[HCDX]: book: opinion on Sender und Frequenzen 1998 (Siedel Verlag)
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[HCDX]: book: opinion on Sender und Frequenzen 1998 (Siedel Verlag)

Recently I received an advertising letter for the German language 
shortwave book Sender und Frequenzen 1998 (Siedel Verlag).

(1) The advertising contained a listing on Radio Korea International, 
giving a WRONG "toll free" fax number beginning with 0180-8.
In Germany there are only toll free numbers beginning with 0130 (and 
soon with 800). There are toll number 0180-2, 0180-3, 0180-5.
There are no 0180-8 numbers in Germany.

(2) The email address of RKI was also NOT mentioned.
It seems to me that the autor does not know the difference between 
email and WWW, he only stated the web address of RKI terming this 

2 mistakes in a radio station listing used for advertising is quite 
surprising "sale strategy".

If anyone bought the book, how is it in general?

Thank you for your discussion

Stephan Schulze
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