Two days in Finnish Lapland
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Two days in Finnish Lapland

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Thanks to a work tour in Ivalo, Northern Finland over the weekend I could
experience for the first time in my life the astonishing propagation
conditions of the region. Unfortunately it was not a dx-pedition; I took
with me my Lowe 150 and a 20 mt wire I streched to the trees in front of my
hotel window. And here's what happened...


Incredible signals from Pacific Canada and US West Coast in the morning,
09,00-11,30 UTC (very little at night from East coast and Lakes)

Only station IDed  (no tape recorder... sorry):

880   CHQT Edmonton 25/11    09,20   mx

930   CJCA Edmonton 25/11    08,55

1000  KOMO Seattle 25+26/11  08,50-11,00 Very strong for many hours
                             At 07,45 mixed with CFLP Rimouski in French

1090  KRPM Seattle  25+26/11 09,00   id ad Kissin' country

1200  CKXM Victoria  26/11   09,30   Country

1470  CJVB Vancouver 25/11   09,00   Chinese

UNid presumably Westcoasters on 1320 at 09,20 in Korean; 970 at 10,15 with
sports, 1510 at 10,10 with news; 1190 at 11,50 with talk; 1140 at 09,45
with GTO Oldies; 1530 at 11,30 with temperatures in California

And more...

ALASKA  on 650-680-820-850-1170 (s/off with anthem at 11,00 on 25/11) from
13,00 to 17,00 on both days. Strong.

JAPAN on 747//828//774 at 13,50-14,35 on 25/11

TAIWAN  900//603//927  at  14,40

INDIA   1566//774//810//819//  at 16,10

SRI LANKA  882  at 16,15

Is all this normal up there??? Anyone in the same region in those days with
proper receivers and antennas?

Bye, ROC

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