another DX log with adress question
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another DX log with adress question

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Today  I  have   made a reception of the (presume )  Radio Italia  in 
7139.00 kHz with a  continuous  discussion from 0940-1010 then small 
gaop for comericals then again into discussion . Tape recorded . 
Signal  was 12132  with  a russian staionas het QRM  in 7140  same pwr ( 
normalized pwr as ATU and  preamp  were on ) words  not well 
Question ; which i s the adress of the station ? Does it continue to 
be in POrdenone ? ( 93 WRTH?) 

Thank you in advance ! 

Zacharias Liangas
DX sejak 72
anggota World DC club 2104 

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