1996 Clandestine Activity Survey
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1996 Clandestine Activity Survey

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Mathias Kropf							December 1996
Maehr.-Schoenberger-Str. 9
36251 Bad Hersfeld

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News Release

1996 Clandestine Activity Survey

In 1996 the activity of political clandestine stations on shortwave has dropped by 5.1 % to 1510 Weekly Broadcasting Hours (WBHs). This is the result of the latest Clandestine Activity Survey, a study which has been published by Mathias Kropf annually since 1986.

The activity to Asian target areas has increased by 0.8 % to 961 WBHs, while activity to African target areas has decreased by 17.4 % to 285 WBHs and to American target areas by 9.6 % to 236 WBHs. Also, clandestine activity to Oceanian target areas is at 28 WBHs.

Over the past 12 months the number of active target areas worldwide has increased by 3 to 26 countries. New on the list of active target areas are Nigeria and Burundi, while Egypt is once again listed active (the last previous activity to Egypt was reported in 1994). 

The three most active target areas worldwide are Iraq with 261 WBHs, Cuba with 226 WBHs and North Korea with 210 WBHs. 

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Attention Editors: A more detailed article about the 1996 Clandestine Activity Survey will be available in January. If you are interested please contact MK by mail, e-mail or fax.