Loggings from Livingston County
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Loggings from Livingston County

This message is sent by "Niel J. Wolfish" <lobo@xxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

This weekend's loggings (some heard on a M.A.R.E. DXpedition in Brighton, 

Equipment:	ICF-2010, Grundig Satellite 700, 100' longwire, apple 
cider, Hormel Turkey chili, Wal-Mart Pistachio nuts, banana yogurt

NIEL WOLFISH, Toronto Ontario
PLEASE QSL address: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario,  M5M 4B7

ANGOLA    R. Nac.        9535 2030-2040 Dec.1 & Dec. 2 noted both days with 
a ten minue news bulletin read by a man, with the headlines repeated at 
2040; played afropop and there was also up to 2100 when they switched to 
Portuguese; fair signal. [WOLFISH-Michigan].

BOLIVIA   R. Santa Cruz       6135 0950-1001 Dec. 2         man talking 
about municipal elections in Santa Cruz, ID and spots at 1001; fair signal 
(with VOA IS heard underneath 1000). [WOLFISH-Michigan]

GUATEMALA R. Tezulutlan  3370 1153 Dec. 3         organ interval signal and 
sign on by man at 1155; poor. [WOLFISH-Michigan]

INDONESIA RRI Ujung Pandang   4753.2         Dec. 1    2142-2156 woman 
playing pop music; 2200-short rendition of SCI into news by man; poor. 

MADAGASCAR     RTVM      5009.5         Dec 3     0256-0309 fighting utility 
with IS, choral anthem and sign on by man at 0259... noted later at 0309 
with a religious program.  [WOLFISH-Michigan]

MOZAMBIQUE     RM        3370 Dec. 3    0258 Interval signal signal noted 
under the Guatemalan.  Only listed as presumed, since I didn t hear an ID, 
although its the same interval signal as from the first time I logged the 
station in 1977.... (wouldn't want to be accused of list-logging..!!.). 

PAPUA NEW GUINEA    t    3235      Dec. 2         1315-1336 noted with a man 
and woman readiing election results (lots of mentions of numbers of votes); 
reggae music at 1336; no ID heard; poor signal.  [WOLFISH-Michigan]

PERU      ?    4504.1         Dec. 2         1046-1054      weak station 
here with male announcer and flute mx; commercials by a man at 1054 but 
never heard an ID.  [WOLFISH-Michigan]

     Radio Luz y Sonido  6471.5         Dec. 2         1011-1036 poor with 
both male and female announcer playing light instrumental and gospelish 
sounding mx; ID by woman at 1015.  [WOLFISH-Michigan]

     p Ondas del Mayo    6802.8         Dec. 2         1109-1117 presumed, 
based on the fact that I heard several spots mentioning Rio Mayo and Nueva 
Cajamarca, also heard traditional Peruvian music.    Never heard an ID that 
would match the name of the station in the Passport to Worldband 
Listlogging; fair signal with utility QRM.  [WOLFISH-Michigan]

SWAZILAND      TWR       3335 Dec. 3         0313 noted with IS and into an 
African language program; POUNDING signal!!!! (with no QRM from WWCR on 

t ZAMBIA  Christian Voice     4965 2007-2010 Dec. 2         presumed the one 
here with gospel-like music; didn t hear an ID; poor - no sign of 49 mb 
parallel.  [WOLFISH-Michigan]

ZIMBABWE  ZBC  3396 Dec. 3    *0300     sign on with a TC as 5 o clock 
followed by a choral anthem - same anthem noted on 3306 at 0306; fair. 

North American Pirates:

BIG JOHNSON RADIO   [Providence address]     6955 USB  1410-1445 Dec. 3
A first time pirate with Popeye The Sailor Man,  music by Warrant, ZZ Top, 
Bob & Doug Mackenzie, comedy bits by Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinnison; an 
offer on masturbation techniques with a Springfield address, announced 
Providence address; poor signal. [WOLFISH-Michigan]

INTERSTATE 44  [address?]     7425.5         1908-1917 Dec. 2
weak with some Sousa marches including "The Liberty Bell March" (probably 
better known as the "Monty Python" theme music!);  ID by male that sounded 
like "from St. Louis to Wichita Falls, this is Interstate 44"; Didn't hear 
any address; Please QSL, thanks! [WOLFISH-Michigan].

RADIO AZTECA   [Wellsville address]     6955 LSB  2209-2246*     Dec. 2
Program # 16 with a special interview with SCARFMAN!!!!!!   Plus....Animal 
Stories (from WLS), letters from Joe Yadsko, Russell Cleveley etc., mx by 
Duane Eddy, good signal with the omnipresent CB-like QSO on 6955 USB 
apparently completely unaware of the program taking place on 6955 LSB! 

RADIO AZTECA   [Wellsville address]     7415 LSB  *1400-1438*    Dec. 3
Repeat of Program # 16 with a special interview with SCARFMAN and other 
funny stuff; fair to poor signal, but QRM free (for a change). 

VOICE OF INDIGESTION     [address?]     6955 USB  *1921-1948*    Dec. 2
came on (finally) after several minutes of the ubiquitous CB-like QSO on the 
frequency:  Interesting program with cajun music, "Syncopated Clock", "It s 
A Gas" (from Mad Magazine, I believe!), Spock talking about drugs, Tree Frog 
beer spots, etc.    ID and the dialogue were very hard to copy (it sounded 
almost as if this was intentional!).  [Although the format would seem to fit 
the name of the station, the ID sounded more like "Voice of Andy Jackson" at 
times..... another pirate named after a dead president?  ...why 
not?....there's already a WJFK!]; fair signal.  Please QSL, thanks! 

WAOJ [address?]     6955 USB  2120-2150 what appeared to be an anti-OJ 
Simpson program with bits of various songs played and/or dedicated to Nicole 
Brown Simpson and others: Rolling Stones  "Star Star", Elton John's 
"Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding", James Taylor's "You ve Got A Friend", Pat 
Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Hell Is For Children", Bob 
Seger's "Khatmandu", AC/DC s "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", George 
Thorogood's "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"; poor signal that was wiped 
out at 2150 by local buzz noise.  PLEASE QSL, thanks!  [WOLFISH-Ontario]

WLIS [B.R.S. address]    6955 USB  *1700-1729*    Dec. 2
Program dedicated to Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts Dxpedition:  program 
included interval signals from Madagascar, Italy, Iraq, and (pirate) 
Caribbean Sound System; very good signal but there were some audio problems. 

UNIDENTIFIED   6955U;    1641-1645;     Dec. 2
Somebody playing Ozzie Osbourne s "I Don t Know" and "Crazy Train"; good 
signal; PLEASE ID and QSL, thanks! [WOLFISH-Michigan]

UNIDENTIFIED   6955U;    2342;     Dec. 2
Somebody playing Popeye The Sailor Man; very poor signal; was this Big 
Johnson Radio?; PLEASE ID and QSL, thanks! [WOLFISH-Michigan]

UNIDENTIFIED   6955U;    2104-2108      Dec. 3
electronic music that I think I heard on WMPR back in October; poor signal; 
PLEASE ID, thanks! [WOLFISH-Ontario]

UNIDENTIFIED   6955U;    1812; 1930; 2230;   Dec. 2
Sporadic QSO with discussions about transmitting on medium wave, 
 comparisons of Ian McFarland to BBC announcers, burping noises, playing 
tapes of Ira from WPIG, comments about Nemesis'  various studio pirates, 
etc. etc. etc. [WOLFISH-Michigan

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