[HCDX]: PiPa #202
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[HCDX]: PiPa #202

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#202! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #202
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). If you only get the cover letter & not PiPa#202, drop
me a line...it's happened a few X....

Not much time to note things in this issue, but a few things that I forgot
in this issue are:
        * Radio Eclipse is looking to relay other stations. Contact station
op Steve Mann at the Providence address...and do it now before the new
ratings season of Radio Eclipse begins...
        * The Tangerine Radio web page is now up. See:
        * Rob Keeney's working hard to put together cool websites for
stations. I've been throwing crappy little text pages for stations, but
Rob's sites are really great. If you have a station & wanna put something
really great together, contact Rob:

That's it for now, see ya & 73fr,
Andrew              ayoder@xxxxxxx

PiPa #202   POB 840             10/21/97
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #203: Send logs out no later than 10/27

PiPa #202 contains logs from FRW #91/92 + some more

GEORGE ZELLER ? NOW HE?S A TV STAR! Be sure to look for George Zeller hanging up the "K?s" (for strikeouts) during the Cleveland Indians-Baltimore Orioles playoff series on which is being carried on Fox Television (and The Sports Network in Canada). Pat Murphy spotted him on TV the other night! 

Radio EuroGeek is planning a first anniversary/Radio StHelena Day broadcast
a couple hours before St.H s/on, 11092.5kHz on 10/26/97.  

Nick Sharpe of the UK says that 6955 kHz is no good in Europe until 23:00 due China Radio Int using it. And he wonders if the US stations could try another frequency to hit Europe? With all of the QRM around 6955 kHz lately, it's a good idea to move a few kHz away anyway. 6965 is a clear freq that was used some a year or two ago, for example.

WRX WRX/Weasel Radio Xpress is a new one using the Huntsville maildrop and using some "new" frequencies. He's been heard just below 3450 and also on 14403. The worst pick was definitely overriding New York Radio, the air-traffic ground-control station! If you're going to venture into new territory, be SURE that you're on a safe frequency. Otherwise, you might cause interference to a vital service AND get busted.

CSIC-BRS, PA and Merlin, ONT
6955 10/13 0013-0044 UTC-Pirate Rambo w/horoscopes and menu for Roadkill Cafe.  Ad for Car Condom and news about Bosnia.  Instrmental music and "Phsyco Chicken" played. Into relay of WREC (312\434 Bickel,KY)(555 DeSanctis,NC)

6952U *2315-2320 10-12 Major Spook w/talk about aliens and maildrop info. (333 Haston-SC)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(555 DeSanctis,NC)
6952U 0008-0024 10-13 Songs by Jethro Tull w/lots of QRM. (523 Jurrens-TX)

6955U 2337-0014 10-16 Classic rock, including "LA Woman" & "The Breeze". (444 Jurrens-TX)(good Majewski-CT)(343 McClintock-MN) (Folk-KY)

KRAP Blue Ridge Summit
6955 10-05 0250-0332 mix of newer and older rock mx; some dead air- possible techincal problems? (good Axelrod-MB)(534 Jurrens-TX)(555 McClintock-MN)(433 Comeau-MA)

LASER HOT HITS-Merlin (North American Relay of Europirate)
6955U 2121-2151 10-16 Fleetwood Mac mx, Laser Sound FX, Merlin drop. (433 Jurrens-TX)(Folk-KY)

6955.5*1733-1802* 10-12 Replay of program #4. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(good Wolfish-ON)(555 Arthur-NY)

6955U 0102-0135 10-12 Tentative; mx and haunting laugh similar to Mystery Radio's. (252 Silvi-OH)
6955U 0743-0807 10-12 Repeat; fast paced inst. mx. (333 Jurrens-TX)
6955U 0434-0523 10-15 Old Hallowe'en show. (fair Jurrens-TX)(Underwood,?)

NAPRS--Belfast (relays of R.510)
6949.7U 10-2 0005-0027 Diana tribute (321 DeSanctis,NC)
6955 10-05 1557-1629 DJ Stevie with Diana tribute show. Mx: Elton John, U2, Duran Duran, G.Michaels. Read letters from bereaved admirers, including Jeff White of WRMI. Mentioned passing of Mother Teresa & Arthur Cushen (444 Bernth,NY) (152 Silvi-OH)(555 Pearce,VT)
6955.6 1953-2039 10-11 Salute To Princess Diana show; mx by Elton John. (weak Crawford-KY)(352 Silvi-OH)(222 Bernth,NY)(433 AY,PA)(322 Pearce,VT)
6955U 1614-1712 10-12 Repeat of Tribute To Princess Diana (353 Silvi-OH) (343 Filipkowski-RI)(good Wolfish-ON)(454 Arthur-NY)(444 AY,PA)(222 Pearce,VT)

6955U *0105-0132 10-11 "Joe" with info on children's health and nutrition, bone density, radiation. (322 Haston-SC)(242 Filipkowski-RI)
6955U *2129-2151* 10-11 Joe w/info on petro-chemical based food products. (352 Crawford-KY)(233 Silvi-OH)(fair Majewski-CT) (344 Filipkowski-RI)(333 Bernth,NY)(444 AY,PA)
6955U *1500-1522* 10-12 Real nice signal w/Joe on health related issues. (555 Arthur-NY)(121 Pearce,VT)

6955U 2154-2232 10-16 Great classic rock w/ZZ Top; Dick Tater interview. (544 Jurrens-TX)(343 McClintock-MN)(Folk-KY)(333 PSE QSL Smolinski-MD)

6955 *2322-2358* 10-12 Repeat airing of The Fifth Anniversary Show. (232 Haston-SC)(434 Silvi-OH)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(Very funny 555 DeSanctis,NC)

6955 U 10-10 0030-0058 Steve Mann with Season Finale show; mx by Sublime; tribute to Marv "Yesss!" Albert. (535 Jurrens-TX)(433 Crawford-KY)(Gd Bickel,KY)
6955U 0140-0209 10-11 Steve Mann w/parody AD for Transmission Trap News; Dr. Tornado is a OBGYN, rock mx. (433 Haston-SC) (323 Jurrens-TX)(344 Frodge-MI)(242 Filipkowski-RI)
6955 *2154-2222* 10-11 Repeat of the "Season Finale" show. (452 Crawford-KY) (554 Silvi-OH)(fair Majewski-CT)(poor McClintock-MN) (433 Filipkowski-RI)(322 Pearce,VT)
6955 0040- 10-12 News and rock mx, IDs. (good Axelrod-MB) 
6955 10/13 2239 Season finale (433 Pearce,VT)

6955 U 10-05 *2043-2128* memorial show for his dad; played dad?s favourite drug songs (fair Russell-MI)(fair Axelrod-MB)(252 Silvi-OH)(343+ Zeller-OH)
6955U 0230- 10-12 Music and news parodies. (poor Axelrod-MB)

6950 10-05 0102-0125 Bobaloo playing oldies. (544 Jurrens-TX)(255-111 Hassig,IL)

6955 10/7 0036 "Trigger Happy" By Weird Al, some Mexican SSB QRM (523 Thiptus,AZ)
6955 10-08 *0012-0105 broadcasting live from the bay near Long Island Sound with taped segments from earlier show (453 Crawford-KY)(544 Haston-SC)(544 DeSanctis,NC)
6956 0018-0109 10-13 Pop mx by The Bangles; S9 +20 db w/audio whine. (Jurrens-TX)(211 Ruger-CA)(443 McClintock-MN)
6945.5 2309-2315 10-13 Testing in temporary studio, waiting for Sr. El Nino. (444 Haston-SC)
6955 2330-0126 10-13 Mx by Glenn Miller, Dire Straights, waiting for gas attendant & Sr. El Nino. On over CSIC (453 Crawford-KY)(poor Majewski-CT)(353 McClintock-MN)(I wanted to hear CSIC 555 DeSanctis,NC)
0118- 10-14 Program of show tunes, IDs by Dr. T, Sr. El Niño. (211 Thiptus-AZ)

6955U 1823-1838 10-11 Lots of rock, heavy metal mx and IDs. (252 Silvi-OH)(211 Pearce,VT)
6955.2U 10/12 1529 Repeat (131 Pearce,VT)

Radio Tornado WW
6955U 10-5 2142 Sound bites (455 DeSanctis,NC)

6955.3 10-10 *2330-0044* Follow up to 14th anniv spcl; mostly YL DJ w/punk rock and old World of Radio feature on busted pirate KVHF. Ginger Ale with The Radio USA DX Show. Joe Bob's Gormet Lard Bar (343 Zeller-OH)(444 Haston-SC)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(555 Arthur-NY)(353 Silvi-OH)(322/423 Bickel,KY)(544 Hunsicker,PA)(544 DeSanctis,NC)(133 Hassig,IL)
6955U 0314-0430 10-12 Repeat (211 Jurrens -TX)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(242 Scott-OH)(131 Bickel,KY)(122 Hassig,IL)
6955U *1928-2042 10-12 Repeat of WOR/KVHF show. (253 Silvi-OH)(444  Filipkowski-RI)(333 Haston-SC)(434 AY,PA)(355 DeSanctis,NC)(131 Pearce,VT)

6955 U 10-04 0620-0640+ playing and singing along with Tom Petty songs. (fair Wolfish-ON)
6955U 0453-0732 10-12 Diverse program of classic rock, old C&W and New Rock; requested listener's Xmas lists. Predictions in 1998. (544 Jurrens-TX)(353 McClintock-MN)(131 Brandt- Germany)
6955U 0813-0934 10-12 Mx by Eagles, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty (544 Jurrens- TX)(poor/fair Russell-MI)
6955U -0432 10-15 Cat cries, howling wind sound FX; talking about spooky stuff. (good Jurrens-TX)

6955U 2321- 10-15 Old show from last year. (Folk-KY)
6955U 2249-2333 10-16 Audio clips from "The Prisoner" TV show; ID/QSL info. (433 Jurrens-TX)(poor Majewski-CT)(343 McClintock-MN) (Folk-KY)(333 Smolinski-MD)

6955U *0100-0146 10-12 AD for a radio that tuned years rather than frequencies, including many old station IDs. (333 Haston-SC)(333 Filipkowski-RI)
6955U 0256-0301* 10-12 ADs for Ali's Farm Sale, milk, coffee, s/off with Ren and Stimpy. (352 Crawford-KY)
6955U 2244-2258 10-17 ADs for "Marv Albert Celebrity Open", Real stories of the IRS, AC/DC mx. (444 Crawford-KY)

6955 U 10-05 2200-2202 heard one song and a couple of Ids. (252 Silvi-OH) 
6955 1805-1834 10-12 Music and IDs by Big Mike, ACE plug (252 Silvi-OH)(good  Majewski-CT)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(fair Wolfish-ON) (454 Arthur-NY)(121 Bickel,KY)(333 Pearce,VT)
6955U 2244-2312 10-12 Big Mike w/mx by Green Day and The Scorpions, few IDs by Fearless Fred, "Pirates o/t Carribbean"(343 Haston-SC)(353 Silvi) (343 Filipkowski-RI)(343 Scott-OH)(254 DeSanctis,NC)

6955U 0950-1016* 10-12 Reveille; techno mx, ID as "Radio --- the West Coast and beyond". (poor Russell-MI)

6955 10-4 2320 Rock guitar mx, test, beeps (DeSanctis,NC)
6955U *0209-0256 10-11 Usual great assortment of funny ADs and parody songs. (322 Jurrens-TX)(232 Frodge-MI)
6955 1731-1814 10-11 Talk about inflatable dolls, Life Cycle (252 Silvi-OH)(222 Bernth,NY)(312 Pearce,VT)
6955U 2226-2230 10-11 Many parody songs, advertisements, and promos. GI Jane, Radio Pornography School, Cheeseberger with E-Coli, Diesel Cafe Pumpkin Festival, Marv Alpert Celebrity Open Golf Tournement, Real Stories of the IRS, Stallone diet, Lee Press-on Teeth (322, Hunsicker, PA) (321 Crawford-KY) (252 Silvi-OH)(122 Hassig,IL)(252 Silvi-OH)(Jurrens-TX)
6955U 0218-0240 10-12 MTV Real World skit, Sweatshop Clothes AD. (151 Silvi- OH)(212 Jurrens-TX)(332 Frodge-MI)(242 Scott-OH)
6955 1849-1921 10-12 Repeat of above program w/MTV Real World skit. (353 Silvi-OH)
6955 0020-0133 10-13 MTV Real World, Sweatshop Clothes, MASH/Jamie Farr. (152 Silvi-OH)(322 Jurrens-TX)(343 McClintock-MN)
6955U 2225-2308* 10-17 Funny phone calls and parodies. (343 McClintock-MN) (Folk-KY)(333 Smolinski-MD)

3496L 10-10 *2318-2340* Jimmy the Weasel with rock mx by Beatles, Genesis, Van Halen. (353 Haston-SC)(Keeney-KS)
3494.1 *0052-0150 10-12 Jimmy The Weasel w/Oldies: The Night Belongs to Lovers, Dirty White Boy, Ride the Tiger, Good Lovin', The Boys Are Back in Town and others on air traffic control frequency; controllers could be heard telling planes to change freq. to avoid the "music station"! (454 Haston-SC)(453 Crawford-KY)(212 Jurrens-TX) (333 Smolinski-MD)(353/111 Hunsicker,PA)
3495U 0505-0549* 10-12 Mx "Love Potion #9, Sweet Home Alabama, Statesboro Blues. (442 Crawford-KY) 
14403U 1952-2108* 10-11 Jimmy The Easel w/mx by AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Niel Young. (243 Filipkowski-RI)(242 Arthur-NY)

6954.3 10/3-4 2358-0014 call spoof about warts, rock mx: "American Woman" and "Smokin In The Boys Room" "Radar Love" (good Russell-MI)(454 Crawford-KY)(343 Haston-SC)(454 Zeller-OH)(342 DeSanctis,NC)(255-355 Hassig,IL)
6954.3 10-05 2330-0037 phone call spoof; sex skit, Ozzy Osbourne (good Russell-MI)(fair Scott-OH)(454 Silvi-0H)(424 Jurrens-TX)(343 Haston-SC)(343 Hunsicker,PA)(343 DeSanctis,NC)
6954.3 10-08 2340+ rock mx: Soundgarden, "It's Alright" (good Wolfish-ON)(444 Haston-SC)(343 McClintock-MN)(354 DeSanctis,NC)
6955 10-09 2357-0011* music, letters and prank phone call parody. Said he?s running 50 watts. (weak-Scott-OH)
6955 2347-0029 10/11-12 Mx by Ozzy Osborne, Iron Maiden, Loverboy. (444 Haston-SC)(423 Jurrens-TX)(111 Hassig,IL)
6955 2338-2345 10-15 ID as "WRYT Radio Roadkill"; QSL info. (333 Jurrens)

WSRR Belfast
6955U 10-2 2348-0001+ Rap & soul mx, Hi to GZ & I (fair AY,PA)
6955U 10-03 2252-2322* mx by Sheena Easton and The Troggs. (fair Russell-MI)(333 Zeller-OH)(232 DeSanctis,NC)
6955U 10-04 1240-1331 MC Hammer, top-10 list, relay of German pirate, Crazy Wave Radio (252 Silvi-OH)(444 AY,PA)

European Music Radio: 6275 10/4-5 2326-0241+ Poor with pop mx & OM DJ w/FR talk. Svrl clear IDs, incl. some vocoder promos (AY,PA)

LASER HOT HITS 6220 10-05 0239-0323 tentative with pop/rock mx by Edie Brickell, Journey, Huey Lewis, Rick Springfield, ZZ Top, etc; lots of jingles and sound effects; male announcer. (322 Comeau-MA) (141 AY,PA)

7570L R.Cochiguaz, *0256-0500*, 10/5 Strong sig in 1st day of re-activation with his own transmitter, s/on at *0256 w/candombe drums, after IDs as "Desde algun lugar de Sud America, estas escuchando R. Cochiguaz...en tu receptor R.Cochiguaz, una radio de diexistas para diexistas", lots of andean folk music and IDs in many languages (Barrera, ARG).

UNIDS (Please QSL for all of these!)
6955U 10-07 0202-0204 "Dancin Queen" with host Dr. Johnny Feelgood. (423 Jurrens-TX)
3950L 11/11 0550-0640 Classical mx: waltzes & marches, QSOs w/listeners, called each other by 1st name (244 Hassig,IL) 3950's been hit by alotta ham radio jammers lately...AY
6954.7 0041-0052 10-12 Techno mx, OM said "the big dogs are out tonight". (322 Filipkowski-RI)
6955U 0116-0145* 10-12 Halloween prgm; spooky bits, 12 days of Xmas song. Heard BRS drop given. Who was it? (332 Frodge-MI)
6955U 1219-1232 10-12 Rock mx, talk about other pirates, including Level 48. (251 Crawford-KY)

QSLs RECEIVED: JERRY RIGGED RADIO: f/d paper "ID tag" QSL in 3 months. (Russell-MI) Christmas poem QSL. (Axelrod-MB) f/d Christmas card. (McClintock-MN) f/d picture of space robot and his dog (#38) (Zeller-OH)

KRAP: 6955 f/d card in 2 months. (Russell-MI)

RADIO AZTECA, full data "Dr. Kevorkian" card, co-ax connector card and "The snake that lives in pants" card plus brochure for Fort Wayne Zoo. (Russell-MI)

LOUNGE LIZARD RADIO, full data Dean Martin card #46 signed by Dean Soundgarden in about 2 months for a report to Providence. (Haston-SC)

WRKO SHORTWAVE, full data card from Virgin Boy in about 2 months for a report to BRS. (Haston-SC) Very nice f/d lamenated card signed by Virgin Boy in over one month (Bickel,KY) SAME (Bernth,NY)

TIE/TAKE IT EASY RADIO, 6955, full data "Skeleton" certificate #32 in 50 days for mint stamps. Also bumper sticker and personal note from Desperado, head DJ. (Comeau-MA)

Radio Eclipse: 6955U f/d QSL sheet #70 w/business card for e-mail report. V/s Steve Mann. Thanks! (AY,PA)

R.F.London: 3945 kHz Newsletter QSL #503 w/orange paper bumpersticker, & cassette of RFL on FM. V/s Terry Philips in 291 days. 30 watts! (AY,PA)

RADIO NONSENSE: 6955 nice f/d colour QSL sheet (# 006); no v/s. (Wolfish-ON) same for a report to Belfast NY maildrop.(Jurrens-TX) same (#15) (Zeller-OH)

Radio Tornado WW: f/d sheet (#19) with a picture of the "staff" fromm  in about one month signed by Dr. Shortwave (Bickel,KY)

VOICE OF ANARCHY: f/d letter. (Axelrod-MB)

WLIS: f/d "Young Jerry Dexter" QSL letter; v/s Charles Poltz. (Axelrod-MB) SAME f/d "The Many Faces of Ian" sheet (#1239) along with infosheet and nice letter in about 3 weeks (Bickel,KY)

COMMENTS: Shawn Axelrod: "not much to hear this weekend as conditions were not that great and DXtime was scarce. This weekend is Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North so may get some time between family events".

Chris Scott: "It?s definitely hard to balance baseball playoffs and SWL?ing".

Ross Comeau: "not really a log, but I got vague audio on the Latin American pirate on 7570 LSB after 0300, but it was so weak it wasn?t worth pursuing. Hope others had better luck (and more energy)".

Contributors to PiPa #202: Arthur,NY; Axelrod-MB: Barerra,Argentina; Bernth,NY; Bickel,KY; Brandt-Germany; Comeau-MA; Crawford-KY; Deeley,UK; DeSanctis,NC; Filipkowski-RI; Folk-KY; Frodge-MI; Greenall-ON; Hassig,IL; Haston-SC; Hunsicker,PA; Jurrens-TX; Keeney,KS; Lobdell,MA; Majewski-CT; McClintock-MN; Pearce,VT; Putz,?; Russell-MI; Scott-OH; Sharpe,UK; Silvi-OH; Smolinski-MD, Stephens,AL; Thiptus-AZ; Underwood,?; Walker,UK; Wolfish-ON; Zeller-OH; & AY,PA

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know.
Ken Alexander: Box 71553, Aurora, ONT L4G 6S9
John T. Arthur: 7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711
Charles Bernth: P.O. Box 236, Eastport, NY 11941
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9, Canada
Ian Biggar:21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP,Scotland
Rainer Brandt: Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany
J. Coatsworth: RR#3, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1WO, Canada
Ross Comeau: 16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA 01810
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420
Fred Danowski: 95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497
Paul Demsky: 883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME 04106
David Ditlow: 3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Rick Doehner: 2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX 77502
Joe Filipkowski:28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886
Michael Folk: 810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI 48642
Dan Greenall: 181 Church Street, Thamesford, ONT N0N 2M0,Canada
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC 29687
Joerg Hoffmann: Jaegersburger Str. 1, D-64625 Bensheim,Germany
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX 77449
Mike Leclerc: 16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180
Wm. McClintock: 11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433
John Mello: 218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI 02857
Kevin Nauta: 11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504
Nigel Pimblett: 146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada
Mike Prindle: P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051
Ed Rausch: 17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1039
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI 48433
Chris Scott: 4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH 45220
Nicholas Sharpe: 4,The Avenue; Laleham; Staines; Middlesex; TW18 2SE; UK
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061
Chris Smolinski: 4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7,Canada
Andrew Yoder: Box 840, Mont Alto, PA 17237
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

>From Andy Walker in London:
6275 Radio Marabu S4/5 all day

5805 FRSH S4 at 0810
6222 Laser S3/4 at 0815
6245 FRSH S4 at 0805
6255 Radio Pandora S4 at 0820
6266 UK Radio S3/4 at 0825
6285 unid S3 at 0827 much QRM from the Farmers
6299 The Farmers S4/5 at 0830 with mega splash as usual!

>From Martin Deeley in UK
Here are my logs for Sunday 5 October:
3932Khz  Unidentified (Dutch, 2130-? UTC Saturday, SIO:323)
3939Khz  Unidentified (Dutch, 2130-? UTC Saturday, SIO:121)
3945Khz  Unidentified (Dutch, 2130-2145 UTC Saturday, SIO:444)
5805Khz  Unidentified (1045-? UTC, SIO:111)
5830Khz  Ozone International (1045-? UTC, SIO:333)
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day Saturday and Sunday, SIO:444)
6245Khz  Jolly Roger Radio (0945-? UTC, SIO:434)
6255Khz  Unidentified (0950-1030, SIO:222)
6266Khz  UK Radio (All day Sunday, SIO:323)
6275Khz  European Music Radio (0930-? UTC, SIO:434)
6280Khz  Radio Pandora (1030-? UTC, SIO:111)
6285Khz  Weekend Music Radio (0955-? UTC, SIO:111)
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, 0850-? UTC, SIO:555)

Conditions were a little better today, in fact much better than last
week when the only station that really made it was the farmers.

Checkout my homepage for more information:

>From Rainer Brandt, Germany





October 3rd, 1997 (Friday)


3920	Subterranean Sounds	22.45-		E, much talk		44444

October 4th, 1997 (Saturday)


3909.7	R.West			20.20-20.29*	E,G,F, via R.Mario	44444

3909.7	R.Mario			20.29*-20.32*	E, IDs, tnx to R.West	44444

3931	R.Korak International	21.42-		E, pops			44444

3938	R.Select		21.43-		D, usual Yazoo music	33333

3940	unid, Russian		23.40-23.56	Ru, Russian pop, same	33333

						as last week, same QRG!

6220	Laser Hot Hits		22.15-		E, pops			33222

6275	European Music R.	20.24-		E, 20th anniversary	33333

October 5th, 1997 (Sunday)


3918.4	Union R.		16.01-		D,E, pops, QSO		55544

3932	R.BSA			16.05-		D, QSO			33433

3933.7	R.Pacman		16.08-		D, QSO			44444

5805	R.Maxwell		10.07-10.20	E, letters, rock, QRA	24322

5830	Ozone R.International	10.50-		E, rock, new E-mail QRA	33433

6209.7	R.Pamela		11.33-		E, IDs, pops		23332

6211	Free Style R.		09.17-		G, rolling and rumblin'	44444

6220	Laser Hot Hits		08.30-		E, pops			23322

6230.8	Weekend Music R.	12.54+13.02	E, test, QSO		33433

6234.7	R.Born Free		11.17-11.29	E, offshore recordings	23332

6238.3	R.Pacman		12.46+12.52	E,D, QSO		44444

6244.5	Jolly Roger R.		12.34-		E, country sounds	22332

6249.5	Weekend Music R.	12.21-12.50	E, Caroline extracts	32332

6250	R.Born Free		09.18-09.39	E, offshore recordings	33333

6250.3	Sunshine R. Int.	12.40-12.59	G, pops			33333

6250.3	R.Free Willy		10.02+13.02	G, pops, QRM de WMR	33333

6255v	R.Borderhunter		09.35-		E, bad mode, drifting	34433

6255.4	R.R.P.A.		12.20-13.28*	E, usual non stop tunes	43443

6266.5	UK R.International	08.30*-		E, pops			33433

6275	European Music R.	08.30-		E, 20th anniversary	44444

6280.3	unid			10.05-		G, Wuppertal drop, QRM	32332

6280.3	R.Pandora		10.21-		E, pops			33333

6285	unid, tent. WMR		13.10-		E, pops, under Farmers	12121

6299	Farmers from Holland	09.30-		D, pops, heavy splatter	55555

6395!	R.Maxwell, tent.	09.55-09.59*	E, IDs, off		13221

6939	ABC Dublin		11.15-		E, IDs, pops		32222

7500.5	R.Internazionale	09.00-		I,E, pops non stop	44444



RADIO BORN FREE now can be contacted via Internet: Iris_Radio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

The station was in fact the RADIO FRANCAIS on last weeks same channel playing

the offshore stuff! It was just a misunderstanding of the station name.

OZONE RADIO now announced the new Internet access: Ozone_Radio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Be aware about the "_" in the E-mail address, it's not "-"!!!

RADIO MAXWELL read letters for its first programme  and they definitely

announced the 64 Brighton Road, GB-Leicester, LE5 OHA, England address for

any correspondence. QSL cards will be posted soon, the operator said.

Still low modulation has been noticed.

EURPOEAN MUSIC RADIOs outlet via British RFL relay has been logged on the US

east coast around 07.37 UTC! Congrats!  

Maybe someone from Russia can help with this and past weeks unids!? Thanks! 

73, Rainer

October 12th, 1997 (Sunday)
3933	R.Pacman		10.43-		D, QSO to Ome Jan	34433
3933	Ome Jan R.		10.50-		D, QSO			44444	
5824	Xenon Transmitting Co.	10.34-		E, pops			33333
5830	Ozone R.International	10.42-		E, rock music		33333	
6209.7	R.Pamela		11.05-		E, pops			22222
6211	R.Nordsee International	09.00-		G,E, Ytterby address	44444
6220	Laser Hot Hits		10.30-		E, pops			34333
6238.7	Britain R.International	10.30-		E, Roger Davis		34333	
6240.9	R.R.P.A.		08.58-		E, usual ID music	33333
6250.3	R.Free Willy		10.34-		G,E, address, pops	22322	
6255v	unid			10.30-		?, non stop rock + pop	44333	
6266.4	UK R.International	10.40-		E, pops			32222	
6274.8	R.Marabu		09.00-		E,G, pops		44444
6299	Farmers from Holland	10.00-		E,D, much echoooooo	55444
7484	R.Waves International	10.00-		E, IDs, pops + country	44444 
7500.5	R.Internazionale	10.00-		I, pops			55444

RADIO NORDSEE INTERNATIONAL announced to use ONLY the Ytterby address from
now on, the Wuppertal service is not to be used for RNI any longer!

Although conditions in and towards the USA were lousy this weekend (nothing
heard here during the "normal" nighttime listening time) TAKE IT EASY RADIO
(Belfast maildrop) at last was heard in Europe at 06.30 UTC (!) on the usual
6955 kHz. We learnt that the station was still on after 09.30 UTC which has
been 04.30 UTC US local time. Some weeks ago that station was heard as far as
New Zealand!

73, Rainer