[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Nov 13
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Nov 13

       GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 97-21, Nov 13, 1997

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 917. WMLK still heard; what WVHA cost
LeSEA; CHNX still only 50 watts; latest on Electra radioship
project; spurs from HCJB and RN-Bonaire; mistakes in BBC On Air; 
and much more including some of the items below (Hauser)

AUSTRALIA. [cf GREECE] Light at first, but on Nov 13 around 1300,
the bubble jamming on RA's 9580 frequency had become heavy, on
both LSB and USB. I think it's pretty obvious all this 
nonsensical jamming is coming from Cuba, truly a menace to the
short airwaves. What can be done? Perhaps, lacking an address
for the jamming facility, a barrage of complaints to and boycott 
of RHC would be in order (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CHINA. The new CRI schedule distributed by Ashimori perpetuates
at least one mistake--the Canadian relay on 9560 in English is at
0400 in summer, 0500 in winter as recently reconfirmed here, tho
it tends to be above the winter MUF; not at both times. CRI 
closing frequency announcements are rarely accurate; currently 
they keep saying "9405" instead of 7405 for the 1300 and 1400 
broadcasts. A revised program schedule has eliminated the Tuesday
repeat at :45 of Sunday's Listeners' Letterbox (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CUBA. As if in response to my previous item, on a subsequent
DXers Unlimited, Arnie Coro confirmed that RHC English to Europe
stays at 2030-2130 but the new USB frequency is 13605 instead of
13600 as he said before. I checked this Nov 11 around 2100 and
found it blown away by the super-splatter Marian monster, WEWN
on 13615; and it would still have been a problem even on 13600.
Actually, Arnie never responds directly to me or mentions me. I
suspect I am on the RHC blacklist for being associated with WWCR.
How would the rightwing nuts on rec.radio.shortwave who think I
am a commie explain that? (Glenn Hauser, OK) [see also AUSTRALIA,

GREECE [non]. After clashing more than two weeks with Radio
Australia 9580 at 1200-1350, Voice of Greece via Greenville
finally moved, found Nov 11 on 9690 instead, clearing RA except 
for light LSB bubble jamming just like RFPI 7385 (Glenn Hauser, 

INTERNATIONAL WATERS [non]. Remarks about the Electra in my Nov
Monitoring Times column provoked calls from Scott Becker and
Allan Weiner on Nov 11, from which I learned: It is an ocean-
going tugboat and quite capable of the voyage to the Caribbean,
but will take it easy at 6-8 knots, so the trip to the still 
secret island will last about two weeks. It's all finished and
ready to go, the latest delay caused by the need to hire a new
pilot, and one has just been signed up. Something called
Frontline International is now identified as funder of the
project, not Lightwave Mission Broadcasting. Weiner no longer
expects that Yesterday USA Network will be carried. There is a
single 10 kW SW transmitter and a smaller one as backup. Antenna
is an inverted-V without much gain, but the seawater will help.
Two more SW transmitters may be added later, and/or AM and FM.
Weiner was at Kennebunk, Maine, where he spends most of his time
though he does have a SW application pending for Monticello, ME
at the other end of the state. He says his part of the project,
installing the radio equipment, is done, and he has no plans to
be on the ship or broadcast programs himself. Becker said he was
speaking to me from aboard the vessel in East Boston; the project
has plenty of money and is fully funded, ready to leave when the

MEXICO. Don't you believe the XERMX English schedule last week in
Cumbre DX and DXing with Cumbre. It was the summer version, and 
all the times are now one UT hour later than given (WORLD OF 
RADIO 917)

MEXICO. The group who did the Encuentro DX and mailbag programs
previously on XERMX are trying to convince XEOI, 6010, Radio Mil,
to revive the programs on SW only, instead of duplicating MW 1000
all the time. Listeners are asked to send reception reports to
the station asking for these in Spanish or English, and indicate
quality of reception at different times of day. Reports will be
answered with QSL and some station souvenirs. Send to XEOI Radio
Mil, Apartado Postal 21-1000, 04021 Mexico DF, Mexico (via Hector
Garcia B., WORLD OF RADIO 917)

PERU. The new station on 7205.6v is Radio Paraton, noted Nov 12
before 1100 with Amaneciendo con Paraton, and after 1100 with 
Buenos Dias, Hermano Campesino. The name doesn't make sense; tnx
to Henrik Klemetz for helping to identify it. We don't hear a 
location but think it may be in northern Peru near the Ecuadorian
border (Rafael Rodriguez, Bogota, WORLD OF RADIO 917)

U S A. There has been some question whether WMLK is still 
operating, as many of us seldom hear it on 9465. But Brian
Alexander, not far away in Pennsylvania, heard it Oct 31 at 0433
after AWR closed, and again at 0645, 0905 checks and *1700, but
always weak and never on Saturday (WORLD OF RADIO 917)    ###

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