GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!
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GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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There's an AMERICAN expression for people who take fun stuff much to
serious,and that's....."get a life".This hobby is strange enough to our
friends who can't understand why anyone would want to receive far away
stations and then write to the station to get a QSL.If some of my
friends would read about the ongoing snipes of who hears WWL where and
when,they'd have a good laugh,and think we're all even more weird than
they thought!!I guess what I'm trying to say is lets all share
information,as there are many different levels of dxers,and some
loggings will be more important to some than others.In the short time
I've been hanging around this Cumbre gang,I've picked up a lot of good
useful tips.......thats all I have to say,now goodnight from
Wisconsin.....Tom Messer