QSL : Vo Abkhaz !!!!!
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QSL : Vo Abkhaz !!!!!

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yesterday I received a QSl from V oAbkhazia . in 117 days after mt letter
with the response from v/s Yury Kutarbon . It was a registered  with
personal letter and QSL in a picture of Panorama , New Afon 

QSL was writen : 
R/S R of Abkhazia confirms that YOU have heard our programmes in July 1996
since 1134 am to 1220 pm UTC with frq 9495 kHz in doapason 31 m transmitters
power is 5 kW 

part of letter included : 
R opf abkhazia appears in either in MW Xter with QRG 1350 kHz in diapason
(WL) 222.2 m and at the same time by the SW Xter in 106 m altitude . And
trhe height of the antenna of SW Xter in 68 m altitude . The timeof
appearing in either is 730 am and 1630 pm MOskow time Broadcasting is in
Abhazian and in russian and there is news broadcasting in georgian in Wed
Thur Fri and Sat . Sice July  we began to broadcast for our countryman
abroads . It is mostly turkey and countres  of NE . Te appearing in either
is realized by same xter and same QRG . The time ofapperaring in either is
since 230 pm to 400 pm and we repeat in the evening since 800 to 930 pm
MOskow time 
Unfortunately at the present time we have no programmes in EE but we inteend
to create such programme in the nearest future 
we receive mnay lettrs from everywhere . Theappearing of ourprogramme in
either interests many r amateur . we receoved report abt reception rof our
px frm many countries of theworld : Australia , Germany Poland USA  Finland
and from diferent parts of russia 


Adress of the station : 
v/s YUry Kutarba  Dep of Gen dir 
Abkahz state TV RAdio Co 
Sukhum Abkahzia 
34 Aidgylara 
Phone 24867, 25321 fax 21144 


I already sent a thank you letter  to them by fax 

Nevertheless my top QSL of theyear !