[HCDX]: Merry Xmas from EDXC
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[HCDX]: Merry Xmas from EDXC

A message from the European DX Council

I'm sorry to report all European DX clubs and our subscribers
that the last issue of EuroDX in 1997 is delayed. This autumn
has been very busy both for Arto Mujunen and myself. We have had
a lot of working commitments, and I myself have also had
problems with my e-mail a couple of times, as well as some
hardware problems which have had impact both to my job and my
hobby matters. I have also lost two weekends completely by
illness (as a good worker I only get ill for weekends...) and
some other weekends because of work travels.

That's for excuses. The issue no. 6 of EuroDX 97 is expected to
be ready around mid-January. Please be patient.

As mentioned above I have had problems with my e-mail. The valid
address is risto.vahakainu@xxxxxxxxxxxx Please use this one and
delete other versions from your addressbooks and mailing lists,
thank you.

On behalf of the European DX Council I wish all DXers and radio
hobbyists A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Good DX during
the Holiday Season!

Risto Vahakainu
Secretary General
European DX Council 
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