MW loggings from Downunder
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MW loggings from Downunder

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Another report from SPUD (South Pacific Union Of Dx'ers Inc.)
P.O. Box 293
Coburg, Victoria, 3058,

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G'day Folks

A Dxpedition was held once again at the Coorong in South Australia between
January 6-12 1996. Those attending were Craig Edwards, Dave Onley & David
Martin. A 600 metre beverage was pointed towards Nth Africa.. usually this
is a bit hard due to the closeness of the water to the fishing shack. As
luck had it.. the tide was out for the entire week which enabled us to try
a few experiments.. Also took the 40 inch spiral loop which surprised me at
times.. it came in very handy. We also had other 400m beverage antennas
heading Nth into Asia & East into the Pacific. Receivers were the Trio 9R59DS
Drake's R7 & R8. SPR4.

The highlight of the trip was hearing Spain on 1359 kHz.. On our previous
trip in November the channel produced Batra's new 400kw transmitter. This
time the latter was swamped.. Spain was an excellent catch given how far
West it is from here in Australia.. (Even if it is 1000kw) It's in that
difficult zone for us..

Had a flash of Afro pops under Morocco on 936.. Dare I claim Benin.. A closer
study of the tape will reveal...

Most days the temp was up around 37C and we spent a lot of the time trying
to take each others heads off in the local cricket nets.. It was more like
a fitness dx camp this time around.. We're in the process of writing a few
books.. DXing to Win!!! & "You are what you dx"! <grin>

Conditions were not that flash this time around.. although I base this on
previous trips when we cleaned up.. For a beginner to MW you would have had
a reasonable trip.. I think we're taking this great site for granted..

The Coorong is a body of water 150 km in length & 3km wide, approx 150km
South/East of Adelaide in South Australia.. It's where the movie Storm Boy
was filmed. It's a very dusty, dry, remote region of Oz.

OK here are a few logs.. Nothing too fancy.. I won't bore everyone with too
much program detail...

Dave Onley 

819   1940  Batra // 12050
846   1805  DZNN Quezon City
855   1945  RRI Mataram
918   1855  DZRP Quezon City
936   1932  Agadir
936   1935  Tent: Parakou.. Hi life Afro pops under Morocco.
999   1735  RRI Jakarta
1008  1930  RRI Median
1035  1700  Multan
1035  1928  Baghdad
1062  1721  TRT Diyarbakir
1179  1926  RSI Solvesborg
1206  1922  RRI Denpasar
1233  1921  RMC Cape Greco
1251  1727  Tripoli
1260  1957  VOA Rhodes
1287  1917  Lerida-Lleida
1287  1945  RFE
1350  1940  Nice
1359  1938  Arganda
1359  1945  Batra
1413  1451  BBC Oman
1431  1932  R.Ukraine Int.
1440  1724  Dammam
1458  1931  RFO Mayotte. Not as good as in Nov.
1458  1750  AIR Bhagalpur
1476  1929  Dubai
1494  1928  DWLR Quezon City
1512  1926  Jeddah
1530  1950  Vatican
1530  1945  VOA Sao Tome
1539  1924  Sadiyat
1544  1924  La Voz de Sahara
1548  1913  RM.Grigoriopol 
1557  1922  DW Malta
1566  1923  AIR Nagpur
1611  1923  Vatican

Next SPUD DX trip will be to Marlo in Sth/Eastern Victoria over Easter..
Target will be Latin America..

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