Ecos del Orinoco on 4905
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Ecos del Orinoco on 4905

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     Greetings from northern Vermont.This is my first posting to 
     hard-core-dx. I haven't had a chance to go over recent listings
     so I'm assuming the following is a new station.

     Heard on the last 2 local evenings:

4905.3   0233     VENEZUELA?    Ecos del Orinoco    (352 16Jan)
         Long stretches of LA mx, mostly ballads. ID's by female ann.
         in Sp. at 0255, 0331, 0355, 0414, 0430 and 0448 as "Ecos del
         Orinoco". Chad s/on at 0415 on 4904.5 produced het but not a
         real problem. Went all the way to 0457 when programming 
         stopped. Carrier stayed on past 0510.

     Also heard 15 Jan at end of programming with ID at 0458 and then
     just the carrier past 0500. 

     I presume that this is a new SW outlet for Ecos del Orinoco, 1150
     in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. Anyone else hear this one?


     Mark Mohrmann  Coventry, Vt.
     Sony ICF-2010 w/ homebrew preamp.
     1000 ft. longwire at 75 degrees.


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