[HCDX]: The Sixth Newfoundland DXpedition Report
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[HCDX]: The Sixth Newfoundland DXpedition Report

     Jean Burnell writing in the Hard-Core-DX list wrote:

     The sixth Newfoundland DXpedition took place from November 24-29 at
     Cappahayden, Newfoundland, Canada. This time only two DXers took part,
     Neil Kazaross of Barrington IL (OAR 7030) and Jean Burnell of St. John's
     NF (Drake R8A and Icom R71A). Antennas consisted of Beverages 600-1000 m
     in length. Conditions were generally not good toward Europe or Asia, so
     essentially all the DX effort went into DX from South America,
     particularly Brazil. The following are the logs in abbreviated form. Full
     details will appear soon in the National Radio Club's "DX News" and on the
     Web at http://home.inforamp.net/~funk.

The full text of  Jean's  & Neil's report is now available.

A very good read for any Mediumwave DXer!

Congratulations to both Neil and Jean.
Werner Funkenhauser
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