SATURDAY 16 December Morning report
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SATURDAY 16 December Morning report

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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

1350 - 1450 UTC

828 1400 JOBB EE-News w/ YL  over 830Khz and in clear-- "silent night" @
                                                       1415-- (great sig)

702 1355 Hets here, little else-- no audio
747 1350 JAPAN  HUGE JJ-talk i/ EE News @ 1400 competing w/ KXL Portland
                                     for dominance..
774 1410 JAPAN  Usual signal ..
783 1420 USSR   RR Yl  in & out for over 20 minutes... never established
                                                   //   fr-pr .
837 1425 UNID   hefty carrier in&out for 5 minutes.. no audio: CHINA ??

1017 Nightly after 0615 UTC  Audio almost daily.. never at great levels
                                       however:   T O N G A 

receiver : DX440 DX150B  5-tube Viking SUPERHET
             2'LOOP   4'LOOP
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