RE: 1395 TalkRadio
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RE: 1395 TalkRadio

Hello hard-core friends,

The new Dutch mediumwave station TalkRadio went on the air on 1395 kHz on January 1. After Veronica News Radio went broke, this channel was occupied temporarily by JazzRadio, the sister station of TalkRadio.

In addition, their Net address is They advertise with but that one is not working yet. Their e-mail address is talkradio@xxxxxxx I listened to them on January 1st and they sounded pretty lame if you ask me.

Also since January 1, the Dutch and FM-station Radio 538 offers live stereo audio on the internet, via

Thanks for the tip Michiel, now I can follow the Elfstedentocht even though I'm far far away :-)

Hans van den Boogert