[HCDX]: Radio Blandengue (fwd)
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[HCDX]: Radio Blandengue (fwd)

Dear Friends:

Radio Cochiguaz one of the South American pirate station will be again 
on air on 7570 kHz LSB via its own transmitter andwith a bcst power of 
around 100W, according to the following sched:

Saturday 1st of November 1997:

1900-2000 UTC Radio Cochiguaz
2200-2330 UTC Jolly Roger Radio International, Ireland

Sunday 2nd of November 1997:

0100-0200 UTC Radio Cochiguaz
0330-0430 UTC Radio Blandengue (operated by Raul Gonzalez) in his
              first day of transmission from anywhere in South 
0600-0700 UTC Radio Blandengue
0800-0900 UTC Radio Cochiguaz

Contacts add to the stations:

Radio Cochiguaz, Casilla 2571, 1000-Buenos Aires, Argentina.
E-mail (only for receiving messages): rc@xxxxxxxxx

Jolly Roger Radio International, Box 39, Waterford, Ireland.

Radio Blandengue: contact on E-mail: radio.blandengue@xxxxxxx

Only snail mail reports will be verified with QSL. Pls send 2 IRCs.

Sources to this news: Cachito Mamani, de Radio Cochiguaz,
                      Raul Gonzalez, de Radio Blandengue

Please inform to the list. Thanks in advance
Raul Gonzalez

Risto Kotalampi, Hayward, California
rko@xxxxxx - http://www.iki.fi/rko/
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