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Re: MW

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>MW conditions are improving again. This morning, 13 december
>I heard US MW stations till 08.45 UTC !! ( 09.45 local time here in the
>Netherlands); stations heard were
>1130 WBBR NY- 1520 WWKB Buffalo,NY-  1500 WTOP Washington and
>1510 WNRB Boston,MA.
>Yesterday I heard a US station on 1470 identifying like WWOB ( or something
>like that) At 02.00 UTC ABC news. Anybody any idea?

Here in Victoria: 1430-1520 UTC December 13

774 1450UTC Bone-cracking level JAPAN JJ-female chatter
       most likely signal to penetrate EAST..
783 1505UTC RUSSIA--Siberia  MEGAWATT RR coming and going 
             w/ deep fades.. no //'s established..
792 1455UTC UNID Big het against locals..

828 1435UTC Japan Holding own on channel w/ jj talk..
              no threat to 774 in terms of sig.strength
837 1500UTC UNID something here.. in & out ...

Lots of Pacific Thunderstorm static as gut-wrenching
low-pressure area passed through 6 hours earlier..

receiver: DX440  DX150B  2 & 4 ' Foot Home-spun loop

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