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I know that this is'nt HARD-CORE Radio but it is an indicator
of things to come...  colin
Whether Radio Canada International will continue to exist will be decided in
the next few hours. The decision can only be finalized by the Canadian Prime
Minister and the fedeal cabinet, and comes, ironically enough, as RCI
celebrates its 50th anniversary of service.

The collation to Restore Full RCI Funding, with the support of  the Canadian
International DX Club and the unions representing RCI employees today called
on the government to stop any attempt to shut the service down, and to
assure a separate, protected annual budget to guarantee the service's existence.

This urgent appeal to the government comes days after the CBC Board of
Directors decided to shut the international service down, and CBC human
resources was poised to send termination letters to all RCI employees.
Although halted temporarily, it appears the termination letters will in fact
be sent this week, and the service closed down, unless the government steps in.

Around the world 126 countries broadcast internationally, yet Canada with
this decision would turn its back on the world and become the only G7 member
not to have an international radio service.

For this reason, and for the standing and economic benefit of Canada, the
colation calls on the Prime Minister and the federal cabinet to assure an
annual budget of at least 16 millions dollars, guaranteed and protected from
sudden cuts.

Please contact Coalition spokespersons:

Wojtek Gwiazda (514) 597-7350 or (514) 844-2262
Daniel Black (514) 595-7577 or (514) 495-9030

or by E-mail at rci@xxxxxxx

You can also send E-mail supporting RCI at the following persons:

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien at: 
Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Andre Ouellet at: remote-printer.Andre_Ouellet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

This communique is supported by:

Coalition to Restore Full RCI Funding
Canadian International DX Club
Canadian Union of Public Employees local 675
Communications Union of Radio Canada 
Technicians' Union of French Network (Radio Canada)

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