AM DX NewsFlash 1-11-96
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AM DX NewsFlash 1-11-96

             WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH - January 11 1996

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                A       A     M      M     N    NN     F

 CPC DX tests summary


For anyone interested, here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests from IRCA and
NRC.  If anyone has any additions or corrections, please contact me.

Please note:  Also, the QSL addresses for these stations are posted in  All times EST.

      1/13/96 Sat - 0445-0600 - 1330 - WPPI - Douglasville GA  (?)
      1/15/96 Mon - 0100-0200 -  640 - WWLS - Norman OK  (IRCA)
                  - 0230-0300 - 1090 - KBOZ - Bozeman MT  (IRCA)
      1/20/96 Sat - 0300-0330 - 1070 - WANM - Tallahassee FL  (IRCA)
      1/23/96 Tue - 0230-0300 - 1460 - KLTC - Dickinson ND  (IRCA)
      1/29/96 Mon - 0300-0400 - 1210 - KGYN - Guymon OK  (IRCA)
      2/ 3/96 Sat - 0400-0430 -  640 - KYUK - Bethel AK  (NRC)
      2/ 4/96 Sun - 0100-0115 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador
                  - 0400-0430 -  750 - KFQD - Anchorage AK  (NRC)
                  - 0400-0500 -  650 - KYAK - Anchorage AK  (NRC)
      2/ 5/95 Mon - 0300-0400 - 1480 - WABB - Mobile AL  (IRCA)
      2/10/96 Sat - 0200-0230 - 1400 - WTCY - Harrisburg PA  (IRCA)
      2/12/96 Mon - 0000-0030 - 1230 - WNNC - Newton NC  (IRCA)
                    0100-0130 -  560 - WGAI - Elizabeth City NC  (NRC)
      2/17/96 Sat - 0100-0200 - 1450 - WBSR - Pensacola FL  (IRCA)
      2/18/96 Sun - 0015-0100 -  710 - WFNR - Christianburg VA  (NRC)
                    0330-0400 -  730 - WNAK - Nanticoke PA  (NRC)
      2/19/96 Mon - 0000-0030 -  630 - WIRC - Hickory NC  (IRCA)
                  - 0100-0130 -  770 - WLWL - Rockingham NC  (NRC)
      2/24/96 Sat - 0200-0230 -  610 - KCSR - Chadron NE  (NRC)
      2/25/96 Sun - 0230-0300 -  610 - KVNU - Logan UT  (NRC)
      3/ 3/96 Sun - 0100-0115 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador
      4/ 7/96 Sun - 0015-0030 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador

Details for new tests:

WGAI-560 P.O. Box 1408, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 will conduct a DX test on 
Monday morning February 12th, between 1:00 and 1:30am EST. The test will 
include CIDs. Please send reception reports to Mr. Bob Carter. Arranged by
the National Radio Club CPC. 

WNAK-730 84 S. Prospect St., Nanticoke, PA 18634 will conduct a DX test on 
Sunday morning, February 18th, between 3:30 and 4:00am EST. The test will be
run at 1000 watts and include CIDs., Big band, vocals, and some C&W music.  
Please send reception reports to Mr. Robert W. Neilson/General Manager. 
Arranged by the National Radio Club CPC. 

Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday "may" be what you
consider Sunday night!

If you try for (or hear) any of these tests, PLEASE post a message letting
me know!  Also, for brevity's sake, I didn't post the QSL addresses; if you
need these, let me know!

Lynn Hollerman - Huntsville AL - Ircacpc@xxxxxxx




WSM-650 was off last night for antenna maintenance.  (Wed., January 3)
Unfortunately for the DXer, this was a one-shot operation - but Tom Bryant
and I noticed something else of possible ongoing interest.

Between about 0130 and 0158ELT on the 4th, we both noticed a religious
station fighting with WFAN on 660.  Tom was assuming Altamonte Springs, I
was thinking KSKY.  Both wrong.  At 0158, they IDd as KTNN Window Rock,
Arizona.  (AZ#1 for me)  Tom called the station and they told him their
night pattern was screwed up & they were operating on day facilities.  This
station on day pattern is probably the best bet for an Arizona logging on
the East Coast.  Good luck!

73 Doug - desmith@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pleasant View, Tennessee


Don't know if this would be interesting to your readers, but one of our
local AM Daytime stations, WERK 990 AM, started under new management 1 Dec
1995.  Since then, they have not changed power or antenna configuration at
dusk like they used to... so this might be a chance for some folks to log a
new one.  The call, again, is WERK, but most of the time they ID as "Hot
Country 105", the ID of their sister station on FM, 104.9.  Anyway, hope
some of the folks find this useful and can get them.  If anyone needs the
mailing address let me know by email and I'll forward it.

Rick Garrett - rgarrett@xxxxxxxxxx


Thanks to a tip from Tom Bryant, I logged KTNN-660, Window Rock, AZ last
night (January 4) from 11:45 PM to 12:15 + AM with country music, lengthy ID
in English, NBC News, and some music and announcements in Navajo.

According to Tom, KTNN has been having technical difficulties for the last
several weeks and have been operating day and night with 50,000 watts
NONDIRECTIONAL.  A great chance to log one that's normally vry tough here in
the East.

73  --  J.D. Stephens



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Geomagnetic Summary January 4 1995 through January 10 1996
 Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly

   GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
   maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
   mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
   mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

 1/ 4    86     3    1    low         quiet-unsettled     -
    5    85     6    3    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
    6    zz     z    z    zzz         zzz                 -
    7    83     2    1    very low    quiet               -
    8    79     1    1    very low    quiet               -
    9    76     1    1    very low    quiet               -
 1/10    74     2    0    very low    quiet               swa

 phil bytheway - Seattle WA:  bytheway@xxxxxxx




From: stubstad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jim Stubstad )
Rx:         Drake R-8

Antenna:    Shielded Coax Loop, 5T RG 179B/U, 3 ft/side, square,        
            Palomar loop amp

Location:   Suburban San Jose, CA, N 37, W 122

Time:       UTC

594     JAPAN   JOAK Tokyo, 24 Dec, ~1200  Annc in JJ, male and female  
                voices (news/commentary?), copy only possible when US   
                modulation low (no mx) on 590, ECSS USB, 1.8 kHz BW,    
                SINPO 13441.  Heard carriers of several other Japan and 
                one Vladivostok frequency in between NA channels, but   
                no modulation heard there.


From: "Larry B. Godwin" <lbg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 840   KTIC   NE, West Point (ex-KWPN) dominant with sat. sports talk 
              show at 1731 1/1.  At 1734, ancr. said, "This is One-on-
              One Sports on KWPN-FM, West Point."  I phoned station; 
              ancr. said it IDs for KTIC only on top of hour.  New 
              catch.  (LBG-MT) 
 850   CKMA   BC, Abbotsford muscled through KOA briefly 0959-1002 
              1/6, playing oldies across the hour.  News at 1001 but 
              couldn't hear ID.  I phoned station to confirm, based on 
              song title.  Ancr. said station IDs as "85 Radio Max."  
              New catch.  (LBG-MT) 
 900   CHML   ON, Hamilton moderately strong with "CHML News" at 2300 
              12/30.  Strong QRM from CKBI; no sign of CJVI or XEW on 
              this unusual evening.  (LBG-MT) 
 900   CKBI   SK, Prince Albert has dominated this freq. during after-
              dark hours every day in eary Jan.  Maybe increased power 
              or change antenna.  (LBG-MT) 
 950   KMER   WY, Kemmerer on top with legal ID during C&W prog. at 
              1736 1/1.  (LBG-MT) 
1120  ?KZSJ?  CA, San Martin believed the Spanish-speaker under/over 
              KANN 1/2 after apparent power-up 1030-1040.  Ancr. 
              mentioned Sacramento and San Jose.  (LBG-MT)
1120   KPNW   OR, Eugene strong atop KANN at 1030 1/3 with ID as "News 
              Radio 1120, KPNW."  Paul Harvey at 1031.  (LBG-MT) 
1280   KDYL   UT, Salt Lake City strong 1/2 at 1000 during nost. prog. 
              with ID, "The memory station, KOVO-Provo.  This is AM-
              1280, KDYL."  Then CNN Radio news.  (LBG-MT) 
1280   KUDY   WA, Spokane on top at 0859 1/1.  Ancr. said, "AM station 
              for inspiration and information ... KUDY."  Also in at 
              1000 1/3 with call ID.  New catch; was probably my 
              closest unheard.  (LBG-MT) 
1400   CJEK   BC, Sparwood gave multiple station IDs at 1000 12/31, 
              including unlisted CFIG-1200-Canal Flats.  Promoted "E-K 
              Radio" and also mentioned CKEK-Cranbrook.  QRM from 
              KRPL.  (LBG-MT) 
1410   KBMP   OR, Portland strong in CFUN nul, ended news on Bloomburg 
              Information Radio at 1000 1/5, then IDed, "This is 
              Portland Business Radio, AM-1410, KBMP, Portland."  New 
              catch.  (LBG-MT) 


 620   Weak with SSB, so apparent s/on at 0754 1/3.  (LBG-MT) 
1230   SSB weak at 2309 12/31.  Very odd time for s/off!  Possibly 
       played during basketball or football game.  (LBG-MT) 

(LBG)   Larry B. Godwin-2390 Clydes Dale Lane-Missoula, MT 59801 
        Hammarlund HQ-150, Sanserino air-core box loop + Kiwa loop 

That's it!  Good DX to you guys. 


From: Carlo Sgro, Waterloo, ON, All new to log on GE Superadio 2.


 540  CBK   Regina SK  1/11 0643 Poor with Relay of Australian Br. Corp.;
             local IDs at 0645 and 0658, with studio, power, and relay info
             at 0658 (SK #3!)
 600  WSOM  Salem OH  12/21 0642 Fair with "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and
             "Little Drummer Boy"
 730  CJNR  Blind River ON  12/21 0650 Poor with ID as "AM-1340" (relay of
 730  WPAL  Charleston SC  12/24 0114 Poor with light UC
 780  WWOL  Forest City NC  1/3 1730 Fair with signoff with "My Country Tis
             Of Thee"; in WBBM Null
 830  WKTX  Cortland OH  12/21 0800 Poor with Walter Ostanek polka music;
             WCCO null
1330  WKTA  Evanston IL  12/28 0900 Fair with "WKTA Evanston, Northbrook,
             Chicago" legal ID on hour; E. European language  programming
             before and after; in WFLP Null
1390  WEOK  Poughkeepsie NY  1/4 0816 Poor with Weather (they've got Hudson
             Valley sunshine!); Laurie Bower Singers-type of music
1390  WKDR  Burlington VT  1/4 0810 Poor with Weather; DJs talking about all
             of the prizes they're giving away; VT  #1(state #36)!
1440  WHIS  Bluefield WV  1/4 0823 Very Poor with ID as "AM 1440 WHIS"




If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them to
the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxxxxxxx and the IRCA
Almanac coordinator:  Rich Toebe, 2550 Hilborn Rd  #34, Fairfield CA

IRCA's MEXICAN LOG coordinator is Chris Knight.  If you note any changes in
Mexican radio, please drop him a note at:  cgknight@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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