Re: 1390 mystery callsign
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Re: 1390 mystery callsign

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Hi Joachim,

Thanks for the comeback ... glad to have helped ...

keep an ear out too for WROA Gulfport Mississippi on 1390. They have been
heard several times here in UK during November and December ... and before
now it has been almost impossible to hear any MS station. Most loggings
made 0600-0820 UTC.


- - - - -

>Hallo Mark
>you wrote to respond to 1390 khz US callsign:
>> Could be WREM which is the "call" being used at the moment by WEGP Presque
>> Isle ME who are simulcasting WREM.
>Thazzit and this reveals the location Monticello, ME
>is announced as well.
>Had another one here: WDCW from Syracuse.
>Thanks to you and all the others who have tried to help,
>it's always a pleasure to read your suggestions.
>7030's de JOACHIM