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May 11th. 1997

Well yes it it that time again for the next issue of  "THE WEEKLY"
So here goes:

KIWI RADIO WILL BE Broadacsting this NEXT Sunday - May 25th.1997
on 7475 khz USB  from 07.15 UTC
and will be airing relays from:
		address is:        C/- Postfach 220-342
				 D-42373 Wuppertal
		address is:        C/- P O Box 11522
				Alabama 35814

(Please remember these are Maildrops only and TWO IRC's / 2US$ are
required for return postage costs. - THANKS)

Over the next two months there will be some MAJOR changes to KIWI Radio,
and we will let you know more when the time gets closer.

We would also like to just say a big hello to a group of DXers in
Argentina belonging to CONEXION-GRP  who will be listening out for KIWI
Radio at a DX Camp near La Plata - GOOD LUCK next weekend.

Well onto other news now:

            3945 KHz
            Sat, 10 May 1997   19:01:36 +0200
            Trans <transatlantic@xxxxxx>

Transatlantic this evening 3945 KHz  - 76 meters at  00:00 hrs LOCAL 
 Europe time.
Bye Bye


                                       PRESS RELEASE
                          DX AUDIO SERVICE - MAY 1997

The DX Audio Service is the National Radio Club's magazine for
the visually impaired on the subject of AM broadcast band DXing
and radio listening. The magazine has been in existence since
April 1985. For more information, check out the web page at or contact Ken Chatterton at the National
Radio Club's Publications Center, P.O. Box 164, Dept WWW,
Mannsville NY 13661 USA. The National Radio Club is a non-profit
radio club, and a member of A.N.A.R.C. 

The May 1997 edition of the DX Audio Service went out on the 26th
of April, with a few tapes being returned by the U.S.P.S. for
being broken in the mail. If a member receives a tape which has a
DXAS cassette label on it, but no indication of which issue, then
it was one of the destroyed tapes which was replaced. For some
reason, we had 13 tapes returned by the U.S.P.S. 

The After Dark magazine will be posted in late May. It will have
it's own web page which will have the contents of the book, and
details. It is a typical After Dark magazine, which are four
cassettes in a small binder. The price and availability is to be
announced, but it's likely by publication time for the June 1997
edition, and will be $9.50 for United States addressees. Please
do not order now, as it has not been released. 

Fred Vobbe, Editor
DX Audio Service 

DX AUDIO SERVICE PROGRAM - (Times at beginning of line are START
times within program. Times in [ ] are the run times of the

SIDE -1- 

1. 00:00 Open of the DX Audio Service by Fred Vobbe. - [01:30] 

2. 01:30 AM Switch with Jerry Starr. - [5:08] 

3. 06:48 TravelLog with John Bowker. - John comes to us from
Tampa, Florida on this edition, in his home studio. On this
edition, we start off with 1410 kilohertz. [12:52] 

4. 20:10 BandScan with Jim Snowbarger. - Part 1 of a look at
radio from southern Arizona, courtesy of DX Audio Service member
Skip Dablestein. - [10:46] 

5. 30:57 International DX Report with Bruce Conti. - Bruce brings
us a highlight from the BAD "Boston Area DXer's" meeting, when
Rich McVicker spoke at the meeting. Rich, spoke of what it was
like to DX in Quito, Ecuador when he worked for HCJB. - [13:16] 

6. 44:13 News and Notes - Fred Vobbe talks about the highlights
from the ANARC and Short Wave DX Fest in Culpsville. - [02.06] 

7. 46:19 End Side 1. (Includes WING-1410 jingle). 

SIDE -2- 

1. 00:00 News and Notes. (Continued) - A story about a massive
error with the EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM, which affected the radio
and television stations in Ohio, and in other areas. - [05:16] 

2. 05:16 Marketscope with Phil Wayne. - A look at the switch of
formats at 820 and 1160 in Chicago, Illinois. Mark Marino is your
host for a Chi-town look. - [14:15] 

3. 19:31 Historical Moments in Radio with John Bowker. - A look
at the early days of radio. On this edition John takes a look at
dates and events, such as the "Red Network". (A copy of the
script is available off the main Web page). - [04:40] 

4. 24:11 DFW Address Info for AM Stations. - Member Pat Griffith
gives us address for verification of American Airlines station at
DFW Airport. - [00:40] 

5. 24:51Musings From Members. The thoughts of DX Audio Service
members. - [08:47] 

6. 33:39 DX Time Machine. - A look into what was on the air 50,
25, and 10 years ago, as reported in the pages of DX News. -

7. 35:50 Sports Networks. - Ken Onyschuk runs down the flagship
stations of the Baseball leagues. - [09:44] 

8. 45:35 DX Get Together. - Information on the "Conrad
Get-together" in Waterloo, IA. - [00:36] 

9. 46:12 End Side 2. 

The program is mastered in mono, on C-90 music grade cassette.
For a sample cassette and information, contact the DX Audio
Service, P.O. Box 5031, Lima OH 45802-5031 United States of
America. A sample tape is $3.00 to those living in the United
States or Canada, and $5.00 (in U.S. funds) for Europe or Latin
America addressees. Sorry, we are unable to provide free tapes. 



Cougar 107 (KCGR) is a Part 15 FM radio station that came on the air in
December of 1995. Part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission's
rules (in the United States) allows for very low-power broadcasting. The
FM side operates on 107.1 MHz, and is block-programmed with gospel,
and popular hits of the '70s. The FM station is offering free air time
pirate stations for a local relay here in Hazelwood, MO. The FM station
covers about a one-mile radius. Hours for broadcasting are 2000-1000 UTC
Monday-Friday, and 24 hours on weekends (local time). 
Cougar Radio International is the shortwave offshoot of Cougar 107, and
the programs are pre-recorded for relay. The format for Cougar Radio
International is '70s hit music and trivia tid-bits on St. Louis. Cougar
107 FM and Cougar Radio International are services of E.B. Stevenson

E.B. Stevenson

Hello everybody,

World Music Radio will commence broadcasting from Meyerton on 31st May
Broadcasting times are Saturdays and Sundays, 1800 - 2200 UTC, on 3345
and 6290 kHz.

In the meantime test transmissions will be carried out on 8th, 10th and
May between 18h00 and 22h00 UTC on the above mentioned frequencies.

Reception reports would be appreciated, and can be sent to 

        World Music Radio at:
        Fax:  +45 70 222 888
        E-mail:  wmr@xxxxxxxxxxx

or      Sentech (Pty) Ltd at:
        Fax:  +27 11 471 4605
        E-mail:  ottok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kathy Otto
Sentech (Pty) Ltd
Private Bag X06
Honeydew 2040
South Africa
Tel:  +27 11 471 4658
Fax:  +27 11 471 4605


Dear You,

this is one of those personal BCC-letters sent out from SRS-HQ again!

Just to inform you that the WEB-pages has been slightly updated again,
I have also tried to get them as viewable as possible with Microsofts
Internet Exploder!

The SRS's homepages are designed for Netscape 2.0 and 3.0!
If you are using Netscape 4.0 the pages probably looks like a granate
designed them! Microsofts Exploder should show the pages as I had wanted
to do, but it has some problems with two of my JAVA's, don't care about
those warnings as they are false! (In MSIE 3.0 on a PC anayway!). If you
are useing another browser and run into problems, let me know as I try
remove as many bugs as possible!

Have a nice DX-weekend
Jonny @ SRS
   _____   ____   _____ SRS-World Wide Information
  / ___/  / __ \ / ___/
  \__ \  / /_/ / \__ \  Address:SRS, Ostra Porten 29, 442 54
 ___/ / / _, _/ ___/ /  e-mail: srs@xxxxxxxxx
/____/ /_/ |_| /____/   Fight For Free Radio!


Well thats it for this week, Just reminding you that we are adding sites
 our page at:
all the time. NEW LINKS WELCOME, just Email us the details please
to   <kiwisagb@xxxxxxxxxx>

See you all next week and good DX


Graham J Barclay
Email: kiwisagb@xxxxxxxxxx