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Re: 890 GTO Canada

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Larry Russell <ak473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One night last week I heard a "Good Time Oldies" (Canada-
> satellite oldies network) ID on 890. This was between 11pm,
> and 1am Eastern NA time.
> Is this Dawson Creek British Columbia? Any other Canadians on
> this channel? 

Yes, that would be the only Canadian station on 890 kHz. There are some U.S.
stations that also use a GTO ID (I think from an ABC feed), but the Canadians
can be distinguished by the call-in requests and the many parallels to other
large Canadians.

> I'm told this is very rare from here in Michigan.

Yes, it probably would be ... but when last week did you hear this? Conditions
to the Canadian northwest were particularly excellent at the beginning of last
week ... on Monday night/Tuesday morning, also around 2300-0100 ELT, I heard
CFAC-960 and CFXL-1140 from Calgary here in Connecticut, and I believe Robert
Kramer in Chicago also heard CJDC-890 right through his 50 kW local WLS around
the same time. So it could very well have been.

David Yocis

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