AM DX NewsFlash 12-7-95 (fwd)
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AM DX NewsFlash 12-7-95 (fwd)

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Selected parts from latest AMDX Newsflash:

                 WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH - December 7 1995

  Deadline for next issue = Thursday, December 14 1995 @ 2300 UTC (1600 PDT)
  Send all contributions to Phil Bytheway @  bytheway@xxxxxxx
  The AM DX NewsFlash is sent weekly from Alliant Techsystems in Mukilteo WA
     All contributions will be used
     Comments regarding content are appreciated
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                     A         MM    MM     NN    N     FFFFFFF
                    A A        M M  M M     N N   N     F
                   AAAAA       M  MM  M     N  N  N     FFFF
                  A     A      M      M     N   N N     F
                 A       A     M      M     N    NN     F
 CPC DX tests summary
 For anyone interested, here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests from IRCA and
 NRC.  If anyone has any additions or corrections, please contact me.
 Please note:  Also, the QSL addresses for these stations are posted in  All times EST.
      12/11/95 Mon - 0000-0030 - 1590 - WPWA - Aston, PA  (IRCA)
      12/17/95 Sun - 0030-0100 - 1350 - WGDN - Gladwin, MI  (IRCA)
      12/18/95 Mon - 0100-0130 -  770 - WCGW - Versailles, KY  (IRCA)
                   - 0230-0300 -  590 - WVLK - Lexington, KY  (IRCA)
      12/30/95 Mon - 0200-0400 - 1170 - CKGY - Red Deer, AB  (IRCA)
       1/ 7/95 Sun - 0100-0115 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador
       1/ 8/96 Mon - 0100-0130 - 1340 - WOOW - Greenville, NC  (IRCA)
                   - 0130-0200 -  590 - WARM - Wilkes-Barre, PA  (IRCA)
       1/23/95 Tue - 0230-0300 - 1460 - KLTC - Dickinson, ND (IRCA)
 Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday "may" be what you
 consider Sunday night!
 If you try for (or hear) any of these tests, PLEASE post a message letting me
 know!  Also, for brevity's sake, I didn't post the QSL addresses; if you need
 these, let me know!
 Lynn Hollerman - Huntsville AL - Ircacpc@xxxxxxx
 The IRCA Bookstore is proud to announce that the 'M Street Corporation' has
 agreed to offer a discount on their 1996 'M Street Radio Directory' to
 NewsFlash members ordering through the IRCA Bookstore.  The Directory contains
 a complete listing of over 15,000 radio stations (AM/FM, US/Canada) including
 the following information:  facilities, ownership, formats, LMAs, station
 personnel, phone numbers (and FAX), addresses, ratings, as well as information
 on almost 400 radio markets in the US and Canada.  Stations are listed by
 location (complete info), frequency (frequency, call, location, power and
 pattern) and call (call, frequency, location) and market (frequency, call,
 location, rating, format).  It also includes a former call reference (old
 call, location and current call).  Major network information (addresses/phone
 numbers/etc) and several interesting radio articles are included as well.
 The pre-publication price to NewsFlash members ordering through the IRCA
 Bookstore is $33.00 (regular pre-publication price is $43.95) post paid (UPS
 address required).  Orders must be received in Seattle by December 31 1995 to
 qualify for the pre-publication price.  After January 1 1996, the discount
 price will go up to $38.00.  The book is expected to be out by the end of
 February (usual disclaimer on date 'cause we can't be sure!).
 IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334
    Please make checks payable to:  Phil Bytheway.  DO IT NOW!!
 NEWSFLASH CONTEST!!! - Andy Ashbaugh - Wauconda IL - Mousefingr@xxxxxxx
 The contest name will be the AM DX Scavenger Hunt and I will send the
 scoreboard list to the Newsflash in a few weeks.  Contestants should tally the
 scores themselves, but throw in the states/countries and stations you heard.
 Let me set the points:
  3 points for your first logging of a state
  2 points for your second logging from it (must be different station from #1)
  1 point for your 3rd log from that state (must be a different station from #1
      and #2)
 10 points for every country other than the U.S. in North, South, or Central
  5 points for your second log of that country
 25 points for every country logged outside of the Americas and Carribean
 15 points for your second log of that country
 Bonus points:
 10 points for a TIS station
 20 points for a pirate
  6 points for a log above 1610
  5 points for a college or high school station
  3 points for an AM station with an FM parallel
  1 point for every sports game you catch
 You may NOT use the same station for any 2 logs.  The logging period starts
 11:00pm Eastern time this Friday (12/8) and ends Sunday (12/10) at 11:00pm
 Eastern time.
 Geomagnetic Summary November 30 1995 through December 6 1995
  Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly
    GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
    maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
    mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
    mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm
 Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER
 11/30    74     8    3    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
 12/ 1    73    11    2    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
     2    73    10    1    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
     3    73     7    5    very low    quiet-mis           -
     4    73    16    1    very low    quiet-mis           -
     5    74     2    1    very low    quiet               -
 12/ 6    74     2    0    very low    quiet               -
 phil Bytheway - Seattle WA:  phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx
 I was fooling around with my Sony 2010 with no antenna (didn't feel like
 getting it out, only reason I was logging in the first place was insomnia)
 early on Nov. 24th and caught the following:
  540   10:14-10:40utc (4:14-4:40 AM local time)    Radio Deutche Welle 43434
         News, ID, Dominant of frequency, "European Journal", left for short
         periods while I logged elsewhere, faded out 4:33, back weaker at 4:40,
         talk of Germany (this quite probably a CBC station - ed)
  592   10:20-10:23      WLVA?     32432  "10 second movie review" callers call
         in to review Golden Eye, Most people from Virginia
  660   10:30-10:32     WFAN       44554  Call in sports show, Talk about how
         Boston Garden did "the little things"
  700   10:39    WLW    44554  "American outdoorsman", segment on Ohio
 I'm about 50 miles outside of Chicago.
 Andy Ashbaugh - Mousefingr@xxxxxxx
 P.S.- I'd like to QSL Deutche Welle, were would I send the report?
 Very superb dx-conditions here in Finland on!  Hundreds of
 trans-atlantic stn's logged.  Here is just a summary of best stn's heard.
 kHz   date   UTC   Stn+info
 1119,5   24.11.   2210   Unid China - any idea?
  580   25.11.   0630   CJFX Antigonish NS over CKUA
  590   24.11.   2015   VOCM St. John's NF
  680   25.11.   0700   CFTR Toronto ON "news radio 6-80"
  710   25.11.   0640   CKVO Clarenville NF
  780   25.11.   0652   CFDR Dartmouth NS
  790   25.11.   0703   CIGM Sudbury ON w video-ad+local weather usually CFCW
                         dominates here
  840   25.11.   0715   WHAS Louisville KY
  850   25.11.   0605   WEEI Boston MA
  850   25.11.   0643   CKVL Verdun PQ seems to be mainly talk stn"Ce-ka-ve-el"
  900   26.11.   0900   CJBR Rimouski PQ fine over Europeans Jewish kletzmer-
                         music & "les informations de Radio Canada"
  920   25.11.   0615   CJCH Halifax NS
  930   25.11.   2005   CJYQ St. John's NF
  940   25.11.   0645   CBM Montreal PQ
  950   26.11.   2359   CKNB Campbellton NB "music 24 hours a day - CKNB" +
                         Broadcast news.
  980   25.11.   0545   CBV Quebec PQ
 1000   25.11.   0530   CFLP Rimouski PQ
 1010   25.11.   0606   CBR Toronto ON
 1070   25.11.   0830   CHOK Sarnia ON w some quiz & old rock
 1070   25.11.   2200   CBA Moncton NB
 1080   24.11.   2330   WTIC Hartford CT
 1130   26.11.   0800   KFAN Minneapolis MN
 1130   25.11.   2205   WISN Milwaukee WI
 1150   25.11.   0810   CKOC Hamilton ON
 1250   25.11.   1005   CHSM Steinbach MB
 1270   25.11.   0900   WXYT Detroit MI " AM 12-70 WXYT"
 1280   25.11.   0845   WNAM Neenah WI very strong this season
 1290   25.11.   1106   Unid - who is here with sports format? KKAR - KGVO -
                         WHIO?  Jingle sounding like "... sports Fan".
 1340   20.11.   0600   CKXX Corner Brook NF w Christmas ad's & "country kicks"
 1360   25.11.   0800   WGEE Green Bay WI
 1380   25.11.   0415   CFDA Victoriaville PQ
 1389.7 26.11.   0730   CJCY Medicine Hat AB still on split fq - they have
                         been here at least 3 months.
 1390   25.11.   0720   WCGI Chicago IL "Dusty radio" strong
 1420   25.11.   0950   WOC Davenport IA
 1420   25.11.   1000   KTOE Mankato MN "AM 14-20 KTOE"
 1460   25.11.   0630   CJOY Guelph ON "C-Joy" w Beatles
 1480   25.11.   0803   WTDY Madison WI
 1480   25.11.   1130   WGVU Kentwood MI "88.5" & BBC-news
 1530   26.11.   0500   WSAI Cincinnati OH
 1550   25.11.   0900   CBE Windsor ON w relays of DW and Radio Australia etc.
 1550   25.11.   0955   KVAN Vancouver WA
 1550   25.11.   1100   KQFN West Fargo ND w incredible signal strength, my
                         best catch during these days.  Have they still
                         troubles w their antenna i.e. using daytime pattern?
                         "Sports radio 15-50, the Fan, KQFN West Fargo!"
 1580   25.11.   2030   CBJ Chicoutimi PQ
 1590   25.11.   0500   WAKR Akron OH
 1600   25.11.   2250   CHNR Simcoe ON
 9475   25.11.   1300   WGTG McCaysville GA
  532   25.11.   0655   R Vision Cristiana  moved 3 kHz downwards.
 Jorma Mantyla - jmantyla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Kangasala, Finland
 Icom IC-R71E + 3 Beverages
 130-210 metres (W, NW, NE)
 (NjW-MI)  Niel J. Wolfish, Toronto, Ontario  DXing at a M.A.R.E. Dxpedition
 in Brighton, Michigan.  ICF-2010, Grundig Satellite 700, Radio West Loop.
           e-mail:   lobo@xxxxxx
 Loggings:  Is it my imagination or is every station country gospel formatted?
 Of special interest:
 1640 WNOO TN  Chattanooga    12/2; 0638-0651; with soul mx, including
                Soulfinger by The Bar-Kays; various spots, including one for a
                local concert.  Heard several "1260-WNOO" IDs.  What is this
                doing here?  Poor and audible on 5 different radios (attached
                to different antennas [loops and/or long wires]) on Dxpedition.
      0000-0800 ELT
  810 KCMO MO  Kansas City    12/1; 0859; under WISZ with ID as "Talk Radio
                810 KCMO".  [NjW-MI]
  840 KTIC NE  West Point     12/2; 0848; promo for Nebraska Report, and thn
                various spots for establishments in West Point and Fremont;
                IDed as "AM 84/FM 108"; fair in WHAS null.  [NjW-MI]
 1180 WHJM TN  Knoxville 12/3; 0656; with country gospel, spots for Petrie s
                Flowers, The Shepherd s Guide Christian Directory and Quality
                Inn, 0700 ID "your source for Southern Gospel, WHJM-1180
                Knoxville, TN" into USA Radio News; fair with WHAM and another
                gospel station.[NjW-MI]
 1570 WFUR MI  Grand Rapids   12/2; 0358;  ID by woman: "when you want great
                inspirational music, 24 hours a day.... WFUR Grand Rapids";
                fair over 1570 mess.  [NjW-MI]
              1600-2400 ELT
  710 WFNR VA  Blackburg 12/2; 1853-1903;  fighting WOR and Cuba with gospel
                mx, spot for a local cabinet maker on Highway 117,  ID at 1900
                into a recording of a 1959 Wally Bauer gospel concert. 
  860 WDMG GA  Douglas   12/2; 1827; various local spots with Christmas
                greetings for the listeners, ID and promo for the local
                Christmas parade; fair w/CJBC.  [NjW-MI]
  880 KGHT AR  Sheridan  12/1, 1725-1758 country gospel with male host, various
                spots, including one for Northside Conoco and one for The
                Baptist Book Store in Little Rock; pr w/KRVN/WMDB in WCBS null.
  880 KRVN NE  Lexington 12/1, 1713-1753;  Nebraska high school football
                report, report from rodeo finals sponsored by Grand Island
                Western Shop, C&W; fair with WMDB and KGHT in WCBS null.
  880 WMDB TN  Nashville 12/1, 1713-1730;  black gospel music, carted ID with
                the slogan  "The Big Mouth", followed by sign off mentioning
                2500 watts followed by SSB; fair with KRVN/KGHT.  [NjW-MI]
  890 WYAM AL  Hartselle 12/1; 2214-2300 what sounded like a satellite C&W
                program with local time and temperature inserts; finally heard
                an ID on the hour; poor to fair in WLS null.  (Should this have
                been on?) [NjW-MI]
 1120 WDUF VA  Duffield  12/2; 1700; ID:  "the best in gospel music, WDUF
                Duffield VA" into a program called "Monuments In The Morning";
                fair in KMOX null. [NjW-MI]
 1180 WHJM TN  Knoxville 12/2; 1720-1730; with country gospel (what else?) ID
                at 1730: "god said it, we believe it, AM-1180 WHJM"; fair with
                WHAM.  [NjW-MI]
 1570 WXLN IN  New Albany 12/1; 1613 dual AM/FM ID: "Kentuckiana s Inspiration
                Station, WXLN", into a feature called freedom under fire. 
 1570 WPTW OH  Picqua 12/1; 1617 --- under WXLN with ID as "Stereo 15-70 WPTW",
                by man. [NjW-MI]
 Kent Winrich (kent.winrich@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
 Waukesha, WI
 radio - Clarion car radio
 1600 to 2400 ELT
  640  WGST  GA Atlanta - 11/21 1907  News Radio WGST, The News Monster.  Ad
              for Publix.  Ad for Suntrust Investment Strategies.  Ad for Cigar
              Emporium Just minutes from 2-7-9.  579-8280.
 1080  WTIC  CT Hartford - 11/30  1737  WTIC Sportstalk.  Jim Calhoun talking
              about the Univeristy of CT.  Mike Allen with Traffic.  Ad for
              Laser Center 674-9627.
 1150  WAYY  WI Chippewa Falls - 11/30 1734  WAYY, with the Tom Likus show. 
              o/u CKOC, KLRG, KSAL, et al.
 1180  WJNT  MS Pearl - 11/21  2207  Stay tuned for more of the Jim Bohanon
              show on News/talk 11-80 WJNT.  #1 MS.
 1450  CHUC  ON Cobourg - 11/27  1739  Weather for Cobourge.. temp near -2. 
              Wednesday Sunny but cold.  Jennifer ??? at the information leader
              14-50 CHUC.  I'm going to make you love me  (Smokey Robinson??)
              FINALLY something on the GY worth mentioning!
 0800 to 1600
  930  WAUR  IL Sandwich - 12/2 1444  Suddenly this station is above WOKY
              splash.  Power increase?  ABC news.  Chicagolands AM odlies
              station WAUR.  Never was readable before, but actually stopped my
              receiver on scan.
 1600 to 2400 ELT
  990  WCAZ  IL Carthage - 12/1 1640  Ad for "Builder Materials" in Ft Madison
              on 1st and Avenue G.  The Eagle News, Hamilton & Warsaw.
              217-256-4445.  Ad for fixed and variable rate loans.  1st State
              Bank of Western Illinois.
 1170  KVOO  OK Tulsa - 12/5 2343  Ad for Yellow Taxi 582-TAXI.  Ad for Center
              High School reunion 800-677-6700.  Now on KVOO, Truckers Road
              Show.  Radio Ranch.  Been a long time since his one has been
              heard here.
 1360  KSCJ  IA Sioux City - 12/5 1710 KSJC News time is 4:10.  Talk about Camp
              Davidson, in reagrds to this being the only Iowa unit to go to
              Bosnia.  Also mentions of South Dakota.  New here.
  830 ?? - 12/5 1722  Ad for Subway subs at 12-7 1st Street in Kinnesaw??? 
              Just above WCCO.  First time I have heard something other than
  Albert Lehr - Livermore, CA - 75676.2002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Allied A-2515 receiver, external synchro detector/frequency measurement
  adapter, Heathkit IM-4100 frequency counter, 4 ft. spiral loop
 GROWLER LIST -- Frequency measurements of stations operating more than 20 Hz
  off their assigned frequencies.  Times are UTC.
  620.851   UnID TP carrier, no audio 12/4 1036.  Growl with 621 kHz carrier.
  769.961   XE.., 12/6 0845.  Uses laser bursts, so it may be XEIH per IRCA
            Mexican Log.
  882.562v  UnID TP carrier, no audio 12/4 0954.  Noted in the past as high as
            882.617.  Suspect North Korea.
  884.966   MONTSERRAT, weak music 12/4 0920.  Down from long stay on 884.982.
 1199.971   XE.., 12/6 0840.  Regular w/ WOAI, CKXM; probably XEYF Hermosillo.
 1449.977   KVML Sonora, CA 11/18 2151.
 1479.941v  KTMA Eureka, CA 12/06 0839.  Here for over a year.  Ranges from
            1479.936 to 1479.944.
 1500.021   KSJX San Jose, CA 12/06 0834.
 1519.946   KTRO Port Hueneme, CA 12/06 0837.
 From: Carlo Sgro, Waterloo, ON, GE Superadio 2 or Pontiac GrandAm car 
 radio as noted.  All new to log except CFYZ.
 1080 WKOK Sunbury PA Dec 5 0746 - Good with "Sad Eyes" and "Cry Just A 
            Little"; ads for Eyeland, Zunderman's Motor City, Garby's Carpet 
            (CS-ON, SR2)
 1040 WJTB N. Ridgeville OH Dec 5 0817 - Very Poor with ID behind WSKE (CS-ON,
 1280 CFYZ Toronto ON Dec 5 1108 - Very Poor with Airport info (TIS) (second
            logging of this one from Waterloo) (CS-ON, GrandAm)
 1590 WIFN Marine City MI - Dec 5 1100 - Very Poor with ID on the hour before
            News (CS-ON, GrandAm)
 1260 WMIH Cleveland OH Dec 1 1739 - Poor with ID as "WMIH, Radio for the
            Catholic Community, Radio from the Heart" (formerly WRDZ, I guess)
            (CS-ON, GrandAm)
  920  ? - Dec 4   0026    Very Poor with Colorado vs. Purdue Women's
            Basketball; Heavy interference from CKNX Wingham; could this be
            WBAA in W. Lafayette, IN? (CS-ON, SR2)
 1280 WKDS - Dec 1 1744 - Fair with ID as "1280 KDS Sports Talk"; Indiana
            University basketball feature; is this WWOK, Evansville, IN?
            (CS-ON, GrandAm) 
 1470 WBTF? - Dec 5 0924 - Very Poor with ID; Religious or Country Music
            (CS-ON, GrandAm)
 The following is a list of stations on which the Rush Limbaugh radio talk show
 can be heard.  Note that the show is broadcast from 12pm to 3pm Eastern Time,
 Monday through Friday.  Any times listed that deviate from this are delayed
 broadcasts or rebroadcasted shows.  Rush may also be heard world-wide on short
 wave radio WRNO at 15.420 MHz.
 Note:  Eastern Standard Time is UTC-8 (runs November through March) and
 Eastern Daylight Time is UTC-7 (April through October).  The precise dates of
 the standard time/daylight savings time switchover vary from year to year;
 during election years, the switchover is sometimes delayed until after U.S.
 Election Day, the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.
 However, it occurs at 2 AM on Sunday of the designated weekend.
 AK      Anchorage       KENI    550     9a-12n
 AK      Fairbanks       KIAK    970     8a-11n
 AK      Juneau          KJNO    630     8a-11a
 AK      Kenai-Soldotna  KPEN-FM 101.7   8a-11a
 AK      Ketchican       KTKN    930     8a-11a
 AL      Andalusia       WKYD    920     11a-2p
 AL      Anniston        WDNG    1450    11a-2p
 AL      Athens          WVNN    770     11a-2p
 AL      Birmingham      WERC    960     11a-2p
 AL      Carrollton      WRAG    590     11a-1p
 AL      Cullman         WKUL-FM 92.1    1p-4p
 AL      Dadeville       WDLK    1450    11a-2p
 AL      Demopolis       WXAL    1400    11a-2p
 AL      Dothan          WWNT    1450    11a-2p
 AL      Gadsden         WGAD    1350    11a-2p
 AL      Greenville      WGYV    1380    11a-2p
 AL      Guntersville    WGSV    1270    11a-2p
 AL      Jasper          WARF    1240    11a-2p
 AL      Mobile          WKRG    710     11a-2p
 AL      Monroeville     WYNI    930     11a-2p
 AL      Montgomery      WACV    1170    11a-2p
 AL      Opelika         WJHO    1400    11a-1p 4-5p
 AL      Selma           WHBB    1490    12n-2p
 AL      Thomasville     WJDB    630     11a-2p
 AL      Troy            WTBF    970     1p-4p
 AL      Tuscaloosa      WTNW    1230    11a-2p
 AL      Tuscumbia       WVNA    1590    11a-2p
 AR      Dardanelle      KCAB    980     11a-2p
 AR      ElDorado        KELD    1400    11a-2p
 AR      Fayetteville    KFAY    1030    11a-12n 1-3p
 AR      Ft. Smith       KWHN    1320    11a-2p
 AR      Harrison        KHOZ    900     11a-2p
 AR      Hot Springs     KZNG    1340    11a-2p
 AR      Jonesboro       KBTM    1230    11a-2p
 AR      Little Rock     KARN    920     12n-3p
 AR      Mountain Home   KTLO    1240    11a-2p
 AZ      Flagstaff       KAFF    930     9a-12n
 AZ      Globe           KJAA    1240    9a-12n
 AZ      Kingman         KAAA    1230    10a-1p
 AZ      Parker          KLPZ    1300    10a-1p
 AZ      Phoenix         KFYI    910     12n-3p
 AZ      Prescott        KYCA    1490    10a-1p
 AZ      Safford         KATO    1230    10a-1p
 AZ      Sierra Vista    KMFI    1470    10a-1p
 AZ      Tucson          KNST    790     10a-12n;12:30-1:30p
 AZ      Yuma            KEZC    1400    9a-12n
 CA      Alturas         KCNO    570     9a-12n
 CA      Bakersfield     KERN    1410    9a-12n
 CA      Barstow         KSZL    1230    9a-12n
 CA      Bishop          KBOV    1230    9a-12n
 CA      Chico           KPAY    1060    9a-12n
 CA      Crescent City   KPOD    1240    9a-12n
 CA      El Centro       KAMP    1430    9a-12n
 CA      Eureka          KINS     980    9a-12n
 CA      Fresno          KMJ      580    9a-12n
 CA      Grass Valley    KNCO     830    9a-12n
 CA      Los Angeles     KFI      640    9a-12n;Sat 9a-12n
 CA      Mendocino       KPMO    1300    9a-12n
 CA      Merced          KYOS    1480    9a-12n
 CA      Modesto         KFIV    1360    9a-12n
 CA      Mojave          KVOY    1340    9a-12n
 CA      Mt. Shasta      KWSD     620    9a-12n
 CA      Palm Springs    KPSI    1450    9a-12n
 CA      Paso Robles     KPRL    1230    9a-12n
 CA      Quincy          KPCO    1370    9a-12n
 CA      Redding         KQMS    1400    9a-12n
 CA      Ridgecrest      KLOA    1240    9a-12n
 CA      Sacramento      KFBK    1530    9a-12n, 2300-0200
 CA      San Diego       KSDO    1130    9a-12n
 CA      San Francisco   KNBR    680     9a-12n, 0100-0400
 CA      San Luis Obispo KGLW    1440    9a-12n
 CA      Santa Barbara   KTMS    1250    9a-12n
 CA      Santa Cruz      KSCO    1080    9a-12n
 CA      Santa Maria     KUHL    1440    9a-12n
 CA      South Lake Tahoe KTHO   1490    9a-12n
 CA      Stockton        KJAX    1280    9a-12n
 CA      Twenty Nine Palms KDHI  1250    9a-12n
 CA      Ukiah           KUKI    1400    9a-12n
 CA      Vista           KCEO    1000    12n-3p
 CO      Brush           KSIR    1010    10a-12n; 1:15p-2:15p
 CO      Colorado Springs KVOR   1300    10a-12n 1-2p
 CO      Denver          KOA     850     12p-3p
 CO      Durango         KIUP    930     1p-4p
 CO      Ft. Collins     KCOL    1410    10a-1p
 CO      Grand Junction  KNZZ    1100    10a-12n;1-2p
 CO      Greeley         KFKA    1310    1-4p
 CO      Lamar           KLMR    920     1-4p
 CO      Pueblo          KCSJ    590     11a-12n;1-3p
 CO      Trinidad        KCRT    92.7    10a-1p
 CT      Groton          WSUB    980     12n-3p
 CT      Hartford        WTIC    1080    12n-3p
 DC      Washington      WMAL    630     12n-3p;Sat 4-7p;Sun 5-7p
 DE      Dover           WKEN    1600    12n-3p
 DE      Milford         WYUS    930     12n-3p
 DE      Wilmington      WILM    1450    1-4p
 FL      Bradenton       WBRD    1420    1-4p
 FL      Daytona Beach   WNDB    1150    12n-3p
 FL      Ft. Myers       WINK    1240    12n-3p
 FL      Ft. Walton Beach WFTW   1260    11a-2p
 FL      Jacksonville    WOKV    600     12n-3p
 FL      Lake City       WGRO    960     12n-3p
 FL      Lakeland        WLKF    1430    12n-3p
 FL      Marathon        WFFG    1300    12n-3p
 FL      Melbourne       WTAI    1560    12n-3p
 FL      Miami           WQAM    560     1p-4p
 FL      Naples          WNOG    1270    12n-3p
 FL      Naples          WNOG-FM 93.5    12n-3p
 FL      Ocala           WOCA    1370    12n-3p
 FL      Orlando         WDBO    580     1-4p
 FL      Palatka         WIYD    1260    12:30-3p
 FL      Panama City     WLTG    1430    11a-2p
 FL      Pensacola       WCOA    1370    11a-12n;1-3p
 FL      Port St. Lucie  WPSL    1590    12n-3p
 FL      Punta Gorda     WCCF    1580    12n-3p
 FL      Sebring         WWTK    730     12n-3p
 FL      Springfield     WYCO-FM 101.3   11a-2p
 FL      St. Augustine   WFOY    1240    12n-3p
 FL      Tallahassee     WTAL    1450    12n-3p
 FL      Tampa           WFLA    970     1-4p
 FL      Thomasville     WSTT    730     12n-3p
 FL      Venice          WAMR    1320    12n-3p
 FL      Vero Beach      WTTB    1490    12n-3p
 FL      West Palm Beach WBZT    1290    12n-3p
 GA      Albany          WALG    1590    12n-3p
 GA      Americus        WISK    1390    12n-3p
 GA      Athens          WGAU    1340    12n-3p
 GA      Atlanta         WGST     640    12n-3p; Sat 1-4p, Sun 12-4p, 10p-2a
 GA      Augusta         WGAC     580    12n-3p
 GA      Bainbridge      WMGR    930     12n-3p
 GA      Brunswick       WGIG    1440    12n-3p
 GA      Columbus        WRCG    1420    12:30n-3p
 GA      Cuthbert        WCUG    850     12n-3p
 GA      Dalton          WLSQ    1430    12n-3p
 GA      Dublin          WMLT    1330    1-4p
 GA      Gainesville     WDUN    550     1p-4p
 GA      Jessup          WLOP    1370    12n-3p
 GA      La Grange       WTRP    620     12n-3p
 GA      Macon           WMAZ    940     12n-3p
 GA      Manchester      WFDR    1370    12n-3p
 GA      Milledgeville   WKGQ    1060    12n-3p
 GA      Rome            WLAQ    1410    12n-3p
 GA      Savannah        WBMQ    630     12n-3p
 GA      Tifton          WTIF    1340    1-4p
 GA      Tifton          WTIF-FM 107.5   1p-4p
 GA      Valdosta        WVLD    1450    12n-3p
 GA      Waycross        WACL    570     12n-3p
 GM      Agana           KGUM    570     12n-3p, Tue-Sat (tape delay)
 HI      Hilo            KHLO    850     7a-10a
 HI      Honolulu        KHVH    830     8a-11a
 IA      Burlington      KCPS    1150    11a-2p
 IA      Cedar Rapids    WMT     600     1-4p
 IA      Davenport       WOC     1420    11a-2p
 IA      Des Moines      WHO     1040    1-4p
 IA      Dubuque         WDBQ    1490    11a-12n;12:30-2:30p
 IA      Estherville     KILR    1070    1-4p
 IA      Keokuk          KOKX    1310    11a-2p
 IA      Mason City      KGLO    1300    1-4p
 IA      Ottumwa         KLEE    1480    12n-3p
 IA      Sheldon         KIWA-AM 1550    1-4p
 IA      Sheldon         KIWA-FM 105.5   1-4p
 IA      Sioux City      KSCJ    1360    10a-1p
 IA      Waterloo        KXEL    1540    1-4p
 IA      Waukon          KNEI    1140    1p-4p
 ID      Boise           KIDO    630     10a-1p
 ID      Bonners Ferry   KBFI    1450    9a-12n
 ID      Idaho Falls     KID     590     10a-1p
 ID      Jerome          KART    1400    10a-1p
 ID      Mountain Home   KLVJ    1240    10a-1p
 ID      Pocatello       KSEI    930     10a-1p
 ID      Preston         KACH    1340    10a-1p
 ID      Rupert          KBBK    970     10a-1p
 IL      Chicago         WLS-AM  890     11a-2p
 IL      Chicago         WLS-FM  94.7    11a-2p
 IL      Danville        WDAN    1490    11a-2p
 IL      Decatur         WSOY    1340    1-4p
 IL      Fairfield       WFIW    1390    1-4p
 IL      Freeport        WFRL    1570    11a-2p
 IL      Galesburg       WGIL    1400    2-5p
 IL      Herrin          WJPF    1340    11a-2p
 IL      Mt. Vernon      WMIX    940     1p-4p
 IL      Peoria          WTAZ-FM 102.3   11a-2p;12-3a; 6-9a Sat
 IL      Princeton       WZOE    1490    1-4p
 IL      Rantoul         WUFI    1460    11a-2p
 IL      Rockford        WKKN    1150    11a-2p
 IL      Springfield     WTAX    1240    1-4p
 IL      Sterling        WSDR    1240    2p-5p
 IN      Anderson        WHBU    1240    11a-2p
 IN      Bloomington     WGCL    1370    12n-3p
 IN      Centerville     WHON    930     12n-3p
 IN      Columbus        WCSI    1010    12n-3p
 IN      Evansville      WGAB    1180    11a-2p
 IN      Fort Wayne      WGL     1250    11a-1p;5-6p
 IN      Fort Wayne      WGL-FM  94.2    11a-2p
 IN      Indianapolis    WIBC    1070    12n-3p
 IN      Jasper          WITZ    990     12n-3p
 IN      Kokomo          WIOU    1350    11a-2p
 IN      Lafayette       WASK    1450    12n-3p
 IN      Logansport      WSAL    1230    1-4p
 IN      Marion          WGOM    860     12n-3p
 IN      South Bend      WSBT    960     11n-2p
 IN      Terre Haute     WBOW    1230    12n-3p
 IN      Vincennes       WAOV    1450    11a-2p
 KS      Chanute         KKOY    1460    11a-2p
 KS      Concordia       KNCK    1390    11a-12n; 1p-3p
 KS      Garden City     KBUF    1030    11a-12n; 1p-3p
 KS      Goodland        KLOE    730     1p-4p
 KS      Great Bend      KVGB    1590    11a-2p
 KS      Hutchinson      KWBW    1450    11a-12n;1-3p
 KS      Liberal         KSCB-FM 107.5   11a-12n;1-3p
 KS      Manhattan       KMAN    1350    11a-2p
 KS      Topeka          KMAJ    1440    11a-2p
 KS      Wichita         KNSS    1240    11a-2p
 KY      Bowling Green   WMJM-FM 96.7    11a-2p
 KY      Campbellsville  WTCO    1450    12n-3p
 KY      Corbin          WKDP    1330    12n-3p
 KY      Hopkinsville    WHOP    1230    12n-3p
 KY      Lexington       WLXG    1300    12n-3p
 KY      Louisville      WHAS    840     12n-3p
 KY      Madisonville    WTTL    1310    11a-2p
 KY      Owenboro        WOMI    1490    11a-2p
 KY      Paducah         WKYX    570     2-5p
 KY      Prestonburg     WDOC    1310    12n-3p
 KY      Russellville    WRUS    610     1p-4p
 KY      Somerset        WSFC    1240    1p-4p
 LA      Alexandria      KSYL    970     11a-2p
 LA      Baton Rouge     WJBO    1150    11a-2p
 LA      Erath           KPEL-FM 107.7   11a-2p
 LA      Lafayette       KPEL    1420    11a-2p
 LA      Lake Charles    KAOK    1400    11a-2p
 LA      Monroe          KMLB    1440    11a-2p
 LA      Natchitoches    KNOC    1450    11a-2p
 LA      New Orleans     WWL     870     1-4p
 LA      Shreveport      KEEL    710     11a-2p
 LA      Vidalia         KVLA    1400    11a-2p
 MA      Boston          WRKO    680     12n-3p;0000-0300
 MA      Springfield     WHYN    560     12n-3p
 MA      West Yarmouth   WXTK-FM 94.9    12n-3p
 MA      Worcester       WTAG    580     12n-3p
 MD      Aberdeen        WAMD    970     12n-3p
 MD      Baltimore       WBAL    1090    1p-4p
 MD      Chestertown     WCTR    1530    12n-3p
 MD      Frederick       WFMD    930     12n-3p
 MD      Frostburg       WFRB    560     12n-3p
 MD      Hagerstown      WHAG    1410    12n-3p
 MD      Salisbury       WICO    1320    12n-3p
 ME      Bangor          WZON    620     12n-3p
 ME      Biddeford       WIDE    1400    12:30-3p
 ME      Gardiner        WABK    1280    12n-3p
 ME      Portland        WGAN    560     12n-3p
 ME      South Paris     WKTQ    1450    12n-3p
 MI      Adrian          WABJ    1490    1p-4p
 MI      Alpena          WATZ    1450    12n-3p
 MI      Battle Creek    WBCK    930     12n-3p
 MI      Benton Harbor   WSJM    1400    12n-3p
 MI      Cheboygan       WCBY    1240    3p-6p
 MI      Detroit         WXYT    1270    12n-3p;5-6a"Best" 4-7A Sat
 MI      Escanaba        WCHT    600     12n-3p
 MI      Grand Rapids    WOOD    1300    12n-3p
 MI      Greenville      WPLB    1380    12n-3p
 MI      Hancock         WZRK-FM 93.5    12n-3p;9a-12a Sat&Sun
 MI      Ironwood        WJMS    590     11a-2p
 MI      Kalamazoo       WKMI    1360    12n-3p
 MI      Lansing         WJIM    1240    12n-3p
 MI      Manistique      WTIQ    1490    12n-3p
 MI      Marquette       WDMJ    1320    1p-4p
 MI      Menominee       WAGN    1340    1p-4p
 MI      Mt. Pleasant    WCEN    1150    12n-3p
 MI      Muskegon        WKBZ    850     12:30n-3p
 MI      Saginaw         WSGW    790     3-6p
 MI      Sault Ste Marie WKNW    1400    12n-3p
 MI      Tawas City      WIOS    1480    12n-3p
 MI      Traverse City   WTCM    580     12n-3p
 MN      Alexandria      KXRA    1490    2p-5p
 MN      Austin          KQAQ    970     11a-2p
 MN      Bemidji         KKBJ    1360    11a-2p
 MN      Brainerd        WJJY    1270    11a-2p
 MN      Duluth          WEBC    560     11a-2p
 MN      E. Grand Forks  KCNN    1590    11a-2p
 MN      Mankato         KYSM    1230    11a-2p
 MN      Mpls./St. Paul  KSTP    1500    11n-2p;2a-5a;12n-3p  Sat; 2a-5a Sat &
 MN      Morris          KMRS    1230    1-4p
 MN      Rochester       KROC    1340    2-5p
 MN      St. Cloud       KNSI    1450    11a-2p
 MN      Tracy           KARL-FM 105.1   11a-2p
 MN      Winona          KWNO    1230    11n-12n;2p-4p
 MO      Worthington     KWOA    730     1p-4p
 MO      Cape Girardeau  KZIM    960     11a-1p;2-3p
 MO      Columbia        KFRU    1400    11a-2p
 MO      Farmington      KREI    800     11a-2p
 MO      Hannibal        KHMO    1070    11a-2p
 MO      Jefferson City  KWOS    1240    11a-2p
 MO      Joplin          KQYX    1560    11a-2p
 MO      Kansas City     KMBZ    980     11a-2p
 MO      Kennett         KNNT    1540    11a-2p
 MO      Moberly         KWIX    1230    11a-2p
 MO      Osage Beach     KRMS    1150    11a-2p
 MO      Poplar Bluff    KWOC    930     11a-2p
 MO      Sedalia         KSIS    1050    11a-2p
 MO      Springfield     KWTO    560     11a-2p
 MO      St. Joseph      KFEQ     680    2-5p
 MO      St. Louis       KMOX    1120    11a-2p
 MO      Waynesville     KJPW    1390    11a-2p
 MS      Biloxi          WVMI     570    11a-2p
 MS      Brookhaven      WCHJ    1470    11a-2p
 MS      Clarksdale      WROX    1450    11a-2p
 MS      Columbia        WCJU    1450    11a-2p
 MS      Greenville      WGVM    1260    11a-2p
 MS      Greenwood       WABG     960    11a-2p
 MS      Hattiesburg     WQIS     890    11a-2p
 MS      Jackson         WJNT    1180    11a-2p
 MS      Kosciusko       WKOZ    1340    11a-2p
 MS      McComb          WHNY    1250    11a-2p
 MS      Meridian        WMOX    1010    11a-2p
 MS      Oxford          WSUH    1420    11a-2p
 MS      Starkville      WKOR     980    11a-2p
 MS      Tupelo          WELO     580    11a-2p
 MS      Vicksburg       WQBC    1420    11a-2p
 MT      Billings        KBLG     910    10a-12n;1-2p
 MT      Bozeman         KMMS    1450    10a-12n;1-2p
 MT      Great Falls     KMSL    1450    10a-1p
 MT      Helena          KBLL    1240    10a-12n;12:30-1:30p
 MT      Libby           KTNY-FM 101.7   10a-1p
 MT      Missoula        KGVO    1290    10a-1p
 MT      Whitefish       KJJR    880     10a-12n;1-2p
 NC      Albemarle       WZKY    1580    12n-3p
 NC      Ashville        WSKY    1230    12n-3p
 NC      Atlantic        WTKF-FM 107.3   12n-3p
 NC      Brevard         WPNF    1240    12n-3p
 NC      Charlotte       WBT     1110    12n-3p
 NC      Edenton         WZBO    1260    12n-3p
 NC      Fayetteville    WFNC    640     12n-3p
 NC      Goldsboro       WGBR    1150    12n-3p
 NC      Hendersonville  WHKP    1450    12n-3p
 NC      Hickory         WHKY    1290    12n-3p
 NC      Jacksonville    WJNC    1240    12n-3p
 NC      Laurinburg      WEWO    1460    12n-3p
 NC      Raleigh-Durham  WPTF    680     12n-3p
 NC      Rutherfordton   WCAB    590     12n-3p
 NC      Shelby          WADA    1390    12n-3p
 NC      Statesville     WSIC    1400    12n-3p
 NC      Tarboro         WCPS    720     12n-3p
 NC      Washington      WRRF    930     1-4p
 NC      Whiteville      WTXY    1540    12n-3p
 NC      Wilmington      WAAV    980     12n-3p
 NC      Winston-Salem   WSJS    600     12n-3p
 ND      Bismarck        KLXX    1270    11a-2p
 ND      Dickinson       KLTC    1460    10a-12n; 1p-2p
 ND      Fargo           WDAY    970     11a-2p
 ND      Minot           KRRZ    1390    11a-2p
 ND      Tioga           KTGO    1090    11a-2p
 ND      Wishek          KDRQ    1330    11a-2p
 NE      Columbus        KTTT    1510    11a-2p
 NE      Kearney         KGFW    1340    11a-2p
 NE      Lincoln         KLIN    1400    11a-2p
 NE      North Platte    KODY    1240    11a-2p
 NE      Omaha           KKAR    1180    11a-2p
 NE      Scottsbluff     KOLT    1320    10a-1p
 NE      York            KAWL    1370    3p-6p
 NH      Dover           WTSN    1270    12:30-3p
 NH      Keene           WKBK    1220    12n-3p
 NH      Laconia         WEMJ    1490    12n-3p
 NH      Lebanon         WNBX-FM 100.5   12n-3p
 NH      Littleton       WLTN    1400    12n-3p
 NH      Manchester      WGIR    610     12n-3p
 NH      New London      WNTK-FM 99.7    12n-3p
 NH      Newport         WNTK    1020    12n-3p
 NJ      Hammonton       WONZ    1580    12:30-3p
 NJ      Pleasantville   WOND    1400    12:30-3p
 NJ      Sewell          WVSJ    1360    12n-3p
 NM      Alamogordo      KPSA    1230    10a-1p
 NM      Albuquerque     KKOB    770     10a-12n;12:30-1:30p
 NM      Artesia         KSVP    990     10a-1p
 NM      Farmington      KENN    1390    10a-12n; 1p-2p
 NM      Gallup          KGAK    1330    10a-1p
 NM      Hobbs           KYKK    1110    10a-1p
 NM      Las Cruces      KOBE    1450    10a-1p
 NM      Portales        KSEL    1450    10a-1p
 NM      Roswell         KRSY    1230    10a-1p
 NV      Elko            KLKO-FM 93.5    9a-12n
 NV      Las Vegas       KDWN    720     9a-12n
 NV      Reno            KOH     630     9a-12n
 NV      Reno            KTHX-FM 101.7   9a-12n
 NY      Binghamton      WNBF    1290    12n-3p;Sat 5-7p
 NY      Buffalo         WBEN    930     1-4p
 NY      Corning         WCLI    1450    12n-3p
 NY      Ellenville      WELV    1370    12n-3p
 NY      Hornell         WHHO    1320    12n-3p
 NY      Ithaca          WTKO    1470    12n-3p
 NY      Lake Placid     WIRD    920     12n-3p
 NY      New York        WABC    770     12n-3p
 NY      Norwich         WCHN    970     12n-3p
 NY      Olean           WMNS    1360    12n-3p
 NY      Oneonta         WDOS    730     12n-3p
 NY      Rochester       WHAM    1180    2-5p
 NY      Schenectady     WGY     810     12n-3p
 NY      Syracuse        WSYR    570     1-4p
 NY      Utica           WIBX    950     12n-3p
 NY      Watertown       WATN    1240    1-4p
 OH      Akron           WAKR    1590    12n-3p
 OH      Ashtabula       WFUN    970     12n-3p
 OH      Chillicothe     WBEX    1490    12n-3p
 OH      Cincinnati      WCKY    550     12n-3p 2a-5a
 OH      Cleveland       WWWE    1100    12n-3p; 11p-2a
 OH      Columbus        WTVN    610     12n-3p
 OH      Dayton          WHIO    1290    12n-3p
 OH      Defiance        WONW    1280    12n-3p
 OH      Findlay         WFIN    1330    12n-3p
 OH      Gallipolis      WJEH    990     12n-3p
 OH      Lima            WCIT    940     12n-3p
 OH      Mansfield       WMAN    1400    1-4p
 OH      Marion          WMRN    1490    1-4p
 OH      Newark          WCLT    1430    12n-3p
 OH      Parkersburg, WV WLTP    1450    12n-3p
 OH      Portsmouth      WNXT-FM 99.3    12n-3p
 OH      Sidney          WMVR    1080    12n-3p
 OH      Steubenville    WSTV    1340    12n-3p
 OH      Toledo          WSPD    1370    12n-3p
 OH      Whelling        WOMP    1290    12n-3p
 OH      Wooster         WKVX    960     12n-3p
 OH      Youngstown      WKBN    570     12n-3p
 OK      Alva            KALV    1430    2p-5p
 OK      Ardmore         KKAJ    1240    11a-2p
 OK      Bartlesville    KWON    1400    11a-2p
 OK      Blackwell       KOKB    1580    11a-2p
 OK      Enid            KGWA    960     11a-2p
 OK      Lawton          KKRX    1050    11a-2p
 OK      McAlester       KTMC    1400    11a-2p
 OK      Muskogee        KBIX    1490    11a-2p
 OK      Oklahoma City   KTOK    1000    1-4p
 OK      Tulsa           KRMG    740     1-4p
 OK      Woodward        KMZE-   92.1    11a-2p
 OR      Astoria         KAST    1370    9a-12n
 OR      Baker City      KBKA    1490    9a-12n
 OR      Bend            KBND    1110    9a-12n
 OR      Coquille        KWRO    630     9a-11a;12n-1p
 OR      Enterprise      KWVR    1340    9a-12n
 OR      Eugene          KPNW    1120    9a-12n
 OR      Grants Pass     KLDR-FM 98.3    9a-12n
 OR      Hillsboro       KUIK    1360    4-7p
 OR      Klamath Falls   KAGO    1150    9a-12n
 OR      LA Grande       KLBM    1450    9a-12n
 OR      Medford         KCMX    580     9a-12n
 OR      Ontario         KSRV    1380    10a-1p
 OR      Pendleton       KTIX    1240    9a-12n
 OR      Portland        KXL     750     9a-12n
 OR      Roseburg        KQEN    1240    9a-12n
 OR      Salem           KYKN    1430    9a-12n
 OR      Toledo          KZUS    1230    9a-12n
 PA      Allentown       WAEB    790     12n-3p
 PA      Altoona         WRTA    1240    12n-3p
 PA      Clearfield      WCPA    900     12n-3p
 PA      Columbia        WNZT    1580    12n-2p;5-6p
 PA      Erie            WLKK    1400    12n-3p
 PA      Harrisburg      WHP     580     12n-3p
 PA      Indiana         WDAD    1450    12n-3p
 PA      Johnstown       WNTJ    1490    12n-3p
 PA      Lewistown       WIEZ    670     12n-3p
 PA      Meadville       WMGW    1490    12n-3p
 PA      Milton          WMLP    1380    12n-3p
 PA      Oil City        WOYL    1340    1p-4p
 PA      Philadelphia    WWDB-FM 96.5    12n-3p
 PA      Pittsburgh      KDKA    1020    12n-3p, Sat 1-4p
 PA      Pottsville      WPPA    1360    12n-3p
 PA      Punxsutawney    WECZ    1540    12n-3p
 PA      Reading         WEEU    850     12n-3p
 PA      State College   WMAJ    1450    12n-3p
 PA      Wilkes-Barre    WILK    980     12n-3p
 PA      Williamsport    WRAK-AM 1400    12n-3p
 PA      Williamsport    WRAK-FM 107.9   12n-3p
 PA      York            WSBA    910     12n-3p
 RI      Providence      WPRO    630     12n-3p
 SC      Anderson        WAIM    1230    12n-3p
 SC      Barnwell        WBAW-AM 740     12n-3p
 SC      Barnwell        WBAW-FM 101.7   12n-3p
 SC      Charleston      WTMA    1250    12n-3p
 SC      Columbia        WVOC    560     12n-3p
 SC      Florence        WJMX    970     12n-3p
 SC      Gaffney         WEAC    1500    12n-3p
 SC      Greenville      WFBC    1330    12n-3p
 SC      Myrtle Beach    WRNN-FM 94.5    12n-3p
 SC      Orangeburg      WJZS    1150    12n-3p
 SC      Spartanburg     WORD    910     12n-3p
 SC      Sumter          WSSC    1340    12n-3p
 SD      Aberdeen        KKAA    1560    1p-4p
 SD      Brookings       KJJQ    910     1p-4p
 SD      Milbank         KMSD    1510    1p-4p
 SD      Pierre          KGFX    1060    1p-4p
 SD      Rapid City      KOTA    1380    10a-12n;12:30-1:30p
 SD      Sioux Falls     KWSN    1230    1-4p
 TN      Athens          WYXI    1390    12n-3p
 TN      Chattanooga     WGOW    1150    12n-3p
 TN      Clarksville     WCTZ    1550    11a-2p
 TN      Columbia        WKRM    1340    11a-2p
 TN      Cookeville      WPTN    780     11a-2p
 TN      Crossville      WAEW    1330    1p-4p
 TN      Dyersburg       WTRO    1450    2p-5p
 TN      Jackson         WTJS    1390    1-4p
 TN      Johnson City    WJCW    910     12n-3p
 TN      Kingsport       WKIN    1320    12n-3p
 TN      Knoxville       WIVK    990     12n-3p
 TN      Martin          WCMT    1410    11a-2p
 TN      Memphis         WMC     790     11a-2p;12m-3a
 TN      Nashville       WLAC    1510    12n-3p
 TN      Shelbyville     WHAL    1400    11a-2p
 TN      Waynesboro      WTNR-FM 94.1    11a-2p
 TX      Abilene         KNTS    1470    11a-2p
 TX      Amarillo        KGNC    710     11a-12n;3p-5p
 TX      Austin          KLBJ    590     11a-2p, Sat 1-4p, Sun 2-5p
 TX      Beaumont        KLVI    560     11a-2p
 TX      Big Spring      KBST    1490    1p-4p
 TX      Brenham         KWHI    1280    1p-4p
 TX      Burnet          KHLB    1340    11a-2p
 TX      College Station WTAW    1150    11a-2p
 TX      Corpus Christi  KEYS    1440    11a-2p
 TX      Dallas          WBAP    820     1p-4p
 TX      Del Rio         KTDR-FM 96.3    11a-2p
 TX      Denison         KDSX    950     11a-2p
 TX      Edinburg        KURV    710     11a-2p
 TX      El Paso         KTSM    1380    10a-1p
 TX      Greenville      KGVL    1400    11a-12n;12:30-2p
 TX      Houston         KPRC    950     11a-2p; Sat 5-6a;1-4p; Sun 1-4p
 TX      Houston         KSEV    700     3p-6p;5-6a; Sat 3-6p; Sun 3-6p
 TX      Huntsville      KYLR    1400    11a-2p
 TX      Longview        KEES    1430    11a-2p
 TX      Lubbock         KKCL-FM 98.1    11a-2p
 TX      Marshall        KCUL    1410    11a-2p
 TX      Midland         KMND    1510    11a-2p
 TX      Nacogdoches     KEEE    1230    11a-2p
 TX      Plainview       KKYN    1090    2p-5p
 TX      San Angelo      KXQZ    1260    11a-2p
 TX      San Antonio     KTSA    550     11a-2p
 TX      Temple          KTEM    1400    11a-2p
 TX      Texarkana       KTWN    940     11a-2p
 TX      Tyler           KYZS    1490    11a-2p
 TX      Waco            KRZI    1580    11a-2p
 TX      Wichita Falls   KLLF    1290    11a-2p
 UT      Blanding        KUTA    790     10a-12n;1-2p
 UT      Cedar City      KSUB    590     10a-1p
 UT      Delta           KNAK    540     10a-1p
 UT      St. George      KDXU    890     10a-1p
 UT      Salt Lake City  KALL    910     10a-1p
 UT      Vernal          KVEL    920     10a-12n;1p-2p
 VI      St. Croix       WVIS-FM 106.1   1p-4p
 VA      Blacksburg      WFNR    710     12n-3p
 VA      Charlottesville WINA    1070    12n-3p
 VA      Danville        WBTM    1330    12n-3p
 VA      Fredericksburg  WFVA    1230    1p-4p
 VA      Harrisonburg    WSVA    550     1p-4p
 VA      Lebanon         WLRV    1380    1-4p
 VA      Lexington       WREL    1450    12n-3p
 VA      Lynchburg       WLVA    590     12n-3p
 VA      Martinsville    WHEE    1370    12n-3p
 VA      Norfolk         WNIS    850     12n-3p
 VA      Norton          WNVA    1350    12n-3p
 VA      Onley           WESR    1330    12n-3p
 VA      Richmond        WRVA    1140    12n-3p
 VA      Roanoke         WFIR    960     12n-3p
 VA      Tappahannock    WRAR    1000    12n-3p
 VA      Winchester      WINC    1400    12n-3p
 VA      Wytheville      WYVE    1280    12n-3p
 VT      Barre           WSNO    1450    12n-3p
 VT      Brattleboro     WKVT    1490    12n-3p
 VT      Burlingon       WKDR    1390    12n-3p
 VT      Middlebury      WFAD    1490    12n-3p
 VT      Rutland         WSYB    1380    12n-3p
 WA      Aberdeen        KAYO    1450    9a-12n
 WA      Bellingham      KGMI    790     9a-12n
 WA      Centralia       KELA    1470    9a-12n
 WA      Kennewick       KTCR    1340    9a-12n
 WA      Moses Lake      KBSN    1470    2-5p
 WA      Port Angeles    KONP    1450    9a-12p
 WA      Pullman         KQQQ    1150    9a-12n
 WA      Seattle         KVI     570     9a-12n
 WA      Spokane         KJRB    790     9a-12n
 WA      Walla-Walla     KTEL    1490    9a-12n
 WA      Wenatachee      KPQ     560     9a-12n
 WA      Yakima          KIT     1280    1-4p
 WI      Black River Falls WWIS  1260    11a-2p
 WI      Eau Claire      WAYY    1150    11a-12n;1-3p
 WI      Green Bay       WNFL    1440    11a-2p
 WI      LaCrosse        WIZM    1410    11a-2p
 WI      Lake Geneva     WMIR    1550    11a-12n;1p-3p
 WI      Madison         WTDY    1480    11a-2p
 WI      Mauston         WRJC    1270    11a-2p
 WI      Milwaukee       WISN    1130    12n-3p
 WI      Oshkosh         WOSH    1490    11a-2p
 WI      Shell Lake      WGMO-FM 95.3    1p-4p
 WI      Stevens Point   WSPO    1010    11a-2p
 WI      Wausau          WXCO    1230    11a-2p
 WV      Beckley         WWNR    620     12n-3p
 WV      Bluefield       WHIS    1440    12n-3p
 WV      Charleston      WCHS    580     12n-3p
 WV      Clarksburg      WHAR    1340    12n-3p
 WV      Huntington      WTKZ    930     12n-3p
 WV      Lewisburg       WRON    1400    12n-3p
 WV      Logan           WVOW    1290    12n-3p
 WV      Morgantown      WAJR    1440    12n-3p
 WV      Parkersburg     WLTP    1450    12n-3p
 WY      Casper          KVCC    1230    10a-12n;1p-2p
 WY      Cheyenne        KFBC    1240    10a-12n;1-2p
 WY      Laramie         KOWB    1290    1p-4p
 WY      Thermopolis     KTHE    1240    10a-12n;1p-2p
 Bill Hale - National Radio Club - DDXD-W Editor, DX News
 If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them to
 the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxxxxxxx and the IRCA
 Almanac coordinator:  Rich Toebe, 2550 Hilborn Rd  #34, Fairfield CA
 IRCA's MEXICAN LOG coordinator is Chris Knight.  If you note any changes in
 Mexican radio, please drop him a note at:  cgknight@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 END of December 7 1995 "AM DX NewsFlash"   phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx

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