AM DX NewsFlash 1-2-97
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AM DX NewsFlash 1-2-97

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            WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH - January 2 1997


 Deadline for next issue = Thursday, January 9 1997 @ 2330 UTC (1530 PLT)

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Phil Bytheway - Seattle WA - bytheway@xxxxxxx
    RX:  Drake R-8, ICOM R-70, R-390A, SPR-4, R-392, etc
    Ant:  KIWA MW loop, Sanserino 15" air-core loop, 70' longwire, etc.
    Other:  Mini-MWDX-6 phasing unit, reel-to-reel tape recorder
    Other bands DX:  none
    Other comments:  ??

                    X         XX    XX     XX    X     XXXXXXX
                   X X        X X  X X     X X   X     X
                  XXXXX       X  XX  X     X  X  X     XXXX
                 X     X      X      X     X   X X     X
                X       X     X      X     X    XX     X

 CPC DX tests summary


Lynn Hollerman - gmholler@xxxxxxxxxx

PLEASE NOTE:  Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card,
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to the
trouble to run a test!

Here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests; if anyone has any additions or
corrections, please contact me.  Times are EST.  For UTC add 5.  * - new!

      1/ 4/97 Sat - 0300-0330 - 1140 - KXNO - Las Vegas NV (IRCA)
      1/ 6/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
                  - 0300-0400 - 1200 - CFGO - Ottawa ON (IRCA)
      1/ 7/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/ 8/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/ 9/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/11/97 Sat - 0100-0130 - 1310 - KEZM - Sulphur LA (IRCA)
                  - 0300-0400 -  560 - KPQ  - Wenatchee WA (IRCA)
                                               EMAIL: kpq@xxxxxxx
      1/13/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
                  - 0130-0200 - 1140 - WAKK - McComb MS (IRCA)
                    0200-0230 -  980 - WAPF - McComb MS (IRCA)
      1/14/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/15/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/16/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/19/97 Sun - 0200-0600 -  540 - KNOE - Monroe LA (IRCA)
                                        EMAIL: Jharkins@xxxxxxxxxxx
      1/20/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/21/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/22/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/23/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/27/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/28/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/29/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      1/30/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/ 3/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
                  - 0200-0230 - 1600 - KATZ - St Louis MO (IRCA)
                                        EMAIL: daryl@xxxxxxxxxx
      2/ 4/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/ 5/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/ 6/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/10/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
                  - 0100-0130 -  640 - WHLO - Akron OH (IRCA)
                                        EMAIL: DaveyJohn@xxxxxxx
      2/11/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/12/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/13/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/16/97 Sun - 0030-0100 -  640 - WBOW - Terre Haute IN (IRCA)
      2/17/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/18/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/19/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/20/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
*     2/22/97 Fri - 0000-0200 - 1330 - WPPI - Carrolton GA (IRCA)
      2/23/97 Sun - 0200-0300 - 1150 - KIMM - Rapid City SD (IRCA)
                                        EMAIL: rrr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      2/24/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/25/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/26/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      2/27/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
*     3/ 2/97 Sun - 0515-0545 -  770 - WCGW - Nicholasville KY (IRCA)
      3/ 3/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/ 4/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/ 5/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/ 6/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/10/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/11/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/12/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/13/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/17/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/18/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/19/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/20/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/24/97 Mon - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/25/97 Tue - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/26/97 Wed - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)
      3/27/97 Thu - 0030-0100 -  770 - WWCN - Estero FL (IRCA)

PLEASE NOTE:  Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card,
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to the
trouble to run a test!  Believe me, they really, REALLY appreciate it!!

DETAILS (for some)

Saturday, January 4, 1997 - KXNO-1140, Las Vegas, NV will conduct a DX test
between 3:00 & 3:30 am EST. The test will include test tones, voice IDs,
morse code and announcements. During the test, KXNO will switch between
10,000 Watts nondirectional and 2500 Watts directional. Reception reports
may be sent to:

Mr. Tracy Teagarden (W2ATRK)
Chief Engineer
Box 14805
Las Vegas, NV 89118

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Monday, January 6, 1997 - CFGO-1200, Ottawa, ON will conduct a DX test at
50,000 Watts directional between 3:00 & 4:00 am EST. The test will include
voice IDs, morse code IDs and Top 40/CHR music. Reception reports may be
sent to:

Mr. Mark Germain
Chief Engineer
1575 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7M3 Canada

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Saturday, January 11, 1997 - KEZM-1310, Sulphur, LA will conduct a DX test
at 50 Watts directional between 1:00 & 1:30 am EST. The test will include
test tones and morse code IDs. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Bruce L. Merchant
101 West Napolean Street
Sulphur, LA 70663

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Saturday, January 11, 1997 - KPQ-560, Wenatchee, WA will conduct a DX test
at 5,000 Watts between 3:00 & 4:00 am EST. The test will include test tones,
voice IDs and morse code IDs. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Michael H. Gilbert (WB7EUE)
Chief Engineer
P.O. Box 159
Wenatchee, WA 98807

EMAIL: kpq@xxxxxxx  (Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Monday, January 13, 1997 - WAKK-1140, McComb, MS will conduct a rescheduled
DX test at 1,000 Watts nondirectional between 1:30 & 2:00 am EST. The test
will include voice IDs, morse code IDs, test tones and march music.
Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Richard Watts
Chief Engineer
P.O. Box 1649
McComb, MS 39648

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Monday, January 13, 1997 - WAPF-980, McComb, MS will conduct a repeat DX
test at 5,000 Watts nondirectional between 2:00 & 2:30 am EST. The test will
include voice IDs, morse code IDs, test tones, polkas and march music.
Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Richard Watts
Chief Engineer
P.O. Box 1649
McComb, MS 39648

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Sunday, January 19, 1997 - KNOE-540, Monroe, LA will conduct a DX test at
1,000 Watts directional between 2:00 & 6:00 am EST. The test will include
voice IDs and one morse code ID per hour. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Jerry Harkins (N5ZEV)
Chief Engineer
P.O. Box 4067
Monroe, LA 71211

EMAIL: Jharkins@xxxxxxxxxxx
(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Monday, February 3 - Thursday, February 27, 1997 - WWCN-770, Estero, FL will
conduct a DX test at 1,000 Watts directional between 12:30 & 1:00 am EST
every Monday through Thursday during the month of February. The test will
include morse code IDs inserted during their regular programming of old-time
radio serials and vintage comedy. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. "Joey C."
Program Director
P.O. Box 9600
Estero, FL 33928

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Monday, February 3, 1997 - KATZ-1600, St. Louis, MO will conduct a DX test
at 5,000 Watts nondirectional between 2:00 & 2:30 am EST. The test will
include morse code IDs, test tones, and polkas or march music. Reception
reports may be sent to:

Mr. Daryl W. McQuinn (N5VAY)
Director of Engineering
10155 Corporate Square Drive
St. Louis, MO 63132

EMAIL: daryl@xxxxxxxxxx
(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Monday, February 10, 1997 - WHLO-640, Akron, OH will conduct a DX test at
5,000 Watts daytime directional pattern between 1:00 & 1:30 am EST. The test
will include morse code IDs, test tones, and "special" music. Correct
reception reports will be verified with a special QSL card, and must contain
THE TEST. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Dave Johnson
Chief Engineer
2780 South Arlington Road
Akron, OH 44312-4742

EMAIL: DaveyJohn@xxxxxxx  (Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Sunday, February 16, 1997 - WBOW-640, Terre Haute, IN will conduct a DX test
at 250 Watts nondirectional between 12:30 & 1:00 am EST. The test will
include voice IDs, morse code IDs and music by a very famous horn player.
Reception reports including a SASE may be sent to:

Mr. Kevin Berlen
Assistant Chief Engineer
P.O. Box 35
Terre Haute, IN 47808

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Saturday, February 22, 1997 - WPPI-1330, Carrolton, GA will conduct a DX
test at 500 Watts non-directional between 12:00 & 2:00 am EST. The test will
include voice IDs, test tones, and polkas. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Bill Alisauskas
7548 Hillside Dr.
Douglasville, GA 30134

(Bill will also accept prepaid phone calls at (770) 838-9774.)
(Arranged by Bill Alisauskas for the NRC and IRCA.)


Sunday, February 23, 1997 - KIMM-1150, Rapid City, SD will conduct a DX test
at 500 Watts directional between 2:00 & 3:00 am EST. The test will include
voice IDs and morse code IDs. Reception reports including a SASE may be sent

Mr. Gary Peterson (K0CX)
Chief Engineer
Box 8205
Rapid City, SD

EMAIL: rrr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  (Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)


Sunday, March 2, 1997 - WCGW-770, Nicholasville, KY will conduct a DX test
at 1,000 Watts non-directional between 5:15 & 5:45 am EST. The test will
include distinctive tones, polkas, other music, and morse code IDs.
Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. Tom Mulvaney
3950 Lexington Rd.
Versailles, KY 40383-1742

(Prepaid phone calls will also be accepted at (606) 245-1770.)
(Arranged by Tom Mulvaney for the NRC and IRCA.)


Monday, March 3 - Thursday, March 27, 1997 - WWCN-770, Estero, FL will
conduct a DX test at 1,000 Watts directional between 12:30 & 1:00 am EST
every Monday through Thursday during the month of March. The test will
include morse code IDs inserted during their regular programming of old-time
radio serials and vintage comedy. Reception reports may be sent to:

Mr. "Joey C."
Program Director
P.O. Box 9600
Estero, FL 33928

(Arranged by J.D. Stephens for the IRCA CPC.)

Information on more tests such as these can be found in "DX Monitor", the
official publication of the International Radio Club of America (IRCA). IRCA
is a club devoted to the hobby of hearing distant stations on the standard
AM broadcast band.  "DX Monitor" is published 30 times a year and contains
members' loggings, articles on radio stations, receiver reviews, technical
articles, DX tips, and other material of interest to the Broadcast Band
DXer.  For more information, and a sample copy of DX Monitor, send 0.32 US
or 2 IRCs to:  IRCA, PO Box 1831, Perris CA  92572-1831, USA.

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via e-mail or in the
newsgroup!  And, if you send a reception report to a station, please
remember to include return postage with your report...


Both major MW clubs (IRCA/NRC) sponsor Courtesy Programs Committees.  CPC
members arrange DX tests from various AM stations throughout the DX season.
Donations of money, stamps and target station lists are one way everyone can
get involved with this effort.  Canvasing for the upcoming season is
underway. Send your donations to the committee chairmen, whose addresses

   IRCA:  JD Stephens
          PO Box 605
          Huntsville AL  35804-0605

At this time, the NRC is looking for a CPC chairman, however JD Stephens is
accepting contributions from NRC members as well as IRCA.




Lee J Freshwater  414 SE 3rd St, Ocala, FL 34474
FAX  352-732-7223  E-mail

The F.C.C. has started putting CALL LETTER changes in their computer data
base...We will include them here as time and space permits.

Call Signs reserved for Pending Sales Applicants **

CALL                                               CALL

WYPA      CHICAGO, IL                   820       WSCR
WXTO      HIALEAH, FL                   830        WACC
KKMS      RICHFIELD, MN                 980        KEGE
WPGR      PITTSBURGH, PA               1080        WDSY
KOOO      DALLAS, TX                   1190       KDFX
KMHI      MOUNTAIN HOME, ID            1240        KLVJ
KPOZ      SAN ANTONIO, TX              1310       KXTN
KIHM      SUN VALLEY, NV               1590        KIRS

**  Commission grant and consummation does not automatically grant call sign
application. The new licensee must provide written notice to the call sign
desk upon consummation of the transaction and await authority from the
Commission to use the new call sign.

               CALL SIGN  CHANGES


CALL                                              CALL

WDIZ      PANAMA CITY, FL           590           WGNE
WWBL      JACKSONVILLE, FL          600           WPDQ
KMRZ      ORCHARD VALLEY, WY        650           KUUY
KKGR      EAST HELENA, MT           680           KHKR
KBNN      LEBANON, MO               750           KJEL
WPNP      MULBERRY, FL              780           NEW **
WLVM      FAIRVIEW, NC              800           WMIY
KXNT      NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV       840           KVEG
KMVP      PHOENIX, AZ               860           KVVA
KIRK      BETHANY, NY               870           KAAN
WRNL      RICHMOND, VA              910           WRVH
KXTK      DES MOINES, IA            940           KIOA
KKMS      RICHFIELD, MN             980           KEGE
WVNZ      RICHMOND, VA              990           WTMM
WJNA      BOYNTON BEACH, FL        1040           WYFX
WOKU      HURRICANE, WV            1080           WVKV
KBCR      STEAMBOAT SPRINGSD, CO   1230           KSBT
KMHI      MOUNTAIN HOME, ID        1240           KLVJ
KKNW      PORT ANGELES, WA         1290           KAPY
WADB      ASBURY PARK, NJ          1310           WJLK
KPOZ      SAN ANTONIO, TX          1310           KXTN
KCBL      FRESNO, CA               1340           KKTR
KSHP      NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV      1400           KKDD
WYFX      FORT PIERCE, FL          1400           WIRA
WCIZ      WATERTOWN, NY            1410           WNCQ
KDIZ      GOLDEN VALLEY, MN        1440           KQRS
WFRY      ROME, NY                 1450           WODZ
KMCA      BURNEY, CA               1450           KAVA
WRNJ      HACKETTSTOWN, NJ         1510           WAIU
WMHG      MUSKEGON, MI             1600           WSFN

WAIU      HACKETTSTOWN, NJ           ?            NEW
WPNP      MULBERRY, FL               ?            NEW
WJNL      PETOSKEY, MI               ?            NEW
WZAX      NASHVILLE, NC              ?            NEW

*  The F.C.C. does NOT list the frequency in their database. I have tried to
suppliment this with information from my own database,, so look it over
"carefully" before you change anything in yours.

We have put this information in order of frequency rather than location.
Send any suggestions, changes AND corrections to the above E-Mail address.




Alan Merriman - merriman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alan Merriman - Chincoteague  VA  23336, merriman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Drake R8A, R8 - Timewave DSP-599zx Digital Filter, Datong FL-3 Audio Filter,
DL-2 Phasing Unit, MWT-3S Regen Preselector - 4 150' slopers with noise
reducing transformers, 2' air core loop, Kiwa Loop, Quantum Loop

Yes, I've actually done some DXing!  Lots of stuff heard but mostly the
"Usual Suspects" from last year.  New for me have been Syria-827 which was
first heard back in November, Spain-1053 which was searched for last year
but never heard and the low powered Virgin Radio-1197 also made it for a
early Christmas present.  Conditions have been pretty good and improving the
past week and peaked nicely on Christmas Eve.  At 2131 Talk Radio-1089 was
completely annihilating WBAL, many stations with very strong signals - I
listened to Belgium-927 for about 20 minutes while getting some chow between
2200-2230 with no fading, signal about 10 over and rock steady.  Going back
a bit DEC 16 seemed to favor West Africans with Senegal 765 loud and almost
certain Gambia-648 between 2300-2400.  Hope everyone heard the pirate last
night on 1620 kHz.  Left the air very abruptly at 0314z - wonder if the FCC
showed up?  This is all for now - hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and
all the best in 1997.

 594  SAUDI ARABIA Duba DEC 18 0315+ - AA chants by a man, loud and //1521.
       Probably also this at 0229 with 15/S9 open carrier. [Merriman-VA]
 612  IRELAND FM2, Athlone DEC 22 0235 - rock, man/woman briefly in EE and a
       promo with many mentions of "Christmas" and htmn "Joy To The World".
       Good and heard several other times this past week - 567 at times is
       like a local! [Merriman-VA]
 774  EGYPT Abis DEC 17 2322+, DEC 18 0115 and later - very strong with AA
       music way over Spain.  Presume this as not //1044 Morocco during
       earlier time and Morocco should have been off at 0115.  DEC 24 0021 -
       again very strong with AA music over Spain.  [Merriman-VA]
 819  SPAIN R. Euzkadi, San Sebastian DEC 17 2334+ - on top with man in SS,
       likely Egypt behind with AA music and also traces of a third station
       with a woman in ??, possibly Poland.  [Merriman-VA]
 827  SYRIA Deir-Ez-Zoor DEC 22 2141+ - man in AA, good and //783 which was
       booming.  Also noted with good signal NOV 26 during visit from Ron
       Bailey. No sign of Morocco but I suspect they are still here.
 963  UNID DEC 20 0441+ - someone good with 1 kHz TT.  Tunisia?
1035  ITALY Radiodue, Firenze/Milano et al DEC 22 2124 - excellent with easy
       listening instrumental music and //1116.
1053  SPAIN COPE Castellon/Zaragoza DEC 18 0150 - man/woman in SS, briefly
       good but quickly covered by Talk Radio.  New for me. [Merriman-VA]
1062  UNID DEC 22 2153+ - someone way under a booming Denmark with man in ??
       Italy or Turkey seem most likely. [Merriman-VA]
1114.9 ANGOLA EP do Kuanza-Sul DEC 24 2132+ - briefly excellent with two men
       in PP - either teletalk or telephone interview.  Best signal ever
       from this. [Merriman-VA]
1116  ITALY Radiodue, Bari et al, DEC 22 2124 - easy listening instrumental
       music, 2125 man/woman in II, loud and //1035, no sign of Spain.
       Think also had same program on 936 but not 100% sure. [Merriman-VA]
1125  CROATIA Deanovec DEC 25 0105 - good but fast QSB over Spain with
       "Silent Night", excellent 0123 with man in presumed Croatian with
       what sounded like sermon and all //1134. [Merriman-VA]
1197  UNITED KINGDOM Virgin Radio DEC 25 0001 - man/woman in EE, brief
       music, in the mess but definitely //1215.  New for me and a nice
       early Christmas present! Nothing over 1 kw listed. [Merriman-VA]


1351  UNID Someone is off freq here - don't know if LA or domestic.  Noted
       evening of DEC 24 with weak signals and only audio I could copy was
       bits and pieces of music - couldn't even tell what type but didn't
       really sound LA.  Ideas? [Merriman-VA]


Irv McWherter - irvn3ldy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1.  WRJZ 0255 - 0300 29 Dec 96: Nothing heard.

2.  KIYU 0500 - 0530 29 Dec 96: Nothing heard.


Alan Merriman - Chincoteague  VA    merriman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Drake R8A, R8; Timewave DSP-599zx Digital Filter, Datong FL-3, Alpha Delta
VRC, DL-2 Delay Line Phasing Unit, MWT-3S Regen Preselector; 4-150' slopers
with noise reducing transformers, 2' air core loop, Kiwa Loop, Quantum Loop

DEC 25 & DEC 26 just did some very casual tuning around at various times
during the evening, nothing much noted, 25th poor, 26th a bit better but
nothing exciting.  DEC 27 late afternoon and evening signals much stronger,
not rare but at times Portugal-666 was com- pletely pushing aside the
660/670 domestics.  Felt a bit under the weather so didn't really DX.  DEC
28 WOW!!! 2150z absolutely no domestic skip yet and TAs on the bottom half
of the band were boom- ing.  Even 1 kHz splits such as 621, 639, 711 etc
were fully read- able with virtually no QRM with the selectivity on the R8A
in the 6 kHz position and passband offset tuned away from the domestic
channel.  Someone on 621 behind Canaries/Spain, strong and almost equal at
times and Belgium most likely.  Many TA freqs were just a jumble.
Ireland-729 was completely over Spain for a new one; 855 had a series of
short pips behind Spain at about 2208 - Romania? Syria-827 excellent and
stronger at times than 783.  Interestingly enough some of the regular
powerhouses, such as Croatia-1134 were extremely weak.  Also not so much as
a carrier on 846 from Rome. About 2315z things pretty much to normal with
some pretty good TA signals remaining but domestic skip now up to normal
levels.  Did have someone on 1116 at 2325 with a man in what certainly
sounded like EE but not in long enough to be sure.  Didn't come up with much
new but it was good hearing the incredible signal levels. DEC 29 0010z just
finished a bandscan with nothing real exciting noted, Syria-783 still in but
827 just a weak het, Holland-1008 running their wonderful allnite TT - bet
European DXers love that. DEC 29 was a carbon copy of last night but if
anything TA signals were even stronger.  The low het on Spain-585 was so
strong that I expected some Tunisian audio but not to be.  Someone was
tearing up Portugal-666, probably the Lithuanian heard here last year.
Probable Russian on 1089 at 2210z over BBC with cl music and again at 2240.
Strong AA on 774 again and not //1044.  Again absolutely no trace of Rome on
846 at 2145z and 1035/1116 Italians were booming in.  Again the great
conditions only extended up to about 1200 kHz with only a few strong signals
above that.  DEC 30 the excellent cx continue but now the top end is booming
also.  Was walking over on Assateague Island and when I got back to the
truck at 2110z I turned on the radio and did a quick bandscan and it was
covered with strong hets.  How long will it last?  We will see.  HAPPY NEW
YEAR to everyone and see you 1n 1997.

 549  ALGERIA Les Trenbles 12/28 2213 - woman in AA, excellent, louder than
       891 which was // along with 153.  Fully equal to the 550 domestics.
 639  CZECH REPUBLIC DEC 29 2153+ - likely this almost equal to Spain with a
       man in ??.  Strong but severe QSB.  [Merriman-VA]
 684  YUGOSLAVIA Belgrade DEC 29 2158+ - likely this over Spain with easl
       listening Jazz instrumental, 2200 man in ?? with likely news.
 693  AZORES/UK Dec 28 2218 - BBC running on the spot news from Lima about
       the release of some of the hostages, 10/S9 signal and Azores weaving
       in and out of them with Blues tyoe music and //837. [Merriman-VA]
 702  SLOVAKIA DEC 29 2227 - woman in presumes Slovak, semi-classical
       instrumental music, 2229:45 man briefly in Slovak and back to music
       and //1098. 2nd station behind with man in ??, didn't sound AA and
       Spain is supposed to have moved.  Slovakia is supposedly closing all
       MW outlets except 1089 so get this while you can. [Merriman-VA]
 711  SAHARA Laayoune (El Aaiun) DEC 28 2224 - fully as loud as WOR with
       upbeat AA music. [Merriman-VA]
 729  IRELAND Radio One, Cork DEC 28 2201 - woman with news, brief weather
       forecast with temps 0 to 4 C, into brief instrumental music then
       woman again and all way over Spain.  2225 romantic Irish music, male
       vocal, //567 but even stronger at this time.  New for me.
 801  SPAIN RNE1 (7 stations) DEC 29 2203 - man in SS, fair and /585 etc.
       2nd station behind, Jordan? [Merriman-VA]
 827  SYRIA Dier-Ez-Zoor DEC 28 2207+ - AA music, loud and //783 which was
       even louder.  2317 good with woman in AA and again //783.  DEC 29
       2232 - man in AA, excellent and //783.  [Merriman-VA]
1116  UNID Dec 28 2325 - someone one briefly on top with a man in what
       sounded like EE with mention of "...15 minutes until...".  Couple of
       low powered BBC locals here. [Merriman-VA]
1386  KALININGRAD Bolshakovo DEC 29 2233 - talk in EE about art, mentions of
       Museum of Fine Art in the Volga Region, strong. [Merriman-VA]
1458  ALBANIA Fllake DEC 30 2143 - woman in Albanian, good and //6170.


Paul Crankshaw - Troon, Scotland - paulc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

RX  AOR 7030
ANT spiral loop 0.9m

I have one query which I hope someone in the Eastern USA can solve.  On two
occasions - each time around 0330 New York time (0830 local and UTC) I have
heard a station on 790.  It has been largely ads that I have heard and every
one has had a New York City telephone code (212). I also heard "WLIR"
mentioned though it was not necessarily an ID.  I can find no station in or
near New York city on 790 yet the ads for restaurants etc suggest a local

Has anyone any ideas?  Is there a New York city station on 790 or is someone
relaying either WLIR or another New York city station?

Also an Unid on 1570 - not much to go on - any ideas?

 560  CHVO  Carbonear NF VOCM id, F  O833  24/12
 580  CJFX  Antigonish NS  "This is Country Music Radio....CJFX Community?"
             P/F     O816    28/12
 590  VOCM  St John's NF   id, G       O837    24/12
 620  CKCM  Grand Falls NF  VOCM id, F       2349    20/12
 640  CBN   St John's NF 'You're listening to CBC Radio Overnight', F
             O8OO    17/12
 650  KNR   Qeqertarsuaq Greenland- Heard just about daily 0730-0830UTC, F
             O800    27/12
 650  CKGA  Gander NF  VOCM id, F       O809    30/12
 660  WFAN  New York NY, id, G       O753    17/12
 670  WMAQ  Chicago IL  "the WMAQ weather...WMAQ news time 2.02"  also id
             sounding like W-May-Q heard, F       O802    31/12
 680  CJOB  Winnipeg MB   ads,  "This is CJOB 6-80 Winnipeg the time at the
             sound of the tone is 3 o'clock" "Good morning, clear and minus
             22 degrees celsius from the CJOB information centre"   then
             news.  V loud for 10 mins, G       O900    31/12
 680  WRKO  Boston MA  'The Talk Radio Show, AM6-80, WRKO', F  O844    21/12
 680  CKXG  Grand Falls NF "You're listening to Kicks Country, Country Music
             Radio" F       O823    24/12
 700  CHSJ  Saint John NB, id,  G    O817  15/12
 710  WOR   New York NY 'WOR News 7.04',  G    OOO4  20/12
 740  CHCM  Marystown NF  VOCM id,  Ex   O847  21/12
 770  WABC  New York NY  "Newstalk Radio 77 WABC",  F    O802  29/12
 780  CFDR  Dartmouth NS '7-80 Kicks Country',  F    O825  14/12
 780  WBBM  Chicago IL  'WBBM newstime 2.37; WBBM news radio',  F  O837
 790  UNID  Heard on 2 days - both times adverts referred to New York City
             (telephone area code 212).  WLIR mentioned, P  O825 29/12
 820  WBAP  Fort Worth TX"We'll be back with more of the Midnight(?) Cowboys
             Country Show - I'm Bill Mack WBAP Fort Worth Dallas", F O759
 820  CHAM  Hamilton ON   "Country Music Radio...great music"  //950 and
             580       Gpk     O827    28/12
 840  WHAS  Louisville KY  phone-in "You're on WHAS' several ids, F 2341
 850  WEEI  Boston MA 'Sports Radio, WEEI', F       O8OO    12/12
 870  WWL   New Orleans, LA - Road Gang; national road report (on 28/12 0851
             VGpk)  G       O746    17/12
 880  WCBS  New York NY 'WCBS weather', F       O75O    17/12
 920  CJCH  Halifax NS 'Merry Christmas from News talk radio CJCH', F
             O8O5    12/12
 930  CJYQ  St John's NF 'Classic hits - Q93', G       O825    15/12
 940  CBM   Montreal PQ (assumed) news item about CBC funding, F 2346 19/12
 950  CKNB  Cambellton NB  'Country Music Radio....CKNB', F   O8OO    20/12
 980  CBV   Quebec PQ  FF ice hockey commentary Montreal Canadiens-NY
             Rangers       G       OO46    21/12
1010  WINS  New York NY   "Wins newstime 7.21", F       OO21    27/12
1020  KDKA  Pittsburgh PA  various ads for Pittsburgh area.  At 0823 'KDKA -
             10-20' P       O743    21/12
1050  WEVD  New York NY  "This is WEVD New York", P/F     OO26    21/12
1070  CBA   Moncton NB  CBC News, P       OOOO    20/12
1100  WTAM  Cleveland OH  Network prog abt life on Mars.  At 0805 'WTAM 11
             hundred' F/G     O8O5    21/12
1120  KMOX  St Louis MO  'news, weather traffic and sport, KMOX', P O815
1130  KFAN  Minneapolis MN  "Sport 11-30 KFAN"  Sport phone-in discussing
             Minnesota Vikings  Above WBBR for 10 mins, F   O905    31/12
1130  WBBR  New York NY 'WBBR newstime 3.34', G       O834    12/12
1140  CBI   Sydney NS (assumed) '7 minutes after 6 o'clock', P 1OO7 15/12
1170  WWVA  Wheeling WV 'Mountaineers Sports Network'  - live basketball
             West Virginia Mountaineers, F/G     2353    19/12
1180  WHAM  Rochester NY '11-80 WHAM Rochester', Fpk     1OOO    15/12
1190  WOWO  Fort Wayne IN 'Your weather station 11-90 Wo-Wo'; jingle '11-90
             Wo-Wo WOWO' (Also 20/12 0001), F/G     O8OO    19/12
1290  CHRM  Matane PQ (assumed) - FF Canadian, P       OO32    27/12
1380  CFDA  Victoriaville PQ (assumed) - 'White Christmas' in FF, F OO35
1380  WFCL  Clintonville WI  - "Wisconsin and Ball State all the way, and
             you're listening to Wisconsin Basketball".  According to
             internet sources WFCL is the only Wisconsin station on 1380,
             and transmits Univ of Wisconsin games. Univ of Wisconsin due to
             have home game with Ball State Univ that night. Peaked out of
             CFDA and then disappeared. Fpk     OO37    27/12
1390  WXTC  Charleston SC  'Bubba 107.5 - WBUB'  - unattended tape logging
             P       O3OO    11/12
1400  CBG   Gander NF     CBC News, P/F     OOOO    30/12
1410  WPOP  Hartford CT  "News Radio 14-10 WPOP', P/F     OO2O    20/12
1430  WENE  Endicott NY  "Sports Radio 14-30.....Sports Overnight America"
             P       O906    28/12
1440  WLPZ  Westbrooke ME "Bruins Radio Network", F       OOO1    30/12
1450  WFPG  Atlantic City NJ  "Talk Radio, WFPG 14-50", G    OOO7    27/12
1520  WWKB  Buffalo NY 'KB 15-20AM', G       OO21    20/12
1560  WQEW  New York NY '15-60 WQEW', Fpk     O954    15/12
1570  UNID  "The biggest hits, the greatest sounds, Country ----" ----
             Sounded like 16-10, P       O844    30/12
1590  WAKR  Akron, OH 'You're listening to 15-90 WAKR' - unattended tape
             logging    Fpks    O51O    14/12
1590  WSMN  Nashua NH, id, phone-in, F       2348    14/12
1590  WARV  Warwick RI  'WARV weather update', F       OOOO    24/12

Ex Excellent, G Good, F Fair, P Poor  Pk Peak


Jean Burnell - burnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The fifth Newfoundland DXpedition took place from November 2 to November 17,
1996, at Cappahayden, Newfoundland, which is about 90 km south of St.
John's.  Although many SW stations were received, this report covers only
the MW catches. The SW catches have appeared in some DX bulletins already
(ODXA's "DX Ontario" and "Fine Tuning," among others).  Our interest in MW
is limited almost exclusively to non-North American stations, so the logs
include only a few North American stations.  We heard approximately 125
countries on MW, and the stations are listed in five (5) subsequent
E-mailings in frequency order by continent.  Full details and some personal
"musings" by the participants will be published in a forthcoming issue(s) of
the NRC's "DX News" and in the IRCA's "DX Monitor."

The participants, their dates of participation (UTC) and their receivers were:
Jean Burnell, St. John's, NF      Nov 2-Nov 17    Drake R8A, Icom IC-R-71A
Ben Dangerfield, Wallingford, PA  Nov 3-Nov 7     Drake R8A
Bruce Conti, Nashua, NH           Nov 3-Nov 10    Drake R8A
Neil Kazaross, nr. Chicago, IL    Nov 3-Nov 10    Drake R8A
Dave Clark, Toronto, ON           Nov 9-Nov 14    Drake R8, Drake R8A
John Fisher, Calgary, AB          Nov 9-Nov 15    Icom IC-R71A
Jim Renfrew, Rochester, NY        Nov 11-Nov 17   Drake R8
Mark Connelly, Billerica, MA      parallel DX efforts from Massachusetts,
                                   technical and moral support!

Four terminated Beverage antennas:  approx. 1 km towards South Africa & Brazil
                                    approx. 1 km towards Venezuela
                                    2 x 600 m towards northern Europe & India
One remotely tunable "Byan" antenna   350 m towards Brazil

Ancillary equipment:                 antenna splitters, phasing units,
                                     cassette recorders, coffee...

Acknowledgment:  It is a pleasure to thank the following DXers who kindly
responded to my postings of unID's on the Hard-Core-DX mailing list:  Rocco
Cotroneo, Steve Whitt, Martin Elbe, Joachim Stiller, Mauno Ritola, Joseph
Kirlew, Paul Ormandy, Dave Kenny, Risto Kotalampi, Glenn Ludlow, and
Zacharias Liangas.

With best wishes to all in 1997!

Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada   jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 153     ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Bechar
 171     MOROCCO  Nador
 207     MOROCCO  RTM A, Azilal
 252     ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Tipaza
 531     ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Ein Beida
 531     MADEIRA  RDP, Porto Santo
 540     MALI  ORTM, Bamako
 549     ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Les Trembles
 603     MADEIRA  Centro Regional RDP, Pico de Areiro
 612     MOROCCO  RTM A, Sebaa-Aioun
 621     CANARY IS.  RNE1, Santa Cruz
 630     TUNISIA  ERTT, Tunis
 648     BOTSWANA  R. Botswana, Orapa
 648     GAMBIA  R. Gambia, Bonto
 702     MOROCCO  RTM, Sebaa-Aioun
 711     LIBYA  Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting synchros
 720     CANARY IS.  RNE5, Santa Cruz
 747     CANARY IS.  RNE5, Las Palmas
 747     NAMIBIA  Namibian Broadcasting Corp., Gobabis
 747.04  BURKINA FASO  Radiodif. Nationale du Burkina, Ouagadougou
 765     SENEGAL  RTV Senegal, Dakar
 774     EGYPT  Egyptian R., Abis
 819     EGYPT  Egyptian R., Batra
 819     MOROCCO  RTM, Rabat
 827     MOROCCO  RTM, Oujda
 837     CANARY IS. R. Pop. de Las Palmas, Las Palmas
 840     CHAD  Radiodif. Nationale Tchadienne, N'Djamena
 846     SOUTH AFRICA  R. Xhosa, Komga
 864     EGYPT  ERTU, Santah
 864     MOROCCO  RTM, Errachidia
 882     CANARY IS.  R. Pop. de Tenerife, La Laguna
 890.97  ALGERIA  ENRS, Alger
 907.82  GAMBIA  R. Syd, Banjul
 909     ENGLAND  BBC R. 5 synchros
 936     MOROCCO  RTM, Agadir
 972     BOTSWANA  R. Botswana, Gaborone
 981     ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Alger
 981     KENYA  KBC General Svc, Voi
1008     CANARY IS.  R. Las Palmas/RadioVoz
1008     EGYPT  Egyptian R., El Arish (tent.)
1044     MOROCCO  Sebaa Aioun
1053     MOROCCO  RTM, Tanger
1114.87  ANGOLA  Em. Provencial do Kuanza-Sul, Sumbe
1125     MADEIRA  Centro Regional RDP, Ponta do Pargo
1125     NIGER  LV du Sahel, Niamey
1161     EGYPT  Egyptian R., Tanta
1170     NIGERIA  Ogun State BC, Abeokuta
1179     CANARY IS.  R. Club Tenerife, Santa Cruz
1197     LESOTHO  BBC Relay, Lancer's Gap
1206     SIERRA LEONE  SLBS, Goderich
1233     MOROCCO  RTM, Tanger
1251     LIBYA  Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting, Tripoli
1349     MAURITANIA  R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott
1385.92  GUINEA  R. Rurale, Labe
1386     KENYA  KBC, Maralal
1394.1   TOGO  Radiodif. Togolaise, Lome
1475.12  BENIN  ORTB, Cotonou
1493     MOROCCO  RTM, Agadir
1502     ANGOLA  Em. Provincial do Benguela, Benguela
1502     TOGO  Radiodif. Togolaise, Kara
1530     SAO TOME E PRINCIPE  VOA Relay, Pinheira
1544     ALGERIA/CLANDESTINE  R. Nacional Rep. Arabe Saharaui Democr.,
1584     SPANISH MOROCCO  RadiOle, Ceuta


 153     GERMANY  Deutschlandfunk, Donebach
 162     FRANCE  France-Inter, Allouis
 171     BELARUS/RUSSIA/UKRAINE  R. Rossii, 3 1.2-MW sites
 177     GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Oranienburg
 183     GERMANY  Europe 1, Felsberg
 189     ITALY/SICILY  RAI Radiodue, Caltanissetta
 198     ENGLAND  BBC R. 4, Droitwich
 216     FRANCE  R. Monte Carlo, Roumoules
 225     POLAND  Polskie R., Raszyn
 234     LUXEMBOURG  RTL, Junglinster
 234     RUSSIA  R. Rossii. multiple sites
 243     DENMARK  Danmarks R., Kalundborg
 252     IRELAND  Atlantic 252, Clarkestown
 261     GERMANY R. Ropa, Burg
 261     RUSSIA  R. Rossii, Taldom
 270     CZECH REP.  Cesky Rozhlas, Uherske-Hradiste
 279     BELARUS  Belaruskaje Radujo, Sasnovy
 531     FAROE IS.  Utvarp Foroya, Akraberg
 531     GERMANY  MDR-Info, Burg
 531     SPAIN  RNE5 synchros
 540     HUNGARY  Magyar R., Solt
 549     UNID  Radiostantsiya Mayak, multiple sites
 558     SPAIN  RNE5 synchros
 567     IRELAND  RTE R. 1, Tullamore
 576     LATVIA  Latvijas R., Riga
 576     SPAIN  RNE5, Barcelona
 585     SPAIN  RNE1, Madrid
 594     GERMANY  Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt
 594     PORTUGAL  R. Renascenca, Muge
 594     SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba
 603     ENGLAND  BBC R. 4, Newcastle
 603     SPAIN  RNE5, Sevilla & Palencia
 612     BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA  RTV Bosnia-Hercegovina, Sarajevo
 612     IRELAND  RTE R. 2, Athlone
 621     BELGIUM  RTBF, Wavre
 630     NORWAY  NRK, Vigra
 630     PORTUGAL  RDP, Santa Isabel
 648     AZORES  R. Lajes, Lajes
 648     SPAIN  RNE1, Badajoz
 657     ITALY  RAI Radiouno synchros
 657     SPAIN  RNE5, Madrid
 666     GERMANY  SWF, Rohrdorf
 666     LITHUANIA  R. Vilnius, Sitkunai
 666     PORTUGAL  RDP Antena 1 synchros
 666     SPAIN  R. Barcelona, Barcelona
 675     FRANCE  France-Inter, Marseille
 675     NETHERLANDS  R. Ten Gold, Lopik
 684     SERBIA/YUGOSLAVIA  RTV Srbije, Beograd
 684     SPAIN  RNE1, Sevilla
 693     AZORES  RDP Terceira
 693     ENGLAND  BBC R. 5, Droitwich et al.
 702     GERMANY  NDR, Flensburg
 702     SLOVAKIA  Slovensky Rozhlas, Banska Bystrica & Presov
 711     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Rennes
 720     NORTHERN IRELAND & ENGLAND  BBC R. 4, Lisnagarvey & 2 sites
 720     PORTUGAL  RDP synchros
 729     IRELAND  RTE R. 1, Cork
 738     SPAIN  RNE1, Barcelona
 747     NETHERLANDS  NOS1, Flevoland
 756     ENGLAND  BBC R. 4, Redruth
 756     GERMANY  Deutschlandfunk, Braunschweig & Ravensburg
 756     SPAIN  R. Euskadi, Bilbao
 765     SWITZERLAND  R. Suisse Romande, Sottens
 774     SPAIN  RNE1 synchros
 783     GERMANY  MDR, Wiederau
 783     PORTUGAL  RDP R. Comercial, Mirandela & Canidelo
 783.40  UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., unknown site
 792     GREECE  VOA Relay, Kavalla
 792     SPAIN  R. Sevilla, Sevilla
 801     ENGLAND  BBC R. Devon, Barnstaple
 801     GERMANY  Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munchen & Dillberg
 801     SPAIN  RNE1 synchros
 810     MACEDONIA  Makedonska Radiotelevizija, Skopje
 810     SCOTLAND  BBC R. Scotland synchros
 810     SPAIN  R. Madrid, Madrid
 819     POLAND  Polskie R., Wola Rasztowska
 819     SPAIN  R. Euskadi, San Sebastian
 828     NETHERLANDS  Hitradio Veronica, Rotterdam
 828     SPAIN  Onda Cero, Barcelona
 837     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Nancy
 846     IRELAND  R. North
 846     ITALY  RAI Radiodue, Rome
 855     GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Berlin-Britz
 855     ROMANIA  R. Romania, Bucuresti
 855     SPAIN  RNE1 synchros
 864     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Paris
 864     SPAIN  RNE1, Socuellamos
 873     GERMANY  AFN, Frankfurt
 873     HUNGARY  Magyar R., Pecs
 873     NORTHERN IRELAND  BBC Northern Ireland, Enniskillen
 873     RUSSIA  R. Rossii synchros
 873     SPAIN  R. Zaragoza, Zaragoza
 882     ENGLAND  BBC R. Wales, Washford et al.
 900     ITALY  Radiouno, Milan
 909     ENGLAND  BBC R. 5 synchros
 918     SLOVENIA  R. Slovenija, Domzale
 918     SPAIN  R. Intercontinental, Madrid
 927     BELGIUM  BRTN, Wolvertem
 936     GERMANY  R. Bremen, Bremen
 936     SPAIN  RNE5 synchros
 945     ENGLAND  South Coast R., Bexhill
 945     FRANCE  R. France, Toulouse
 954     CZECH REP.  Cesky Rozhlas, Brno
 954     SPAIN  R. Espana, Madrid
 963     FINLAND  R. Finland (YLE)
 972     GERMANY  NDR, Hamburg
 972     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., Kopani
 981     GREECE  Elleniki Radiophonia, Megara
 990     GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Berlin
 990     WALES  BBC R. 5, Tywyn
 999     GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Hoyerswerda
 999     ITALY  RAI Radiodue synchros
 999     MOLDOVA/PRIDNESTROVYE  VO Russia, Maiac
 999     SPAIN  R. Pop. de Madrid, Madrid
1008     BELARUS  Belaruskaje Radujo synchos
1008     NETHERLANDS  NOS, Flevo
1017     GERMANY  SWF, Mainz/Wolfsheim
1026     BELARUS  Belaruskaje Radujo synchos
1026     CHANNEL IS.  BBC R. Jersey
1026     NORTHERN IRELAND  Downtown R., Belfast
1026     SPAIN  SER stations
1035     ENGLAND  RTL Country 1035, London
1035     ESTONIA  Eesti R., Tallinn
1035     ITALY  Radiodue synchros
1035     PORTUGAL  RDP R. Comercial, Lisbon
1044     GERMANY  MDR-Info, Dresden
1044     GREECE  Elliniki Radiophonia Macedonia 1, Thessaloniki
1044     SPAIN  R. San Sebastian, San Sebastian
1053     ENGLAND  TalkRadio UK synchros
1053     ROMANIA  R. Romania, Iasi
1062     DENMARK  Danmarks R., Kalundborg
1062     ITALY  RAI Radiouno synchros
1071     ENGLAND  Talkradio UK synchros
1071     FRANCE  France-Inter, Lille et al.
1071     SLOVAKIA  Slovensky Rozhlas, Presov
1071     SPAIN  Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao
1080     POLAND  Polskie R., Koszecin
1080     SPAIN  SER stations
1089     ALBANIA  RTV Shqiptar, Durrs
1089     ENGLAND  TalkRadio UK synchros
1089     RUSSIA  R. Rossii, Tbilisskoye
1098     SLOVAKIA  Slovensky Rozhlas, Nitra
1098     SPAIN  RNE5 synchros
1107     ENGLAND  TalkRadio UK synchros
1107     GERMANY  AFN synchros
1107     SCOTLAND  Moray Firth R., Inverness
1107     SERBIA/YUGOSLAVIA  R. Novi Sad 2, Novi Sad (tent.)
1107     SPAIN  RNE5 stations
1116     CHANNEL IS.  BBC R. Guernsey
1116     ENGLAND  BBC R. Derby
1116     ITALY  RAI Radiodue synchros
1116     NETHERLANDS  R. Kerk van Bloemendaal, Bloemendaal
1116     WALES  Valleys R., Ebbw Vale
1121     IRAN  IRIB, Bandar Lengeh
1125     BELGIUM  RTBF, La Louviere
1125     CROATIA  Hvratski R., Deanovec
1125     SPAIN  RNE5 stations
1134     CROATIA  Hvratski R., Zadar
1134     RUSSIA  Radiostantsiya Mayak, Murmansk and/or Saransk
1143     GERMANY  AFN, Stuttgart & 2 others
1143     RUSSIA/KALININGRAD  Radiostantsiya Mayak, Bolshakovo
1143     SPAIN  COPE stations
1152     ENGLAND  Amber R., Norwich
1152     ENGLAND  London Talk, London
1152     ENGLAND  Piccadilly Gold, Manchester
1152     ROMANIA  R. Romania, Cluj
1152     SCOTLAND  Clyde 2, Glasgow
1152     SPAIN  RNE5 stations
1161     FRANCE  France-Inter, Strasbourg
1161     SCOTLAND  R. Tay, Dundee
1161     SPAIN  Euskadi Irratia, San Sebastin
1169.97  SLOVENIA  R. Capodistria, Koper-Capodistria
1170     ENGLAND  Great North R., Stockton
1170     RUSSIA  VO Russia, Tbilisskoye
1170     WALES  Swansea Sound, Winsh-Wen
1179     ROMANIA  R. Romania, Galbeni-Bacau
1179     SWEDEN  Swedish R., Solvesborg
1188     BELGIUM  BRTN, Kuurne
1188     GERMANY  MDR-Info, Reichenbach
1188     HUNGARY  Magyar R., Szolnok & Szombathely
1197     ENGLAND  Virgin R. synchros
1197     GERMANY  VOA Europe, Munich
1197     SPAIN  Euskadi Irratia, Vitoria
1206     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Bordeaux
1206     POLAND  Polskie R., 3 sites
1215     ENGLAND  Virgin R. synchros
1224     BULGARIA  R. Bulgaria, Vidin
1224     NETHERLANDS  Hitradio Veronica, IJsselmeer
1224     SPAIN  COPE stations
1233     CZECH REP.  R. Free Europe/Czech R. synchros
1233     ENGLAND  Virgin R. synchros
1242     ENGLAND  Virgin R. synchros
1242     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Marseille
1242     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R. synchros
1251     HUNGARY  Magyar R., Nyiregyhaza
1259     AZORES  RDP, Faial
1260     ENGLAND  Brunel Classic Gold, Bristol
1260     POLAND  Polskie R., Warszewo
1260     SPAIN  SER stations
1269     GERMANY  Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster & Mainflingen
1269     SPAIN  COPE stations
1278     IRELAND  RTE R. 2, Dublin & Cork
1287     CZECH REP.  R. Free Europe, Melnik & Litomysl
1287     SLOVAKIA  R. Free Europe, Velke Kostolany
1287     SPAIN  SER stations
1296     ENGLAND  BBC, Orfordness
1296     ENGLAND  R. XL, Birmingham
1305     POLAND  Polskie R.,  Boguchwala, Sowlany & Tuszyn
1305     RUSSIA  R. Vozrozhdeniye, Moscow (tent.)
1305     SPAIN  RNE5 synchros
1314     NORWAY  NRK, Kvitsoy
1323     ENGLAND  South Coast R., Southwick
1323     GERMANY  VO Russia, Wachenbrunn
1332     ENGLAND  BBC R. 4, Wiltshire
1332     ITALY  RAI Radiouno synchros
1341     HUNGARY  Magyar R., Lakihegy
1341     NORTHERN IRELAND  BBC Northern Ireland, Lisnagarvey
1350     FRANCE  France-Inter, Nice & Nancy
1350     HUNGARY  Magyar R., Pecs et al.
1350     LATVIA  Latvijas R., Cesvaine & Kuldiga
1359     ENGLAND  Breeze AM, Chelmsford
1359     SPAIN  RNE1, Arganda
1365.76  UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., unknown site
1368     ENGLAND  BBC Radio 4 synchros
1368     ISLE OF MAN  Manx R., Foxdale
1368     POLAND  Polskie R., Krakow
1371.12  UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., unknown site
1377     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Lille
1377     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R. synchros
1386     GREECE  Elleniki Radiophonia, Athens
1386     RUSSIA/KALININGRAD  VO Russia, Bolshakovo
1395     NETHERLANDS  JazzRadio, Lopik
1395.05  ALBANIA  VOA Relay, Durres or Fllake
1404     FRANCE  R. Bleue synchros
1413     SERBIA/YUGOSLAVIA  R. Pristina, Pristina
1413     SPAIN  RNE5 synchros
1422     GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Heusweiler
1431     ENGLAND  Breeze AM, Southend
1431     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., Kopani
1440     LUXEMBOURG  R. Nederland Relay, Marnach
1449     ITALY  RAI Radiodue, Squinzano et al.
1449     SCOTLAND  BBC R. 4, Redmoss
1449     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., Chernivtsi
1458     ENGLAND  Light AM, Manchester
1458     ENGLAND  Sunrise R., London
1458.03  ALBANIA  R. Tirana, Fllake
1467     FRANCE  TWR, Roumoules
1467     MOLDOVA/PRIDNESTROVYE  VO Russia, Maiac
1476     ENGLAND  County Sound, Guildford
1485     ENGLAND  BBC R. Humberside, Hull
1485     ENGLAND  BBC R. Merseyside, Wallasey
1485     ENGLAND  BBC R. 4, Carlisle
1485     SPAIN  SER stations
1494     FRANCE  R. Bleue synchros
1494     RUSSIA  VO Russia, Krasnyy Bor
1503     AZORES  AFN, Lajes
1503     ENGLAND  BBC R. Stoke-on-Trent, Sideway
1503     SPAIN  RNE5 stations
1512     BELGIUM  R. Vlaanderen Inter., Wolvertem
1521     ENGLAND  Fame 1521, Reigate
1521     NORTHERN IRELAND  Radio 1521, Craigavon
1521     SLOVAKIA  BBC Relay, Cizatice (?)
1530     ENGLAND  Great Yorkshire Gold, Huddersfield
1530     ENGLAND  R. Wyvern, Worcester
1530     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., Vinnystsya
1530     VATICAN  R. Vaticana, Vatican City
1539     GERMANY  Mainflingen
1539     RUSSIA  R. Liberty, Moscow
1548     ENGLAND  BBC R. Bristol, Mangotsfield
1548     ENGLAND  Capital Gold, London
1548     SCOTLAND  Max AM, Edinburgh
1557     ENGLAND  BBC R. Lancashire, Oxcliffe
1557     FRANCE  R. Bleue, Nice
1557     LITHUANIA  Lietuvos Radijas, Vilnius
1566     BELARUS  Radiostantsiya Mayak synchros
1566     SWITZERLAND  R. Eviva, Sarnen
1575     ITALY  RAI Radiouno synchros
1575     SPAIN  R. Cordoba, Cordoba
1575     SPAIN  SER & OCR stations
1584     ENGLAND  BBC R. Nottingham, Clipstone (tent)
1584     SCOTLAND  R. Tay, Perth
1584     SPAIN  SER stations
1593     GERMANY  R. Free Europe, Holzkirchen
1593     UKRAINE  Ukrayinsko R., unknown site
1602     SPAIN  R. Vitoria/Gasteiz Irratia, Vitoria
1602     SPAIN  SER synchros
1611     VATICAN  R. Vaticana
1634.01  GREECE/PIRATE  unID stn
1634.17  PIRATE/GREECE?  unID stn
1636.00  NETHERLANDS/PIRATE  R. Barones
1636.00  NETHERLANDS/PIRATE  R. Utopia
1636.02  PIRATE  Netherlands likely
1636.07  GREECE/PIRATE  unID stn (variable freq)

Middle East and Asia

 180     TURKEY  TRT, Polatli
 549     SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Qurayyat
 594     SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba
 603     IRAQ  Iraq R., Nineva (tent)
 648     TAJIKISTAN  Tajik R., Orzu
 657     ISRAEL  Kol Israel Reshet Beth, Tel Aviv
 783.06  SYRIA  ORT Arab Syrienne, Tartus
 801     JORDAN  R. Jordan, Ajlun
 827     SYRIA  ORT Arab Syrienne, Deir el Zawr
 864     ARMENIA  Armenian R., Yerevan
 873     LEBANON  VO Lebanon, Beirut
 900     SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Qurayyat
 918     SYRIA  ORT Arab Syrienne, Al-Hassake
 954     QATAR  QBS, Al Arish
1008     YEMEN  Yemen RTV Corp., Sana'a
1017     TURKEY  TRT, Mundanya/Istanbul
1026     IRAN  IRIB, Tabriz
1044     GEORGIA  Georgian R., Tbilisi
1062.06  TURKEY  TRT, Diyarbakir
1071     INDIA  All India R., Rajkot
1080     ISRAEL  Kol Israel Reshet Beth, Jerusalem
1121     IRAN  IRIB, Bandar Lengeh
1134     INDIA  All India R., Mogra
1152     IRAN  IRIB, Tabriz
1206     ISRAEL  Kol Israel Reshet Beth, Haifa
1224     ISRAEL  Galei Zahal, Beersheba
1260     GREECE/DODECANESE IS.  VOA Relay, Rhodes
1287     ISRAEL  Galei Zahal, Tel Aviv
1314     UNITED ABAB EMIRATES  R. of the UAE, Dabiya, Abu Dhabi
1323     CYPRUS  BBC Relay, Zyyi
1332     IRAN  IRIB, Tehran
1368     IRAN  IRIB, Sari
1386     IRAN  IRIB, Ahwaz
1395     ARMENIA  Armenian R., Yerevan
1404     IRAN  IRIB, Kiashahr
1413     OMAN  BBC Relay, Masirah Island
1440     SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Dammam
1449     IRAN  IRIB, Bandar-e-Torkaman
1476     AZERBAIJAN  Azarbaycan Radioteleviziya Sirkati, Gyanca & Pirsagat
1476     IRAN  IRIB, Sanandaj
1494     JORDAN  R. Jordan, Al Karanah
1494.16  GREECE/DODECANESE IS.  Elliniki Radiophonia Rodos, Rhodes
1503     IRAN  IRIB, Bushehr
1518     UNID/CLANDESTINE?  Arabic
1521     IRAN  IRIB, Kiashahr
1521     SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba
1526     UNID/CLANDESTINE?  Arabic
1534     UNID/CLANDESTINE?  Arabic
1548     KUWAIT  VOA Relay, Kabd
1566     INDIA  All India R., Nagpur/Buttibori

North America and Caribbean

 535     GRENADA  GBC, St. George's
 555     ST. KITTS & NEVIS  R. ZIZ, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 570     CUBA  R. Reloj, unknown site
 570     GREENLAND  KNR, Nuuk
 580     PUERTO RICO  R. Reloj (WKAQ), San Juan
 595     DOMINICA  Dominica Broadcasting Corp., Hillsborough
 610     TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  NBS Radio, Port of Spain
 620     ANTIGUA  Antigua & Barbuda BS, St. John's
 640     GUADELOUPE  RFO, Arnouville
 650     GREENLAND  KNR, Qeqertarsuaq
 660     ST. LUCIA  R. St. Lucia, Castries
 672     CANADA  CKXB, Musgravetown NF
 720     GREENLAND  KNR, Simiutaq
 730     TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  R. Trinidad, Port of Spain
 760     CUBA  R. Reloj, Las Mercedes & Guanabacoa
 780     BRITISH VIRGIN IS.  Virgin Islands Broadcasting (ZBVI), Tortola
 789.80  BARBADOS  Vo Barbados, Bridgetown
 810     GREENLAND  KNR, Upernavik
 830     ST. KITTS & NEVIS  Trinity Broadcasting, Charlestown, Nevis
 840     HAITI  R. 4VEH (4VEF), Cap-Haitien
 840     ST. LUCIA  R. Caribbean International, Castries
 859.97  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES  R. Curom (PJZ86), Willemstad, Curacao
 860     CUBA  R. Reloj, unknown site (Arroyo Arenas?)
 860     DOMINICAN REP.  Radio Clarin, Santo Domingo
 870     PUERTO RICO  WQBS, San Juan
 880     MONTSERRAT  R. Montserrat, Plymouth
 895     ST. KITTS & NEVIS  Vo Nevis, Bath Village, Nevis
 900     BARBADOS  Caribbean Broadcasting Corp., Bridgetown
1020     TURKS & CAICOS IS.  Caribbean Christian R., Grand Turk
1040     DOMINICAN REP.  R. Central (HION), Santo Domingo
1040     PUERTO RICO  WZNA, Moca
1090     CANADA  CBNG, Glovertown NF
1160     ANTIGUA  Caribbean R. Lighthouse, St. John's
1160     BERMUDA  VSB3, Hamilton
1160     PUERTO RICO  Super Borinquen (WBQN), Barceloneta
1180     CUBA  R. Rebelde (CMBT), Villa Maria
1180     DOMINICAN REP.  R. Mil (HIBE), Santo Domingo
1190     PUERTO RICO  WBMJ, San Juan
1230     USA  WESX, Salem MA
1310     MARTINIQUE  RFO, Fort de France
1320     PUERTO RICO  NotiUno (WUNO), San Juan
1375.02  ST. PIERRE & MIQUELON  RFO, St. Pierre
1400     GRENADA  Harbour Light of the Windwards, Carriacou
1480     PUERTO RICO  Sonido 1480 (WMDD), Fajardo
1505     ANGUILLA  R. Anguilla, The Valley
1510     USA  WNRB, Boston MA
1530     USA  WDJZ, Bridgeport CT
1540     BAHAMAS  R. Bahamas (ZNS1), Nassau
1550     CANADA  CBAF2, Weymouth NS
1570     CANADA  CKMW, Winkler MB
1580     USA  WSRF, Ft. Lauderdale FL
1600     DOMINICAN REP.  R. Revelacion (HIEG), Santo Domingo (tent.)
1600     PUERTO RICO  R. Luz (WLUZ), Bayamon
1610     ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley
1630     USA  KXBT, Vallejo CA

South America

 550     VENEZUELA  Mundial (YVKE), Caracas
 560     BRAZIL  R. Paulista (ZYK761), Sao Paulo
 560     GUYANA  Vo Guyana, Georgetown
 570     BRAZIL  R. Difusora (ZYK672), Taubate
 600     BRAZIL  R. Gaucha (ZYK278), Porto Alegre
 600     SURINAME  R. Paramaribo, Paramaribo
 600     VENEZUELA  R. Sucre (YVQB), Cumana
 610     BRAZIL  R. Itatiaia (ZYL268), Belo Horizonte
 650     COLOMBIA  RCN Antena 2 (HJKH), Bogota
 660     VENEZUELA  R. Anaco (YVQR), Anaco
 670     SURINAME  unID (new?) stn, Paramaribo
 670     VENEZUELA  R. Rumbos (YVLL), Caracas
 680     VENEZUELA  R. Continente (YVQR), Cumana
 690     BRAZIL  R. Clube do Para (ZYI532), Belem
 690     COLOMBIA  R. Recuerdo (HJCZ), Bogota
 690     URUGUAY  R. Sarandi (CX8), Montevideo
 700     BRAZIL  R. Nova Eldorado AM (ZYK686), Sao Paulo
 700     VENEZUELA  R. Sur (YVPQ), Puerto Ordaz
 720     PARAGUAY  R. Pata'i-Puki, 25 Leguas
 720     VENEZUELA  R. Oriente (YVQE), Porlamar
 730     PARAGUAY  R. Cardinal AM (ZP7), Asuncion
 740     VENEZUELA  R. Caroni (YVNQ), Puerto Ordaz
 750     BRAZIL  R. America (ZYL213), Belo Horizonte
 750     VENEZUELA  R. Caracas R. (YVKS), Caracas
 760     COLOMBIA  RCN (HJAJ), Barranquilla
 760     VENEZUELA  R. Puerto La Cruz (YVQQ), Puerto La Cruz
 760.03  BRAZIL  R. Record (ZYH888), Fortaleza
 760.05  GUYANA  R. Roraima (8RG), Georgetown
 770     COLOMBIA  RCN (HJJX), Bogota
 770     URUGUAY  R. Oriental (CX12), Montevideo
 780     VENEZUELA  Ecos del Torbes (YVOD), San Cristobal
 790     ARGENTINA  R. Mitre (LR6), Buenos Aires
 810     BRAZIL  R. Verdes Mares (ZYH589), Fortaleza
 810     COLOMBIA  Caracol Colombia (HJCY), Bogota et al.
 820     BRAZIL  R. Gazeta AM (ZYI212), Vitoria
 820     COLOMBIA  Caracol (HJED), Cali
 820     SURINAME  R. Apintie, Paramaribo
 820     VENEZUELA  R. Guadalupana (YVXG), Coro
 840     BRAZIL  R. Bandeirantes (ZYK687), Sao Paulo
 840     COLOMBIA  Ondas del Caribe (HJKK), Santa Marta
 850     VENEZUELA  R. Fe y Alegria (YV??), Maracaibo and/or Caracas
 850.02  URUGUAY  R. Carve (CX16), Montevideo
 860     BRAZIL  R. CBN (ZYJ459), Rio de Janeiro
 860     VENEZUELA  R. Enlace 860 (YVYE), Valle de la Pascua
 860     VENEZUELA  R. Mundial 860 (YVOL), San Cristobal
 869.95  VENEZUELA  "CNV 870," unknown location
 870     ARGENTINA  R. Nacional (LRA1), Buenos Aires
 880     BRAZIL  R. Inconfidencia (ZYL275), Belo Horizonte
 880     VENEZUELA  R. Mundial (YVYM), Puerto Ordaz
 880     VENEZUELA  R. Paraguana (YV??), Punta Cardon
 900     BRAZIL  R. Tamoio (ZYJ454), Rio de Janeiro
 900     VENEZUELA  R. Mara (YVMD), Maracaibo
 910     ARGENTINA  La Red (LR5), Buenos Aires
 920     PARAGUAY  R. Nacional (ZP1), Asuncion
 929.96  URUGUAY  R. Monte Carlo (CX20), Montevideo
 940     BRAZIL  R. Brasil AM (ZYJ453), Rio de Janeiro
 960     BRAZIL  R. Sao Paulo (ZYK689), Sao Paulo
 970     VENEZUELA  R. Mundial (YV??), Barcelona
 980     COLOMBIA  RCN (HJES), Cali
 990     ARGENTINA  R. 9-90 (LR4), Buenos Aires
 990     BRAZIL  R. Record (ZYJ461), Rio de Janeiro
 990     COLOMBIA  RCN (HJDB), Medellin
1000     BRAZIL  R. Record (ZYK522), Sao Paulo
1020     VENEZUELA  R. Margarita (YVRS), La Asuncion
1030     ARGENTINA  R. Del Plata (LS10), Buenos Aires
1030     BRAZIL  R. America (ZYI777), Olinda
1030     COLOMBIA  RCN Antena 2 (HJER), Cali
1040     BRAZIL  R. Capital (ZYK537), Sao Paulo
1040     PUERTO RICO  WZNA, Moca
1040     VENEZUELA  LV de Carabobo (YVLB), Valencia
1050     BRAZIL  R. Capixaba (ZYI203), Vitoria
1060     BRAZIL  R. Parana (ZYJ246), Curitiba
1060     BRAZIL  R. Tapuyo (ZYJ597), Mossoro
1070     ARGENTINA  R. El Mundo (LR1), Buenos Aires
1070     FRENCH GUIANA  RFO Guyane, Matoury
1080     BRAZIL  R. Univ. Fed. Rio Grande do Sul (ZYK280), Porto Alegre
1080     COLOMBIA  R. Eco (HJJF), Cali
1080     VENEZUELA  R. Barcelona (YVQJ), Barcelona
1080.05  VENEZUELA  Mundial 1080 (YVNR), Maracay
1090     VENEZUELA  Union R. (YVSZ), Caracas
1100     BRAZIL  R. Globo (ZYK694), Sao Paulo
1100     COLOMBIA  Caracol (HJAT), Barranquilla
1110     BRAZIL  R. Cultura (ZYJ471), Campos
1110     BRAZIL  R. Parana?,  unlisted station
1110     VENEZUELA  R. Carupano (YVQT), Carupano
1120     BRAZIL  R. 1120 AM (ZYK274), Porto Alegre
1120     BRAZIL  R. Paulista (ZYI778), Paulista
1120     BRAZIL  unlisted CBN stn,
1130     BRAZIL  R. Nacional (ZYJ460), Rio de Janeiro
1140     BRAZIL  R. Cultural da Bahia (ZYH449), Salvador
1150     BRAZIL  R. CBN (ZYL283), Belo Horizonte
1150     COLOMBIA  RCN (HJFP), Neiva
1160     BERMUDA  VSB3, Hamilton
1160     BRAZIL  R. Espiritu Santo (ZYI202), Vitoria
1170     COLOMBIA  Caracol (HJNW), Cartagena
1180     BRAZIL  R. CBN (ZYJ463), Rio de Janeiro
1190     ARGENTINA  R. America (LR9), Buenos Aires
1200     BRAZIL  R. Cultura (ZYK520), Sao Paulo
1220     BRAZIL  R. Globo (ZYJ458), Rio de Janeiro
1250.05  PARAGUAY  R. Asuncion (ZP3), Asuncion
1270     BRAZIL  R. Brasil Central (ZYH753), Goiania
1280     BRAZIL  Super R. Tupi (ZYJ455), Rio de Janeiro
1290     BRAZIL  R. Clube de Salvador (ZYH450), Salvador
1300     BRAZIL  unID (ZYH586?), Fortaleza
1330     BRAZIL  R. Liberal (ZYI533), Belem
1379.84  BRAZIL  R. Continental (ZYI773), Recife
1380     BRAZIL  R. Paranaiba (ZYL284), Rio Paranaiba,
1380     COLOMBIA  RCN (HJEE), Tunja
1380     VENEZUELA  Ondas del Mar (YVNG), Puerto Cabello
1390     BRAZIL  R. Educadora (ZYI535), Braganca
1400     URUGUAY  R. Zorilla de San Martin (CX140), Tacuarembo
1420     BRAZIL  R. Cultura (ZYL288), Sete Lagoas
1435.3   BRAZIL  R. Principe Imperial (ZYH637), Crateus
1470     VENEZUELA  R. Vibracion (YVSY), Carupano
1530     BRAZIL  R. Cultura (ZYH479), Guanambi
1530     USA  WDJZ, Bridgeport CT
1540     BRAZIL  R. Santa Maria (ZYI694), Monteiro
1580     BRAZIL  R. Novos Tempos (ZYJ613), Ceara Mirim
1580     COLOMBIA  Caracol stn, unknown site
1580.03  VENEZUELA  R. Manzanares (YVTL), Cumana
1590     COLOMBIA  RCN stn, unknown site
1590     VENEZUELA  unID stn, // RCR-750


Bjarne Mjelde - Berlevag, Norway - fiskeribase.mjelde@xxxxxxxx

Rx:   JRC NRD-515 (modified)
Ant:  300 ft. longwire

December loggings from Berlevag at 71deg N, 30deg E:

Freq.  UTC

1530  27.12 1240  AFRTS Keflavik w/ oldies and "AM 15-30" id's, fighting

1404  1.12  1200  Zheijang PBS on-the-hour id.

 790  9.12  0930  KGHL Billings MT with c&w
 790  9.12  0945  KJRB Spokane  WA "Hot talk 7-90 KJRB", fighting KGHL and
 920  10.12  0700  KXLY Spokane WA together with KSRM Soldatna AK
 980  17.12  0815  KKMS Richfield MN ex-KEGE with religious fmt. "AM 9-80
       KKMS" and "Minnesota's Word, AM 9-80 KKMS". Same adr. as KEGE
       but new owners. Started when?
1150  17.12  0757  WHBY Kimberley WI with CKOC/KSAL also id'ing.
1250  17.12  0737  WEMP Milwaukee, WI
1280  30.12  0950  WNAM Neenah WI nostalgia.
1280  17.12  0910  UNID with BBC World Sce ???
1290  29.12  0400  WMCS Greenfield WI legal id, sounded like WMCA...  KKAR
1320  28.12  0153  KOZY Grand Rapids MN
1330  31.12  0938  WMNN Minneapolis MN dominant, spot for "Online Wedding
       Control" on Internet.
1360  17.12  0727  KSCJ Sioux City IA
1390  31.12  0200  WEGP Presque Isle ME legal id from WREM Monticello 710. 8
       hours later UNID w/ "New 13-90 ---R" - call-change for someone?
1430  27.12  2136  WNJR Newark NJ (tentative) w/ vietnamese or CC , no EE
       legal id 2200. Sunset in Newark at this time!
1430  29.12  0800  KRGI Grand Island NE legal id fighting dominant KLO.
1470  8.12  0200  KSBN Moses Lake WA id,  CJVR very dominant!
1490  9.12  0855  KSBR  Laurel MT
1590  28.12  2400  WONX Evanston IL SS, but EE legal id:  "This is 15-90
       WONX Evanston-Chicago"




IRCA Mexican Log, 4th Edition

The IRCA is proud to announce the release of the 4th edition of its MEXICAN
LOG.  The IRCA MEXICAN LOG log lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency,
including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule in
UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes.  In addition, stations that have
changed frequency since 1990 are cross-referenced on the old frequency.  The
call letter index gives call, frequency, city and state.  The city index
(listed by state, then city) includes frequency, call and day/night power.
The log has been completely updated from the 1994 edition and carefully
cross-checked by IRCA members in Mexico and the US.  This is an
indispensable reference for anyone who hears Mexican radio stations.  Size
is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole punched for easy binding (optional).

Prices:  IRCA/NRC members - $6.50 (US/Canada/Mexico/seamail), $7.50 (rest of
the Americas airmail), $8.00 (Europe/Asia airmail), $8.50 (Australia/New
Zealand airmail).  Non-members:  add $2.00 to the above prices.  Make checks
out to:  Phil Bytheway.

Order TODAY from:  IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334


The National Radio Club would like to announce the new NRC AM Radio Log for
the 1996-1997 DX Season edition.  This is the Seventeenth edition and has
been updated through September 1996.

This annual edition contains 312 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" size, 3-hole punched,
loose leaf format with over 5,500 A.M. Radio station listings from the
United States and Canada.  Each station listing consists of its location,
frequency, call, format, network affiliation, station address, station
slogan, day and night transmitter powers.  There are cross references by
city and by call letter.

The nonmember prices of the AM Radio Log are as follows:
  NRC & IRCA Members see your magazines for the member prices!

U.S. & Canada  US $22.95
Latin America  US $23.50
Europe         US $24.00
All Others     US $28.00

Orders may be placed now.  The 1997 Seventeenth edition of the NRC AM RADIO
LOG ready and being shipped at this time.

Please mail all orders to:    National Radio Club
                              Publications Center
                              P.O. Box 164
                              Mannsville, NY 13661-0164



Happy Holidays to everyone, and may the best of DX come your way in 1997.

Our studios will be closed from December 24th to January 6th.  If you need
to contact us, please leave a message on our voice mail at 419.228.4199 or
via FAX at 41.221.1609.

If you would like a copy of the DX Audio Service to review, please drop me a
line, and indicate that you're an IRCA Member.  The National Radio Club Web
Page now provides a link to the IRCA.  (thanks Fred - pb)

Fred Vobbe, Editor
DX Audio Service

        Here is the January 1997 rundown of Time and Content.

SIDE -1-
00:00   Open of the DX Audio Service by Fred Vobbe.  News about Radio Canada
         International close down.
02:39   AM Switch with Jerry Starr.
09:03   TravelLog with John Bowker (1380 kHz) Part 1.  Part 2 will pick up
         on the February 1997 edition.
22:53   BandScan with Jim Snowbarger.  Part-2  Mark Jones shows us what can
         be heard from Alexandria, LA.  Starting at 1010 kHz.
37:25   WDIA Jingle and WEB Page Info
35:12   International DX Audio Service Report. Bruce Conti lets us hear
         recent TA and LA catches, as well as answers the trivia question
         posed last month.
46:00   End Side 1

SIDE -2-
00:00   Open and address info.  Log Book on Disk, and Direction request.
01:18   Open & MarketScope with Phil Wayne.  WCSV-1490 Travlers Radio
         profiled via DX Audio Service member Tim Hendle.
09:52   Historical Moments in Radio with John Bowker  (Origins of radio
         broadcasting in Canada.)
14:31   NRC/DXAS Ham List Report.
24:10   Sports Report with Ken Onyschuk - Hockey Flagship stations.
32:07   CPC Tests for January & February.
35:53   Musings from Members.
44:01   DX Time Machine.  50, 25, and 10 years ago in N.R.C. History.
46:03   Closing remarks by Fred Vobbe with WABC jingle
46:42   End Side 2

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National Radio Club - P.O. Box 164 - Mannsville NY 13661

Frederick Vobbe
Great Northern Broadcast Company
Box 5031 - Lima OH 45802-5031 U.S.A.
Alternate E-Mail Address: w8hdu@xxxxxxxx


        phil bytheway - Seattle WA - bytheway@xxxxxxx

        Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

        Geomagnetic Summary December 24 1996 through January 1 1997

           GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
           maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
           mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
           mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

        Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

        12/24    79     2    1    very low    quiet               -
           25    77     8    0    very low    quiet-unsettled     swa
           26    76     1    1    very low    quiet               swa
           27    75     2    0    very low    quiet-unsettled     swa
           28    74     4    0    very low    quiet-unsettled     swa
           29    74     2    3    very low    quiet-unsettled     swa
           30    73     6    1    very low    quiet               swa
        12/31    72     3    1    very low    quiet               swa
         1/ 1    72     1    1    very low    quiet               swa


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