[HCDX]: Portuguese 1480
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[HCDX]: Portuguese 1480


During very good conditions from Sweden to USA the night 8 Dec. at 01.05
UTC I heard a station on 1480 kc which was  broadcasting in Portuguese
language. It must be a station from USA as far as I can see.

On the 9th of Dec. at around 01.20 UTC I also heard a USA station on 1350kc
 which repeated      " CBS?? radio network (channel 4??)" followed by a
short pipsound. This was repeated on and on. It was just after I heard some
nice stationidentifications from WOYK, York, PA so the station will
probably be located in eastern USA. It was extremely good conditions to
south east USA this night.

Stefan Wikander, Hammarstrand, Sweden
AOR 7030, NRD 515, Beverage 800 meter to eastern USA.
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