Nambia on 3270
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Nambia on 3270

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1/4 23:00

Radio TV Malienne in the middle of a Staturday afternoon! on 4783 and 4885.  
Best on 4885.  Popular music and speech in Bambara. Best reception on a 114 ft 

1/7  3:00-4:00

Namibia was coming in loud and clear in English at 4:00UTC on 3270.
Also audible on 3290 but muddy.

Also -  TWR Swaxiland on 4775 in German at 3:30UTC

Also - BBC relay from Meyerton on to East Africa in Swahili at 6050 with 
interferance from HCJB at 3:00

All caught on Kiwa modified FRG100.  Best reception for Namibia was on 1/lamda 
19 meter diamon loop.  That surprised me.  I thought the 114 dipole would have 
been better.  Guess the loop has a lower angle of reception.

BBC best on a T2FD resonant at 8.1 MHz.  TWR was best on a 114 ft dipole 
resonant at 4.1 MHz.

I live in Portland, Oregon - Northwest United States.  Where you live makes a 
difference as to what you consider DX.  Most of Asia is fairly easy for me but 
Africa - that's a trick.

Whatever happened to Nigeria?  They were testing in 15120 for hours at a time 
with great music and no id or talk.