last logs not sent via pegasus
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last logs not sent via pegasus

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Date sent:        Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:21:57 +2000

Spy 5081 OM w 5fgs @2218 low signal. Liangas dec 16 Greece 

Turkey 6112.5 presume VoT  with turkish songs , YL spg on Kurdistan , 2223 w 
tur sx . Channel was clear only on 2,5kHz bandwith due tostrong QRM from 10 
nearby stations 10 and 15  Liangas dec 16 Greece 

7210 /6615 non IDed , nice sx @2224 abt 32332 but later with less QRM . 6115 
@59  changed 7210 stopped but finally did not find ID R mayak ?  Liangas dec
16 Greece 

site? 7550 RFA in tibetan w reffs toWashington @2313 , refs to HK Good
signal at 16 
-12 local like signal at 17 Liangas Greece 

UZB 9540 R toshkent ID in 2034 in EE this is the R tashkent  the capital of 
Uzbekistan , 22332 QRM from -5 kHz SRI  Liangas dec 17 Greece 

BRAZ 9675 R cancao NOva , Ave marias @2023 , prayer later @29 Good signal 34333 
Usualy  signal is very good  here , but yesterday signal was very good on these 
so early times  But re-tested on 2315 signal was nearly nothing Liangas dec
17 Greece 

INDONESIA 9680 Prg 2 for 2308 with the news . locva ambon and nice songs ( 
second is mengapa kau pergi ) at the astounding  signal 55545 but after 2325 
signal weas only 3xxxx  Liangas dec 17 Greece