Re[2]: EA-MW list (Please read this if you complained)
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Re[2]: EA-MW list (Please read this if you complained)

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     Dear Mauricio,
     I hope you keep updating your EA-MW list on this discussion group.  If 
     you ever decide to drop it please include me on your private 
     distribution list.  I am even ready to pay for your service, if 
     I started my DX-ing back in 1959 in Finland and was quite active on 
     Spanish DX-ing during the sixties.  Because of my work and other 
     occupations I have been on and off during the last 20 years.  My 
     retirement is not that far away any more and in preparation for it I 
     decided to start to listen more actively.  I did send some 70 reports 
     last year and out of them were about 20 to Spain since I saw your list 
     first time.  I am going to write 3 more tonight, which I recorded 
     yesterday morning.
     For those of you who complain about this kind of service, please do 
     not be so selfish.  You cannot have everything.  If you could, you 
     would not be happy any more at all.  Many of you have started with 
     powerful communications receivers, books like Passport for World Band 
     Radio, tens of other frequency guides published and DX programs 
     available from several radio stations.  Those things did not exist, 
     when I started my hobby.  I had to build my own short-wave radio.  I 
     had to learn English to be able to send reception reports.  My mother 
     tongue is Finnish.
     Please enjoy your hobby and PLEASE do not destroy the joy of others 
     for providing you free service.
     Happy New Year for all of you and good DX-ing.
     Esko Ahlroth
     243, Route des Marlis
     email: ahlrothe@xxxxxx

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Subject: Re: EA-MW list
Author:  mmolano@xxxxxxxxxx at INET
Date:    30/12/1996 05:22

This is a message from Mauricio Molano <mmolano@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi folks,
I have just returned to Salamanca from my Christmas vacation in Madrid and I 
am very surprised (and annoyed) for the storm caused by the posting of my 
EA-MW file in this mailing list.
Firstly: I work nor with an IBM PC (or clone) nor with a Mac but with an AMIGA 
(a more pleasant system at least for me!). I was bothered porting my original 
file to a format the majority can read (till I know, WordPerfect can read 
without problems the files produced by Windows's Write).
These porting work was made on the PC of RNE during my free time. I selected 
WRITE because is very easy to use and I don't need any more complicated...and 
...wri files are easily  portable to any other format (my AMIGA's wp opens it 
without problems, but without bold or underlined).
Secondly: It's not my fault if someone have a "19th Century" link with the 
net. I (and many other people) can download 44k in about 15 seconds (3k per 
second). So don't blame me if you spent 7 minutes!!.
Thirdly: I don't want problems. So, don't worry. You are not going to have 
more "junk" in your e-mailbox.
Happy new year.
M. Molano.