European MW/LW hrd in Iowa
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European MW/LW hrd in Iowa

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Trans-Atlantic MW & LW stations are not that common in the middle 
of North America, but conditions were favorable in the middle of 
last week & the weekend. Might have been in between, too, but I 
had to leave town to visit the in-laws for the US Thanksgiving 
holiday (poor timing!). 

Can anyone in Europe tell me who the French station on 183 is? 
Assuming it is a Radio France frequency, how are they for QSLing? 
I have a very good tape of my reception. Also, can anyone tell me 
how good the RNE is at QSLing their domestic MW frequencies? I 
also have good tapes of a couple of those frequencies. Thank you.

153  ALGERIA Bechar NOV 22 0156 Weak Arabic mx. Seemed // 891, 
     but not sure. Also weak Nov 23 & 26.   

162  FRANCE Allouis NOV 22 0158 Something here with weak pop mx. 
     Presume this. Never got any stronger on rechecks. NOV 23 
     0036 Weak w/ OM in definate French.  

171  MOROCCO? NOV 26 0450 w/ OM/YL talk in French. Weak.

183  FRANCE? (Who is this unlisted station?) NOV 22 0447-0457 
     fade. Fair w/ OM/YL French talk, mx bits. Maybe // 162 kHz. 
     Unfortunately faded down before top of the hour ID. Also 
     noted very weak around 0350, but in best at this time. 
     Nothing listed here in WRTH. NOV 26 0300 Fair w/ OM in 
     French, into pops including Michelle by the Beatles. Checked 
     162 and clearly not // at this time. At rechecks at 0455 & 
     0537, this was coming in at amazingly strong & clear level. 

198  GREAT BRITAIN BBC Droitwich NOV 22 0356-0401 OM talk, YL BBC 
     World Service ID, BBC theme song, into nx. Poor.  

252  ALGERIA Tipaza NOV 22 0403 Weak Arabic mx. 153 not hrd at 
     this time, so couldn't check for //. NOV 26 0043-0101* w/ 
     non-stop jazz to top of the hour, then brief YL anmt in 
     Arabic, anthem, and audio cut.  

585  UNID NOV 22 het & traces of audio on this frequency 
     throughout the evening, but never enough to get a // to 
     other RNE frequencies.  

684  SPAIN RNE 1 Sevilla NOV 22 0102 This the first one hrd when 
     I was very surprised to find Sp audio here while tuning 
     through the band. Assumed LAm at first, but thought it 
     strange to find it exactly on 684 kHz, so checked the Euro 
     listings to my joy(!). Strong het with audio making it 
     through about half the time throughout the evening. Several 
     times got // on other frequencies to confirm ID. Mostly poor 
     or worse.  

729  SPAIN RNE 1 various NOV 22 0142 Strong het all evening, but 
     only clear audio for about 20 seconds at this time. Got 
     clear // 774.  
738  SPAIN RNE 1 Barcelona NOV 22 0108 Talk // 684. Strong het 
     here all evening, but only got audio a few times.  

774  SPAIN RNE 1 various NOV 22 0110 // 684. Audio most 
     consistent on this frequency throughout the evening, 
     although did lose audio several times. Mostly poor or worse, 
     but at 0228 actually reached fair status for a couple 

855  SPAIN RNE 1 Murcia NOV 22 0230 Het all evening, but only 
     audio at this time when got YL talk // 774.  

891  ALGERIA Alger NOV 22 0147 Arabic mx making it in around WLS 
     slop. Tough copy, but there.  

954  SPAIN? Radio Espana, Madrid? NOV 22 0214 Het all evening 
     with bits of audio. Finally at 0214 got long enough chunk to 
     confirm OM/YL talk in Spanish. Didn't have enough time to 
     check for //, but I assume it wouldn't be since not part of 
     RNE. Can't believe this would make it here with listed 20 
     kW, but what else?  

1107 SPAIN RNE 5 various NOV 22 0224 Strong het all evening & 
     audio several times. At 0224 almost fair level & clearly // 
     774 w/ YL talk. I'm amazed at the relatively low powers of 
     what is listed here.  

1314 NORWAY NRK Kvitsoy NOV 22 0506 Weak w/ YL talk in what 
     appeared to be a Scandinavian/Germanic type language. Audio 
     faded quickly.  

In addition to these receptions, I had Trans-Atlantic carriers 
all over the MW band on NOV 22, 23, & 26. The only audio heard 
was for the above stations. My antennas here are two unterminated 
400' mini-beverages at 355 degrees and at 025 degrees. The MW 
catches above were heard on both antennas, but usually better on 
the 355d one. The LW stuff was *only* heard on the 355d one. Even 
when the 183 was at its best peak, I couldn't get a trace of a 
signal on the 025d antenna. From my location, Spain & Algeria are 
at about 055 degrees, France & Britain at about 050 degrees, and 
Norway at 045 degrees. Tried my 17 year old Radio West ferrite 
loop for the MW stuff, but couldn't get much audio even from 774 
with it. 

Don Moore       MOORE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Davenport, Iowa, USA 

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