[HCDX]: New products for 1998
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[HCDX]: New products for 1998

Dear friends,

we announce the publication of five new products for 08 DEC 1997:
- 1998 Shortwave Frequency Guide;
- 1998 Super Frequency List on CD-ROM;
- 1998 Guide to Utility Radio Stations;
- Digital Data Decoder Screenshots;
- 1998 ARRL Handbook on CD-ROM.

The new 1998 Shortwave Frequency Guide is, again, published and distributed
here in Europe within a few days after the final 1998 broadcast schedules
were notified not before mid November. Since you asked for it, we added a
new CLEARLY ARRANGED alphabetical list of broadcast stations: now you'll
get nearly 600 pages for the same low price!

The 1998 Super Frequency List on CD-ROM - already in its 4th edition! - now
features convenient software interfaces to leading receiver control
programs, plus superb digital data decoder shareware. The new edition now
comprises about 38,000 entries with all clandestine, domestic and
international broadcast stations worldwide, plus all utility and formerly
active radio stations as well.

Our 1998 Guide to Utility Radio Stations (16th edition!) is the
international standard reference book for professional radio monitoring
services and interested radio amateurs and shortwave listeners alike. It
now includes dozens of sample screenshots of digital data transmissions and
state-of-the-art equipment as well.

A more comprehensive compilation of screenshots is now available separately
on diskettes. It demonstrates analysis + classification + decoding +
display of digital data transmissions with the latest equipment available
today. Our unique collection covers more than 190 (!) files with standard
graphic formats such as .bmp, .gif and .jpg that can be easily read with
standard image editing software such as Corel Draw or Paint Shop Pro. These
high-quality samples will give you an excellent overview on the state of
the art in this fascinating field. All files are full size, full
resolution, and full colours.

The outstanding 1998 ARRL Handbook on CD-ROM is now available from us as
well, reflecting the state of amateur radio communication technique in the
late 1990s.

For detailed descriptions and sample pages and colour screenshots please
surf to http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Klingenfuss/ - completely
revised this morning -, or ask for our new 24 pages winter catalogue to
your snail mail address. Regular customers will get their copy
automatically before Christmas.

Thank you for your interest, and best wishes for the main listening season!

73 es best DX, Joerg Klingenfuss

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