SW Notes from Bob Padula
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SW Notes from Bob Padula

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                       OZTRAIL - PART 3

For ADXN ....

Bob Padula
7 January 1996


5905 BBC-Irkutsk. WS to Asia, *2200-2300*, has been listed since
November but unheard until now 4/1 (BP)

5955 RN-Flevo. This was the latest signal to remain audible on
49mb during our evening long-path European Mode, 10 December,
with fade-out at 1015. The other late fadeout was Berne, 6165
audible until 0945, 10/12. From 10 December onwards, LP fade-out
became progressively earlier. Latest fade-out doesn't occur at
the solstice! (BP)

6090 VOA site for CC 2200-2300 is IRKUTSK, ex 5915, per E-mail
from Dan Ferguson (IBB). See my earlier report (BP)

6120 Abu Dhabi. NF, // 9770, 1830-2000+, AA svce, 6/1 (BP)

7240 Kiev. LP, 0530-0600* // 9610 Ukrainian, site unknown, 6/1

9535 Luanda. Rare LP signals,Afro tunes, PP, 0730-0745, probably
Network Two, 6/1 (BP)

9540 Tehran. TK *0430-0530* // 11790 6/1 (BP)

9560 Alma Ata. *0600 Kazakh, xed Ankara, EE 0630 (as per my
earlier report) 6/1 (BP) - Site is Kiev, 0500-0700, 0800-1500;
then uss 5940 1600-0400, both 200 kW 254 degrees, per Wolfgang
Bueschel (Germany) (BP)

9570 Bucharest. *0500 relay HS in Romanian, LP, rare, 4/1 (BP)

9575 Tehran. S. Asian svce,m *0030-0130* Urdu, 5/1 (BP)

9630 R. Aparecida. Lively Brazilian vocals, talks 0720-0730,
unheard for some time! 6/1 (BP)

9630 Tehran. AA svce 0200-0320* on NF, 4/1 (BP)

9655 HSK9-Radio Thailand. EE 1900-2000 //7295 (Udorn) 3/1 (BP)

9665 Bucharest. Multi-lingual nx,*0600-0645*, LP, //9570,
Romanian FF GG EE 6/1 (BP)

9690 RAE. Unusual signals, SS talks and tangos 2320-2330+,
nothing else audible on this channel, 3/1 (BP)

9715 BBC-Cyprus. *0545-0615* Serbian and Croatian LP 6/1 (BP)

9730 UNID.This has me mystified! Found at tune-in 0530, still
audible at 0625, with Asian style vocals, male/female, and anncts
in Asian language by man, lady. Chinese or similar, perhaps Lao,
Burmese? Unheard previously. 6/1.Doubt if Myanmar, as signal
rather late for a Midday Asian Mode. Left it at 0630, and
returned at 0700, when either the same, or different, station
audible, with CC service, to past 0830. I may be missing
something obvious here! I seem to recall some sort of Chinese
clandestine was noted on this spot some months ago. (BP)

9755 CPBS2. Good level in day mode, CC talks 0050-0100,
dominating over co-channel Canada, 6/1 (BP)

11790     Tehran. Very strong with TK *0430-0530* xed Madrid 6/1
// 9540 6/1 (BP)

15350     Tehran. AA svce 0445 on NF 6/1 (BP)

[End of Oz-Trial Part 3]

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