1995 Clandestine Activity Survey
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1995 Clandestine Activity Survey

Mathias Kropf										December 1995
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Press Release

1995 Clandestine Activity Survey

The global activity of political clandestine stations on shortwave has dropped by 10 % to 1591 Weekly Broadcasting Hours (WBHs) in 1995. This is the result of the latest Clandes- tine Activity Survey, an independent study that has been publ
ished annually since 1986.

The activity to Asian target areas has decreased by 11 % to 953 WBHs and the activity to African target areas has decreased by 17 % to 345 WBHs. On the American continent activity has increased by 3 % to 261 WBHs. Also, activity to Oceania 
is listed with 32 WBHs. 

The number of active target areas has decreased from 24 to 23 countries. When compared with the previous year Vietnam, Mozambique and Egypt are no longer listed, while on the other hand Sudan (last previous activity reported in 1993) and Er
itrea (listed for the first time since its independence) have (re-)joined the list of active target areas. 

The three most active target areas are still Iraq with 291 WBHs, Cuba with 249 WBHs and Iran with 170 WBHs. 


This information may be reproduced free of charge. 

Editors: A more detailed article about the 1995 CAS may be available in January. Please contact MK if interested. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 1996 de Mathias

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