the November 18, 1995 issue of "DX Monitor"]
Editor:  Lee Freshwater
         414 SE 3rd Street
         Ocaula, FL  34471

Lfreshwate@xxxxxxx or SNAIL MAIL LISTED ABOVE.

                       STARS  OF  THE  WEEK
(LF-FL)  your editor w/ Hammarlund HQ-180a/Patomic FIM 41 KIWA loop
         100' N/S l.w
(KVJ-GA) Karl V. Jeter  1890 Abinger Lane, Lawrenceville, Ga 30243
         Hammarlund HQ-150, TRF, Quantum Loop, 4' loop      via-FAX
(LH-AL)  Lynn Hollerman 514 Carrsbrook Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803
         DX-440, 60' ext ant, MJF-956 tuner                 via-E-Mail
(LH-AL1) Lynn Hollerman using Nissan car radio
(JD-AL)  J.D. Stephens, 1155 Old Monrovia, #3E, Huntsville, AL 35806-3510
         Drake R-8, Superradio II, 75' l.w. via E-mail JSteph6711$AOL.COM
(MB-ON)  Mike Brooker, 99 Wychrest Ave. Toronto, Ont M6G 3X8
         Panasonic RF-2200, RFB-45                        via U.S.P.S
(MS-CT)  Matt Stutterheim, DXing 19 miles SSE of New London, CT
         E-mail Radiomatt$AOL.COM                         via FAX
(TB-TN)  Tom Bryant 849 Todd Preis Dr., Nashville, TN     via E-mail
         Yamaha TX-930 w/ KIWA Loop   e-mail 102037.452$Compuserve.COM
(5P-HI)  Dale Park POB 22778 Honolulu, Hi  96823          via E-mail
 740  KRMG   OK, Tulsa 11/03 2007 Many, many ID's, wx forecast, nx.  (LH-AL1)
 760  WJR    MI, Detroit 11/03 2009 Id "Superstation WJR".  (LH-AL1)
 830  WCCO   MN, Minneapolis 11/08 2140 in very strong with Sports Call in
             show... Have logged many times but never this strong All alone on
             the channel.  (LF-FL)
      WCCO   MN, Minneapolis 11/06 1955 Talk show, ID, ads.  (LH-AL1)
      WADU   LA, Norco 11/03 2009-2013 "This is WADU Sports..",into H.S.
             football, many ads, temps, more ads..".  (LH-AL1)
 920  WBBB   NC, Burlington 11/03  1759-1805. In strong w/local spots time
             check, Mutual News, ID as "920 WBBB Burlington/Graham".  (JD-AL) 
 940  CBM    PQ, Montreal 11/9 1809-1822 CBC nx, lots about recent secession
             vote. Strong then weak sig as I turned.  (LH-AL1)
 970  WAVG   KY, Louisville 10/13 0700 fair in WNED null w/ "WAVG Louisville,
             54 degrees at 7 o'clock" into local traffic report.  (MB-ON)
1010  KDJW   TX, Amarillo 10/24 0323 Good over CFRB simulcasting "FM-94-
             K-Buy" Never heard while Little Rock dominated this freq. (TB-TN) 
1030  KFAYt  AR, Farmington 11/08 1743-1752 "Sports Rap" pgm, many mentions of
             U. of Ar, Razorbacks, no ID hrd-assume this to be KFAY?  (KVJ-GA)
1070  CHOK   ON, Sarnia 11/02 1030-1052 "Good Time Oldies" ID (MS-CT)
1110  CKTY   ON, Sarnia 11/02  1900-1910. Fair w/ CBC (??) News, local
             weather, Country mx, ID as "The New Country AM 1110 CKTY.." 
1160   KSL   UT, Salt Lake City 11/08 2207 "KSL newstime 8:07" Local news
             w/Carl Stewart live report from Utah Jazz game w/ Scott Miller.
             "Sports Night" pgm Great signal w/hvy fades.  (LF-FL)
      WTYN   NC, Tyron 11/08 2217 during KSL fades w/"Good news Promo" "Good
             news its 10:17 on 1380 WKJV the grand voice of Western North
             Carolina.." Gspl mx... Good signal up & down with KSL/uniden
             Oldies station.  M-street lists as simo w/ WKJV.  (LF-FL)
1170  WKLN   FL, St. Augustine 11/06 1836 "All News-Talk 1170 WKLN.." Jim
             Bohannon commentary, American Diabetes PSA.  (KVJ-GA)
1180  WSAF   GA, Trion 11/05  1914 w/ C&W mx, Liner "Always more music each
             hour back to back on ? Country WSAF.." Fair signal on a channel
             normally dominated by VOA & Cuba.  (LF-FL)
1200  WQLS   AL, Ozark 11/07 0804 "SE Alabama's stop for Rock & Roll
             Classics.", "Q-Rock","Mark & Brian" pgm.  (KVJ-GA)
1210  KOKK   SD, Huron 11/02  2250-2300 fair in WGMP null, w/Country mx
             w/female DJ, ABC news (Great catch !-ed).  (KVJ-GA)
1260  WNXT   OH, Portsmouth 10/30 1934-1949 Fair over WBIV w/ local spots,
             "Meet the Candidate" pgm, several "1260 WNXT AM" ID's. (JD-AL)
1320   WIS   SC, Columbia 11/06 2255 Good w/ CNN news "from the University of
             South Carolina, it's the Carolina minute on on WIS Newsradio
             1320.." Logged as WOMG last season WIS used to be on 560 years
1380  WBEL   IL, South Beloit 10/28 1900 surfaced out of CKPC mush w/ID as
             "The leader in Beloit, Stereo 1380 WBEL South Beloit." into
             "Stateline Dateline" into local nx. (cute, no? Beloit and South
             Beloit are on either side of the WI-IL state line.  (MB-ON)
1390  WGCI   IL, Chicago 10/12 0716, good w/ID as "Dusty Radio 1390, all
             dusties, all the time 1390 WGCI.." into ad for UPS. Qsl'ed as
             WVON in 1978. I assume Dusties=3DOldies. (MB-ON)
1430  WNWZ   TN, Germantown 11/07 1833 "The Unforgettable 1430". adult
             standards, MOYL.  (LH-AL1)
1440  WAJR   WV, Morgantown 11/05 1959 w/ promo for P. Steelers/Univ of W.Va
             and Univ. High School Football. ID as "Full service 1440 WAJR-
             Morgantown.."  (LF-FL)
      WRAJ   IL, Anna 11/05 0315 "1440-WRAJ" ID popped up in mess.  (LH-AL)
      KITA   AR, Little Rock 11/05 2137 Rlg mx, "..weekends on KITA" into more
             rlg mx.  Wavering Signal.  (LH-AL)
1470  WVOL   TN, Berry Hill 11/03 1740-1750. In & out w/ "Solid Gold Soul"
             satellite Motown oldies, frequent "The Mighty 147" jingles &
             slogans.  (JD-AL)
1480  WABB   AL, Mobile 11/08 1824 "Newstalk 14-80 AM" talk show, "WABB-
             Mobile" ID 1824 back to talk show. SS QRM.  (LH-AL1)
1520  KOMA   OK, Oklahoma City 11/08 1809-1813 "Young Girl" "Wild Thing" then
             "All Oldies KOMA" ID.  (LH-AL1)
1550  KQFN   ND, West Fargo 11/02 2353-0010.  In well at times w/"Sports
             Byline USA" satellite service, local spots, many slogans & quick
             IDs throughout. TOH ID as "The FAN-AM 1550 KQFN West Fargo.."
             ND#7 and the first ND not hrd on a DX test since KSJB back in
             1987.  (another great catch JD-ed) (JD-AL)
      KQFN   ND, West Fargo 11/03  0100 over/under St. Joseph EZL & WCTZ
             Sports Talk and definite ID $0100. Tnx to Jim Pogue & J.D.
             Stephens for the tip. ND # 3.  (TB-TN)
1560  WPAD   KY, Paducah  11/05 2154"... the music of your life on WPAD....",
             into MOYL.  (LH-AL)
      WMRO   TN, Gallitin w/ 0424 Oldies format. Mention this because I picked
             it up on Upper Side band while WQEW was only audible on lower
             sideband.  Another Kahn power side benefit.  (Boy could you & I
             have a spirited discussion!-ed) (MS-CT)
1580  WDAB   SC, Traveler's Rest 11/07 1821 "Newsradio 15-80", lots of ID's,
             jingles.  (LH-AL1)

                        SPECIAL INTEREST
 760  WJR    MI, Detroit 10/ Adds Art Bell today per show last week.  His
             first major Eastern station.  (5P-HI)
 910  WRKL   NY, New City 10/19 Adds Tom Leykis per show today. Stn slogan is
             "Rockland County's News & information Leader"  (5P-HI)
 930  WFMD   MD, Fredrick 10/31 Adds Art Bell show today  (5P-HI)
 940  WMAZ   GA, Macon 10/24 Ads Art Bell show today  (5P-HI)
 960  WPMR   PA, Mount Pocono 10/17/ Adds GG Liddy show today  (5P-HI)
1180  WHAM   NY, Rochester 10/31 Adds Art Bell today per show last week, his
             second major Eastern station  (5P-HI)
1230  WHUC   NY, Hudson  10/28 Adds Art Bell per show today  (5P-HI)
1250  WGL    IN, Ft. Wayne 10/17 Adds GG Liddy, along with WGL-FM 94.1 and
             WGLL-FM per show today.  (5P-HI)
1300  WXPX   PA, W. Hazleton 10/17, Adds GG Liddy per show today  (5P-HI)
1310  WTTL   KY, Madisonville Adds Art Bell per his newsletter  (5P-HI)
1490  WMOG   GA, Brunswick  Adds Art Bell per his newsletter  (5P-HI)
1600  WBLY   OH, Springfield 10/28 Adds Art Bell per show today  (5P-HI)
1610  ????   ????? 11/03 0537 NJ Turnpike Authority TIS station. Location
             unknown, giving 800#'s for further info 800- 33-NJTPK; at a
             different time, another station was giving info for Atlantic City
             expwy, but if AC,NJ easy catch because of over water path.
1610  ????   ????? 11/03 0505 Recorded weather forecast for Albany area with
             current conditions at airport.  Obviously TIS station, but pretty
             good at 146 miles (if Albany)  If this is Mt. Vernon/New Rochelle
             transmitter, then 98 miles still ain't bad.  (MS-CT)
1630  ????   ????? Looping NNW/SSE Religious music and recitations... no ID's
             heard but what appears to be the same station has also been heard
             in FL to ID as "This is WJTS, FM 108 AM 1630...John 3:16 Jesus is
             Lord.." A 'holy pirate??? (TB-TN)  (Tom: I have also hrd this one
             here in Ocala, but never could get the ID-ed see below)
1630  ????   Several people have forwarded to me a message from David Crawford
             from the Internet.  Here's what he says about the above. "Several
             of us in FL have been trying to make some sense out of the
             location.  This has been difficult because of a Navaid on the
             same freq. messing up our DF bearings.  I get a 40/220 degree
             azimuth bearing here (I don't know where here is?-ed) and have
             physically traveled the heading on the southwest leg and can
             confirm it's not located in the Carribean since it stays in past
             1500z here in the daytime. So, your reported NNW bearings may
             actually be SSE.  The ID's are rather sparse, but always the same
             (see above).  The FCC has no record of this one, so it appears to
             be a pirate of sorts:  WJDM 1660 is the only station authorized
             to do any testing at this time.  (courtesy of Tom Bryant) (If
             there are more DXers in FL, where are they HIDING???-ed)

1140  ????   WRMQ listed incorrectly last week as 1150.  Checked again today
             and they are still running Spanish..?????  (LF-FL)
1160  ????   ??  11/08 2217-2315 in during KSL fades with numerous "Oldie"
             tunes.  No liners, just music w/ 2sec pause between songs. 
             Didn't hear any local breaks or liners at all???? (of course it
             faded at ID time!)  (LF-FL)
1440  ????   ??  11/05 0300-0330 Kept hearing station with sports nx, sports
             talk, sports scores. Who ???  (LH-AL)

                            DX TESTS
 690  HCJB   Tried, nothing Heard  (KVJ-GA)
      HCJB   Tried, thought I hrd a tone, but not enough to be sure it
             was a tone. (LF-FL) 
1000  WJDL   AL, Huntsville 10/23 0200-0230 not heard, WMVP still on despite
             mention that they would be off.  Nulling WMVP only produced CFRB
             slop. (MB-ON) 
1320  WAMR   FL, Venice 10/23 0300-0400 As mentioned last week Lynn Hollerman
             thought the test may have been hrd in New Zealand. Received a
             nice letter from Andrew Gardner in Wellington.  His accurate
             logging of the tones will garner him a QSL for his first American
             DX test!!  Now if I can just coax that signal to Pat Martin's
             Beverage Barn in Oregon!!!  (LF-FL)
1440  KVON   CA, Napa, 11/05 Tried, nothing heard  (KVJ-GA)
      KVON   CA, Napa, 11/05 possible CW at 0302, 0307, beeping tones at 0302,
             0312, 0314, 0315, 0316, 0320, 0325, 0329. No voice ID hrd. 
1560  WSEZ   IN, Paoli 11/6 Code ID's only noted approx every 5 minutes
             beginning at 0124, so possibly a late start.  Last ID noted 0155,
             Strong WPAD/WQXY QRM.  (KVJ-GA)
      WSEZ   IN, Paoli 11/6 0116 Weak CW (3 groups heard) ending at 0132. 
             WPAD almost impossible to null. IN # 31 Total now 923  (TB-TN)

Another great turnout again this week.  THANKS to you all.  Welcome to Tom
Bryant & Matt Stutterheim.  Dale Park again sent along some good "special"
stuff..  The Holidays are here !! HAPPY THANKSGIVING..  Planning on taking the
week after Turkey day as vacation to work around the house and DX (of
course).. C U N   7...............Fresh


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IRCA's MEXICAN LOG coordinator is Chris Knight.  If you note any changes in
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