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LOG April 7 - April 10.1997

The first DX-trip of this year to summer cottage. Ices on lake rattled all
day and all night long, keeping listener awake, and during the last night
nice little snowfall covered the landscape. Spring? What is spring?
Because this is my first Internet log from that listening post, a short
description of the place: A log cabin on countryside in Southern Finland.
Well, actually two cabins and one sauna, but only one cabin is sacred for
listening purposes. four 100-meters long beverage antennas. Lowe HF-225.
I used to have an excellent Asia wire of 500 metres long wire, but during
the winter lumberjacks had totalled it. That wire collected 29 RRI stations.
Oh well, I will build a replacement in autumn.

EU	1062	10.4.	0026	Country Radio, Praha. Johnny Cash live in Folsom prison.
EU	1323	8.4.	1330	R Krishna Loka, Skt.Petersburg. Indian music. Hare Krishna!
EU	1602	7.4.	1557	R Skyway, Lugansk. Plenty of commercials.
EU	3295	8.4.	-2200	UNID. Weird station!  Volleyball play-by-play in an
unidentified slavic language. Unclear USB/AM-mode, and relay signed off
abruptly after the game.
PI	1579	7.4.	-1556	"Radiostantsija Liber" from the Wild East.
AF	3230	8.4.	1745	Investment Channel also here! As 1400 15225 etc! etc! This
is rising rapidly on "most hated stations" -chart
AF	6940	8.4.	1630	R Fana, Addis Abeba. //6210.Very good signal.
AF	7085	8.4.	1530	VOBME, Asmara.
AF	15244	7.4.	1730	LV Zaire. Ferocious speeches for national unity.
OS	4890	7.4.	1645	NBC Pt Moresby. 24 hours. Thus endeth the thrill of
listening to PNG.
OS	15476	7. 9.4. 	1901	RN Arcangel San Gabriel. Yippiyee! Immediately after
Africa 1 signed off.  However, not audible every night, as for example 8th
April not a faintest sign. Great tango music.
NA	930	9.4.	0000	CJYQ St.John's NF always audible.
CA	3210	8.4.	0130	REE Cariari. Dry talk.
SA	3280	10.4.	0120	LV del Napo, Tena.
SA	3340	10.4.	0155	R Altura, Cerro del Pasco.
SA	4831	10.4.	0015	Tentatively: R Grigotá. Fluted on the right side of
Táchira but was after all too weak.
SA	4974	8.4.	-2300	UNID. Columbian educational/religious programme, and then
sign/off. Announcement of the prgr's broadcast time (7:45 every night) leads
to nowhere (except to Uruguay, heh). I suspect Del Pacifico, anyway.
SA	5055	8.4.	2200	RFO Cayenne was strong, but not a trace about Apintie or
SA	6018	10.4.	0115	R Victoria, Lima.
SA	6035	9.4.	0027	LV del Guaviere. Very strong! Finally no euros anywhere!
The topic of the night wa the fortcoming Copa Libertadores game Deportivo
Cali - Nacional del Uruguay. "RCN - La Radio Mundial", "RCN - La Radio
Conquistador", "RCN - La Radio del Copa Libertadores", "RCN - Radio del
futbol", "RCN - La Radio del Colombia!"
SA	6115	10.4.	0054	LV del Llano surprised with RCN promos among Cadena Super
broadcast! Their topic of discussion was silicon implants.