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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

TO: hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxx

Hello hard-core,

A: heard some people had trouble obtaining a QSL from
     Voice of Asia. Here is the correct address:

P.O. Box 24-777, Taipei

sched is: 05-07 on 7285 in Mandarin
          07-11 on 9280 in Mandarin  (at 10z Family Radio heard)
          11-17 on 7445
                        11 EE
                        12 Indo
                        13 Mandarin
                        15 Thai
                        16 Indo

B: AIR Nagpur with direct reply via AIR, Seminary Hills, Nagpur 440 006
     v/s P.K. Jain, Station Engineer

He likes a SINPO report for 1566 khz and sends
QSL letter surprisingly quick in 22 days with IRC used as stamp

gddx de Joachim Stiller
        D-38173 Gilzum
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