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Dear friends,

Here are some loggings again...

EQUADOR   4770,0   Radio Centinela del Sur, Loja   0135-0202   Spanish talk,
promos or advertisements, ID. SINPO: 24343   (Veldhuis JUL 30)

          4960,0  Radio Federacion, Sucua (presumed)   2320-0028   La Bamba
and other songs, talk in Spanish
and vernacular language, some music bridges, tentative ID. SINPO: 34343
(Veldhuis JUL 29)

UNID   9665,3   0858-0902   Very weak, can't ID language. Some music heard,
and a 3-tone timesignal at 0900 UTC (last tone higher frequencie)
(Veldhuis JUL 30)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis.


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