The ARDXC Weekly Report!
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The ARDXC Weekly Report!

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              The Australian Radio DX Club Report
                      Edition number 17.

For broadcast in the Pacific DX Report, KTWR, Guam, on Saturday
27 January 1996.

                      Author: Bob Padula
     Address: 404 Mont Albert Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria 3127,
                FAX/Telephone: +61 3 9898 2906
                 E-Mail: CompuServe 100026,262
                 Mobile telephone: 019 94 8660

                    All times and days UTC.

(Further reproduction of extracts of this report welcomed, for
non-commercial purposes, provided source attribution (ARDXC) is

Armenia. A new schedule is now operating for the Voice of
Armenia, in Yerevan, and English transmissions are listed as
follows: 1845 until 1900 on 4810 4990 and 7480; 2130 until 2200
on 9965; 0930 until 1000 on Sundays using 15370 and 15270.
Spanish broadcasts are on the air from 2200 until 2215 on 9965,
0800 until 0915 on Sundays on 15270 and 15370, and from 0130
until 0145 on 9965.

Belgium. Radio Vlaanderen International is part of the BRTN, the
broadcasting organization of the Flemish community in Belgium.
As well as transmitters in Belgium, RVI uses a relay transmitter
at Julich, Germany, as part of an exchange agreement with
Deutsche Welle, on 7105, from 0930 until 0955 on Mondays to
Saturdays. Ths programme at this time is in German.  Broadcasts
from RVI in English may be heard as follows: midnight 30 until
midnight 55 on 9925 and 5900 for the Americas; 0730 until 0755
on 9925 and 5985 for Europe and Australia; 1000 until 1025 on
Mondays to Saturdays to Euroipe and Africa on 17595 15510 and
6035; 1400 until 1425 on Mondays to Saturdays on 13670 to the
Americas; 1900 until 1925 to Europe on 9925 and 5910. There is
also a late-night English broadcast to Europe from 2200 until
2225 on 7250 and 5910.

Vatican. The Vatican Radio has advised of frequency changes which
are to come into effect on February 4. The Chinese service will
be broadcast on 15595, relacing 9500, from 1230 until 1300, in
parallel with 13765 and 11625. The Japanese broadcast from 1315
until 1345 will be heard on 11625 instead of 7255, in parallel
with 9500. The morning service in Japanese will be transmitted
from 2130 until 2200 on 9600, replacing 6065, in parallel with
7310. The morning broadcast in English to Australia will be
available from 2245 until 2300 on 7305 9600 and 11830.


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