Niger 5020
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Niger 5020

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I noticed something strange on 5020 kHz. While in the evenings there is the
usual down-drifting ORTN Niamey transmitter, in the mornings the transmitter
doesn't drift.
On Friday 27 Dec. 1996, 5020 signed off at 0700 with the final announcement
"Ici la Voix du Sahel, Radiodiffusion Television du Niger, Station Regionale
de Zinder", plus same announcement in unid local language.
I checked the station in the following evenings: usual s/off, ID as Nimaey.
In tne following mornings, the station signed off without a complete closing
announcement: they just took off the plug.
But this morning, Friday 3 Jan., at 0700 the ID mentioned again the Station
Regionale de Zinder.
Maybe it's only a regional program relayed by Niamey, but it actually seems
that Niger is using a drifting transmitter from Niamey in the evenings, and
a new one from Zinder in the mornings. Signals are excellent, so you can
check the station by yourselves.
Unluckily, Niger just makes reception of Solomon near to impossible :-(


Fabrizio Magrone, Forli, Italy

(JRC NRD-535, 30m longwire)